THIS OLE HOUSE - Poling Family Lived In Depression-Era Sassafras Ridge Dwelling


Ole depression-era Poling house on Sassafras

By Bob Weaver

The ole depression era house on Sassafras Ridge at the intersection of Rush Run (Apple Farm) was once the home of Wait (1898-1970) and Erma Church Poling.

It appears to be a four-room house, with accompanying outbuildings, cellar house and outhouse.

Wait and Emma married in 1921, and had four children, Glen, Daryl, Ellodene and Edith.

Wait was the only son of Baxter and Melissa Wilson Poling, having five sisters, Ethel (Stump), Orpha (Metz), Mallie, Hattie (Crawford) and Dessie.

Accompanying cellar house and nearby outhouse,
outhouses seem to survive their family dwellings

His wife Erma was the daughter of John Wesley and Anna Arena Hathaway Church.

The Polings came to Calhoun pre-Civil War from Barbour County, with a number of other early-comers, including the Hathaways, Robinsons, Weavers, and Proudfoots, among others.

Over the years a number of families have lived in the ole house, now abandoned.