The Hur Herald has been recording the life and times of Calhoun for over 25 years, including thousands of photographs across the 280 square miles. Thanks to Dan Kemper, a historian with roots in the county, and his high-tech drone, he has already photographed the Bethlehem Church and cemetery and Calhoun Park on the Herald.

Kemper has photographed dozens of pictures of Grantsville, to be published in several installments.

Section of south Grantsville

The new Calhoun Bank (High Street-Rt, 16 North) at rear Grantsville Manor

Section of south Grantsville

Broad view of Wayne Underwood Field, old
Calhoun County High School, closed 1998

Long view High Street (Rt. 16)
and west Main Street (Route 5)

First Baptist Church

Minnie Hamilton Health System, broad view of campus

Old Calhoun County High School, closed 1998

Bernard Pius Bell Bridge across the Little Kanawha River replacing the 1913 original structure,
The Dominion Gas (old Hope/Consolidated Gas) to the left

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