Grantsville firemen make initial attack, saving
a connected barn and nearby homestead house

Grantsville, Smithville and Arnoldsburg VFDs respond to roaring fire

July, 2012

A lightning strike caused a raging fire at the Hobart and Alta Richards farm near Big Springs Sunday night.

The strike ignited a fire in a large garage-shed, with firemen managing to contain the blaze and keep it from spreading to a large barn which was connected to the burning structures by a shed, and the old Richard's homestead.

The fire was back on a mountain along Druther Lane off Back Fork Road, not far from State Rt. 16.

The Richards' were away, but family members sitting on a porch of the Richard's house nearby said the strike nearly knocked them out of their chairs.

The Grantsville VFD arrived on scene after enduring a downpour connected to the storm, but after an initial attack briefly ran of of water

Firemen worry about fire spreading through connecting shed
to a barn as water supply was exhausted for a short time

Smithville firemen connect their tanker as fire burns giant cedar trees

The Smithville and Arnoldsburg VFDs dispatched tankers to the scene, and the Grantsville department started shuttling a tanker to hydrants.

Calhoun EMS also responded to the scene.

Richards lost tools, equipment, antique tools and a camper in the fire.