By Juanita Morris Hawkins

On this day we pause to honor those who sired us
I wish to say that a loving father is a foundation
For our lives, our self-esteem and our beliefs
He is not perfect and we wouldn't want him so

He is strong and fills our childhood with security
He is tender and not afraid to allow us to see his tears
He is wise in ways only years and life lessons teach
He is strength that binds the family together

We watch him and listen as we grow into adulthood
We see the respect and tenderness toward our mother
We seek his counsel when life takes aim at our heart
We know that when he disciplines it is for our good

Fathers have somehow become cartoons to many
Who watch the senseless airwaves for their fun
Yet, when we are blessed with a man having courage
Honor, and wisdom, to not esteem him is your loss.

Happy Father's Day