Hur Mayor Gives No Support

By Bob Weaver

It was released this week that a US Postal Box belonging to Bob Weaver at 7697 Pine Creek Road is slated for closure.

Postal officials have carefully been monitoring the use of the box for several months, and have decided that the small amount of incoming and outgoing transactions is no longer economically feasible for delivery service.

President Donald Trump said he is tired of subsidizing the US Postal Service, and is wanting to privatize it.

"Some days there were no transactions," the report said about Weaver's mail box.

Weaver had received an official US Postal letter saying the box usage was under investigation, and could be temporarily closed, also noting that the infrastructure of the box is decaying and needs an upgrade.

Postal officials have notified Weaver that there are two scheduled public hearings regarding the matter.

The hearings will be held in front of Weaver's mailbox on Pine Creek Road, in front of the corporate headquarters of the Hur Herald.

Officials said that in one week Weaver had received only two First Class pieces of mail.

"The US Postal Service can no longer subsidize such waste of services," said official Bobby Parcelpacker. "Weaver has had years to more effectively utilize our services," he said.

Weaver said he will fight the closure of his mailbox and requested Hur's Council for Social Improvement and Upward Mobility take up the matter.

Mayor Nitz and council declined the request, saying it was a federal matter.

"I get vital documents from food chains, hardware stores, and car dealers which are important to my family's well-being," he said. "I even get packets with bird stamps that we really like, all free, and my seed catalogs."

A postal official told Weaver, "You can get that stuff on the Internet. Quit whining."

Weaver is asking his neighbors to come to the public hearings at his mailbox," saying "Yours could be targeted next."

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