4/22/2021 - A Calhoun jury returned a verdict Thursday in the case of State of West Virginia vs. Danny Edward Lane, Sr., 58, of Grantsville(right).

Lane was found guilty of 15 of 17 counts of the indictment, including two counts of kidnapping, according to prosecutor Nigel Jefferies.

Sentencing will be set at a later date.

At least six Calhoun residents were arrested after the West Virginia State Police and Calhoun Sheriffs Department responded to the call last May 8, related to kidnapping and violent acts committed on two males.

Some of the cases had already been processed.

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4/21/2021 - Calhoun Prosecutor Nigel Jefferies says Danny Edward Lane Sr. jury trail started April 21 in Grantsville, a jury being seated.

Lane has charges of kidnapping, malicious wounding, assault during the commission of a felony, and conspiracy.

The trial continues into a second day Thursday.

Two men were taken from Lane's Grantsville residence to a rural dwelling on Rowels Run, about 15 miles, during which time they were tortured numerous times, according to the criminal complaint.

1/13/2021 - Calhoun Prosecuting Attorney Nigel Jefferies said that multiple cases against a number of Calhoun residents are moving forward, following a hearing last week in the Calhoun Circuit Court with Judge Anita Ashley presiding.

Those cases are related to individuals being charged last May for the kidnapping and malicious wounding of two people.

Judge Ashley set a further such pretrial hearing for February 11, 2021, at which time a trial date will be set and arguments concerning evidentiary matters will be heard.

Some of the charges have been modified since the cases were open.

Jennifer Lynn Love was just sentenced to seven years of supervised probation with the condition of home confinement.

5/17/2020 - Some charges have been modified against a number of Calhoun residents accused of kidnapping and torturing two Calhoun men on May 8, some having waived their cases to the Circuit Court.

The case is being prosecuted by the WV State Police.

Two men were taken from a Grantsville residence to a rural dwelling on Rowels Run, about 15 miles, during which time they were tortured numerous times, according to the criminal complaint.

Charges against Danny Edward Lane, Jr., 58, include kidnapping, malicious assault-2, assault during commission of a felony, and conspiracy.

Charges against Victor Lee Carpenter, 53, include malicious assault, kidnapping, assault during an attempt to commit felony, attempt to operate a clandestine drug lab, possession of a controlled substance, conspiracy, accessory, aiding and abetting, and brandishing a deadly weapon.

Charges against Jennifer Lynn Love, 44, kidnapping, malicious assault-2, brandishing a deadly weapon, assault during attempt to commit a felony, conspiracy, and aiding and abetting.

Charges against Abbie Darlene Sturm, 51, kidnapping, malicious assault, assault during the commission of a felony, brandishing a deadly weapon, accessory, aiding and abetting, and possession of a controlled substance.

Charges against Shelbie Denise Lane, 52, malicious assault.

Danny Edward Lane, Jr., 19, who was charged with malicious assault, has been released from Central Regional Jail.

ORIGINAL STORY: CALHOUN POLICE RESPOND TO MALICIOUS WOUNDING-KIDNAPPING - Complaint Alleges Multiple Acts Of Violence Against Two Men (5-9-2020)

Kidnapping and physical torture started at this
South Grantsville house by Danny Edward Lane, who
police say has a lengthy criminal history, he was
arrested in April with his wife, charged with felony
offenses of possession with intent to deliver a con-
trolled substance and conspiracy, after approximately
97 total grams of marijuana, baggies, scales, and cash
were located in the home, they were released on $50,000 bond.

(L-R) Victor Lee Carpenter, 53, Danny Edward Lane, Jr., 19

Shelbie Denise Lane, 53, Jennifer Lynn
Love, 44, Abbie Darlene Sturms, 52

By Bob Weaver

At least six Calhoun residents were arrested Thursday night after the West Virginia State Police and Calhoun Sheriffs Department responded to a call related to a kidnapping and violent acts committed on two males.

A criminal complaint filed by State Trooper B. E. Young says that Christopher Thornton and Brandon Tallhammer, at the request of Danny Edward Lane, Sr., came to 315 River Road, South Grantsville, saying Lane wanted to speak with them.

When they arrived, according to the complaint, Lane began accusing them of stealing his property and damaging a vehicle.

During the initial confrontation, Lane's son, David, came outside the residence and attempted to engage Thornton or Tallhammer in a physical altercation.

The criminal complaint says once the altercation started, Danny Lane, Seniors wife Shelbie released a large dog and enticed it to attack the victims by giving verbal commands. The complaint says the dog bit one of the victims.

Danny Lane, Jr. was summoned by his mother to come out and aide his brother, coming with an aluminum baseball bat, striking one or both the victims around the chest, shoulder, and torso.

The complaint then says that the senior Lane requested the two men to get in a vehicle with Jennifer Love, saying they were going to take them home.

"Once the vehicle was moving, the victims realized they were not being taken to their homes and were denied to exit the vehicle," and observed Jennifer Love holding a small pistol in view of the victims during transport.

The complaint says the men were taken to the Victor Carpenter residence, about 15 miles from Grantsville, driving the vehicle in Carpenter's garage, closing the garage door, and not allowing the victims to leave.

"Mr. Lane then removed the first victim from the vehicle, as the second victim watched, and began to beat him with a wooden club ... During this time Lane was given a cutting instrument ... placing both victims hands inside the tool, threatening to remove three fingers from each victim."

The complaint then says Lane was provided a hand-held blowtorch, forcing the victims to hold their palms open, then holding flames on their hands. One victim sustained burns and blisters.

Lane continued to threaten the victims, taking a lit cigarette and placing it on a victims face skin, causing a severe burn. The complaint says he advised the victim that every-time he saw the wound he would be reminded of Mr. Lane.

The two were then forced to remove their pants, at which time Lane, with the assistance of others, cut the legs off the pants, making them into shorts and calling them "Daisy Dukes," after which they were told to put them back on.

The duo were then advised to face down the road and start walking and not look back, at which time they heard the cocking of a pistol, says the complaint.

The victims, according to the complaint, said that occupants observing the event did nothing to stop the abuse.

Calhoun Sheriff Jeff Starcher obtained a search warrant for the Carpenter house, and State Police spent much of the night photographing the scenes and taking statements.


5/8/2020 - Multiple suspects were taken into custody, and are in Central Regional Jail.

Victor Lee Carpenter, 53, of Rowels Run, is charged with Malicious Wounding-2; Kidnapping; Assault During Attempt To Commit Felony, Conspiracy; Accessory; Aiding and Abetting.

Danny Edward Lane, Sr., 58, is charged with Assault During Commission of a Felony-1; Kidnapping; Malicious Wounding; Conspiracy.

Danny Edward Lane, Jr., 19, is charged with Malicious Assault.

Shelbie Denise Lane, 52, is charged with Malicious Assault.

Abbie Darlene Sturm, 51, is facing Accessory; Aiding and Abetting; and Conspiracy charges.

Jennifer Lynn Love, 44, is charged with Malicious Assault-2; Kidnapping; Conspiracy; Aiding And Abetting; Assault During Attempt to Commit Felony; Brandishing a Deadly Weapon; Accessory.

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