DANIELS RUN NEWS 1901 - "Skip's Mate" Thought "Wood Chuck" Was Dead

The Calhoun Chronicle
August 13, 1901

J.J. Smith was brought home from Richwood, Nicholas county, with typhoid fever.

E.P. and A.H. Bailey are still improving. We hope to soon see them out again.

Jona Stockwell is just recovering from being stepped on by a blind horse.

"Skip's Mate" thought "Wood Chuck" was dead, but he is not. The reason he has not been seen much of late is because the roads are so bad that even Felix's goat would not be safe on them.

T.J. Starcher, the hustling constable of this place, informs us that he has an arrest to make near Creston for forgery.

Hay harvest is nearly over here.

G.G. Kelley has been employed by the trustees to teach our school this winter.

Several unknown men passed through here Monday, going to the mountains.

Minter Starcher and the charming young Miss Dora Belle, have been the guests of Mess Berta Stockwell for the past two weeks.

A.B. Nester, who was brought home from Richwood a few days ago with typhoid fever, is very low. We join with his many friends in wishing for his speedy recovery.

I notice since "Wood Chuck" got one of Felix's goats to ride, he is out again.

L.H. Booher and D.W. Goff made a flying trip to Spencer last week.

A.H. Bailey and Miss Gertie Riggs were visiting relatives on Daniels run last week.

Lee Gainer, of Pine Creek, has been employed by the trustees to teach the Starkey school this winter.

E.W. And Arizona Goff were visiting friends an relatives at Minnora the latter part of last week.

May heaven on you its choicest blessings shower...