1896 FLASHBACK - Spiritous Liquor Sales Lands Men In Grantsville Jail

Illegal Spiritous Liquor Sales - 1896

Transcribed by Norma Knotts Shaffer from microfilm of the Calhoun Chronicle dated 5/5/1896

5/5/1896 - Dan McCune and Chess Shafer were brought before Squire G.W. Ritchea by Constable John Sickles last Tuesday on a charge of selling spiritous liquors without a State license.

Shafer made a statement in which he virtually confessed his guilt and McCune waived examination, and in default of bail for $100 Shafer was committed to jail, and in default of $100 for appearance and $500 to sell no more whiskey McCune was committed to jail also.

Mr. McCune's statement and general deportment indicated clearly to our mind that he wanted to go to jail.

He complained, or stated that he had been a burden to his friends for some time, that he had no means of support and could prove that he had not been blessed with any of this world's goods for a long time.

McCune is getting well up in years and states, and no doubt his statement is true, that he has never been in any trouble or been arrested before.

Shafer is only a boy and was doubtless led into the trouble by some one else. The whole matter is one that should be seriously regretted.