A RETURN TO CLAY'S DEEP, DARK "BOOGER HOLE" - Recalling Mayhem, Murder, Ghosts

The Booger Hole section of Clay County WV was the site of about a dozen murders over a 40 year period during and after the Civil War. The real life stories of murders and mayhem in the dark woods are occasionally surpassed by ghostly tales. See HUR HERALD stories about Booger Hole. - Bob Weaver

WILSON DOUGLAS, OLD-TIME CLAY APPALACHIAN MUSICIAN AND STORY TELLER - Fiddler Wilson Douglas was born in 1922 on a farm in rural Clay County in an area known as Rush Fork (Booger Hole). Wilson was an accomplished fiddler with an intricate personal style and an ancient repertoire. Descended from several generations of Clay County Douglases, Wilson was also closely related to the local Morris and Carpenter families who together represent some of West Virginia's deepest musical traditions. Wilson's musicianship and his open and generous personality helped to make him a central figure in West Virginia's traditional music community. Wilson Douglas passed away in 1999.

Mary Lucninda Curry first published her "Booger Hole" book
in 1990 and it is still available after all these years: Cindy
Curry, 3320 Ossia Road, Duck WV 25063, Send $5 plus $2 postage for
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