Published 2003

A weather report from Hur Weather Anomaly weather master Dianne Weaver "The woolly worm says early winter, little let-up. Get ready."

The nitro-glycerin "safe" with its heavy, heavy door, once used by the Hope Gas Company behind CRI building in Grantsville

Farmer and funeral director Neil Stump at Grassland Field Day at his Polled Hereford Farm last Saturday, waiting for Dr. Joe Starcher, state veterinarian, a Calhoun native from Arnoldsburg

Norma Knotts Shaffer's flowers still bloomin' this week,
saved by the fog of the Little Kanawha

Cynthia Wildfire being "lifted like a feather"
during Indian Summer lunch at CMHS

The "snowball" tree is changing color near the Mt. Zion UM Church

Cheerleaders during practice at Wayne Underwood Field

Old log barn with cheerful roof on Big Root

Jim Bell's sugar cane on Phillips Run in full bloom, ready for squeezin'

Cellar house on Mt. Zion Ridge

The old bus drivers lounge on Wayne Underwood Field,
sold and ready to be moved

In case you forgot, the ice storm of Winter 2003

In the middle of the nasty ice event, a hopeful bird at Hur