SUNNY CAL JOURNAL - Philandering Undertaker Was "Smart Dude"

By Bob Weaver

Brothers Guy and Lee Hardman were highly successful funeral directors in Clay WV in the early part of the 20th Century, one being a minister.

Locals said one of the married brothers had a high rating with women, and had a reputation as a philanderer. An oft told story was about one of his affairs.

Hardman engaged a local woman in Clay and took her by auto to Spread Park, located a short distance from town along the Elk River. They parked back in the bushes.

His wife's best friend drove into the park and was turning around when she spotted Hardman back with the woman, and Hardman spotted her too, he quickly returning to town.

Hardman asked his wife if she wanted to go for a ride, and they took off going to Spread Park, he driving his car back into the same secluded spot.

After returning to Clay, Hardman's wife received a phone call from her best friend, advising her she saw her husband at the park and he was up to no good with some woman.

After which Mrs. Hardman responded, "Oh, that was me Margaret."