They come in all colors, all sizes and shapes
Giving life to their loved ones with infinite care
Whether by their own bodies or taken in by love
Their children are blessed by the love they share

Who but a mother could endure years without praise
Spending sleepless nights, endless days without rest
Nurturing bodies while teaching life lessons each day
And praying when grown that they will pass life's test

Some mothers have no children of the biological kind
They give their love to other special orphaned life
Whether two-footed or four, feathered or furred
They love them as much and endure the same strife

They are mothers and we love them and honor them today
Remembering the times they gave us so much love
Hoping we can give our little ones that same special gift
Praying we are worthy and with His blessings from above.

Happy Mother's Day

Juanita Morris Hawkins