"THE TINY SEEDS OF WISDOM SOWN HERE" - Deep Woods Ward School Launched Notables


Group of 1908 Ward School students, Lee Gainer teacher

Ward School near Hur about 1920, Ernest McCoy teacher

By Bob Weaver

The one room Ward School was located in the woods at the head of Upper Pine Creek, not far from the Village of Hur. It was one of over 100 one-room schools that once dotted the Calhoun landscape.

Students came from Hur and Pine Creek.

The souvenir booklet given to the students says, "The journey of a short school year is but a little episode, a pleasant jaunt with memories dear, on learning's never ending road."

"The tiny seeds of wisdom sown here."

One of the best known alumni of the school was Dr. Max Ward (1914-1999), whose distinguished teacher career in science started at Calhoun County High School and Glenville State College, obtaining a PHD from Harvard, where he was later associate professor.

His ashes were returned to the woods of Pine Creek-Hur.

Numerous others listed in the early school souvenir program went to be teachers, businessmen and productive citizens.

A roster of students in 1907-08

A roster of students in 1917

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