REMEMBERING: HISTORIC MT. ZION DRIVE-IN SCREEN WENT DARK IN 2015 - Did Not Open For 63rd Season, A Victim Of Changing Technology


A piece of Calhoun history and the last movie drive-in in the Mid-Ohio Valley faded into history.

The Mt. Zion Drive-in did not open for its 63rd season, said Bonnie Sands, a victim of the expensive transition from film to digital projection, with the upgrade not optional.

The upgrade for digital equipment is $75,000.

Sands said after much deliberation, "We have decided not to open this year. We plan to keep on fundraising and hunting down grants to reopen in 2016."

The drive-in embarked on a public fundraising campaign to help buy new equipment.

"Those of you who have been so generous with donations, we will be returning your funds," Sands said.

The Mt. Zion Drive-In has been family owned and operated by the Marshall and Virginia Bever family since 1979. It is a small business endeavor with deep roots in the community.

"We thank the public for their support, including voting for a grant to keep USA drive-ins open," said Sands.

"Words cannot express our gratitude. So with a heavy heart, the Mt. Zion Drive in will not be showing any movies for the 2015 season," she concluded.

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