Dr. Tim Miller of Kingwood went outside to his backyard shop to find a straight-edge, and there hanging on a couple of nails was his dads (the late Corley Miller) collection of yardsticks.

"When dad died in 2008, I came in possession of his lifetime collection of tools and stuff he squirreled away in his workshop. I put it all in a U Haul and hauled it to Kingwood to my newly constructed man cave," said Miller.

Miller said he never really examined the yardsticks – just grabbed them off his workshop wall.

The first yardstick he picked up was from Ben Franklin's five and dime that once graced Grantsville.

The Hardman Home Center could have also been from Grantsville, while others were from well known businesses in Spencer WV, McIntosh Hardware-Furniture-Appliance, Ted Miller Tire Service, Bill Bailey Furniture, and C.A. Parrish Co.

"I wonder if anybody collects "Calhoun County Yardsticks?"

"Are there other Calhoun County yardsticks?" asked Miller.