SUNNY CAL JOURNAL - "Sure Was A Great Banjo Picker"

By Bob Weaver

Lacy Smith was an old-time gas and oil field worker, a bulky, quiet, soft-spoken man, well-known in Roane and Calhoun counties.

In the 1960s, as a funeral director in Spencer, Lacy was a frequent visitor to the funeral home paying his respects, knowing lots of people from his travels around the community.

After each visit to pay his respects and sign the register book, he would always proclaim something positive about the deceased, their character or being a good neighbor.

A man from Harmony had died in his mid-40s, who was well known to be a scoundrel, having been charged numerous times with beating his wife and abusing or neglecting his children.

Perhaps one of the most disliked and irreparable people in the community.

Knowing that Lacy was acquainted with the man, I was curious to hear his comments after Lacy paid his respects at the wake.

I said, "Lacy, you're old neighbor died suddenly."

Lacy replied, "Yes, he sure was a great banjo picker."