Bob Weaver from April 2, 2001

Hur Herald news may be a little short today.

Our friend and and son by choice, Gordie Haverty of Spencer has died at the age of 47.

We have had a wonderful journey with "the Gord" over the past 33 years, my family and myself.

It has been the stuff of real life, sadness, adventure and laughter, but most of all it has been a journey filled with acknowledged love.

Gordie heard the ominous news of a congenital heart problem early in life, his father dying at age 32.

He went on to live life to its fullest, most notably becoming a Spencer policeman and Roane deputy sheriff. There was no doubt he loved his wife, daughter, sisters and friends.

He spoke the words of love, but most importantly acted upon them.

Gordie's sister said "He was everyone's brother," unselfish and caring.

In the early days we ran the ridges, trout fished with the Berkhouses, had big family dinners and embraced life with each new day.

He loved his job as a cop, but had to retire early, losing the vision of an eye as his health problems worsened.

You would never know it, even after a serious episode at Thanksgiving. His generous smile often turned to a cackle. He was full of fun, spreading cheer even on his sickest day.

In October he came to the Village of Hur to help me bury my dad and I spent Christmas Day with him.

But in those early days of our relationship, it seemed my mission was to help Gordie through his travails, but reflecting today, the gift was really what he gave to me.

It will be my difficult task to speak about him at his funeral Monday morning.

He was a really special person and I loved him dearly.

Gordie's school Days, 1970

(L to R) Jon Weaver, Gordon Haverty and Bob Weaver, October 2000