HUR MAN MANNA NUTTER GETS SHOT IN 1901 - Wrong Place, Wrong Time

In 1901 a young man from the Village of Hur wandered into Clay County and almost got himself shot to death, according to an article in the Calhoun Chronicle.

The fighting and shooting frenzy happened in the Village of Gould.

Young Manna Nutter, in his early 20s, was seriously injured in the cross-fire at a country store.

The account says Nutter had just gone into a store where quite a crowd had assembled, when a general fight was precipitated by a remark which one young man made of anothers sister.

The fight soon scattered and was continued in the road.

Nutter was taking no hand in the affair except as a spectator. In the melee, a man by the name of Wheeler fired a .32 caliber revolver, the ball entering young Nutter's body at the tip of the left shoulder blade, passing entirely through, coming out just under the collar bone.

Some twenty or more shots were fired without other injury.

Several other parties were badly beaten with clubs and axes. None of the participants, it is claimed, were intoxicated, but they wanted to fight, and fight they did, said the account.

"No arrests have been made, and it is not likely there will be any," says the account. "Nutter was removed to Clay Court House, where he is receiving all the attentions and care it is possible to give him and, he seems to be resting easy, and is on a fair way to recover."

Nutter was the son of Sylvester Nutter, and married Sarah Basnett in 1903.

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