NANCY - THE LIFE AND LEGEND OF CALHOUN'S NANCY HART - Girl Guerrilla And Confederate Spy - By Neil Grahame - Part 2


A wise man...or woman...once said all our heroes are partly real, but mostly fiction.

This was never more true then in the ease of Nancy Hart, West Virginia's celebrated teen-age guerrilla and Confederate spy.

From among the many conflicting and often contradictory stories of Nancy's exploits I encountered while researching this project, I hope I have managed to create an account that is both entertaining and reasonably historically accurate...

This is my version of the life and legend of Nancy Hart...a version that is probably closer to her legend than her life. I hope you enjoy it.

Thank you Casey Harris Hill for allowing me to use her photos as the model for the illustrations of Nancy dancing on her "Dancing Rock" Written and Illustrated by Neil Grahame

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Originally from Toronto, Ontario, Canada, Grahame moved to Florida in 1961 were he worked for the Orlando Sentinel, The Melbourne Times and Florida Today before becoming Chief Photographer at the Naples Daily News. He later worked as Editorial Art Director for the Fort Myers News Press, the Clarion-Ledger, Jackson, Miss. and Florida Today.

A resident of Calhoun County since 1986. Editorial Cartoonist and Graphics Editor for Spencer Newspapers.

Officially retired in 2012, still draws a weekly editorial cartoon and monthly comic strip for Hildreth Supply, Inc.

Grahame has freelanced for a number of comic book publishers drawing the comic book versions of "The Real Ghost-busters", "New Kids on the Block" and the Warner Bros. cartoon characters "Bugs Bunny". "Daffy Duck" and Wile E. Coyote, etc.

Always interested in the Civil War, Grahame became intrigued with the story of the teen-age Confederate spy Nancy Hart, now an almost forgotten hero of American history. Very few written accounts of Nancy's exploits exist...What we know of her consists mostly of oral histories, stories passed around on front porches on warm summer evenings and fire places on cold winter nights.

I hope you enjoy my version of the story of Nancy Hart...a version that is probably truer to her legend than to her life.

I welcome your comments, criticisms or thoughts. Please contact me at: jaymarsh25@gmaiLcom

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