2010 FLASHBACK: PAUL FLEMING - "I Never Expected To Draw Social Security"


FLEMING FAMILY (Front) Paul and Glenna Stalnaker
Fleming; (Back L-R) Cheryl McKinney of Glenville, Ron
Fleming of Walker, WV; Sue Johnson of Greensboro, NC

Gentleman Paul Fleming's well-lived life shared with friends

Folks came from the community and out-of-state


Longtime Arnoldsburg resident Paul Fleming celebrated his 90th birthday Saturday, with a special event held at the Arnoldsburg Community Building.

Friends and family from the county and from out-of-state took time to wish Fleming happy birthday and reminisce about earlier times.

Fleming said "It's been a wonderful life. I never expected to draw Social Security."

The Herald did a story on Fleming's World War II adventures earlier.

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Paul is married to Glenna Stalnaker Fleming and has three children, Ron (Pam) Fleming of Walker, WV; Sue Johnson of Greensboro, NC, and Cheryl (John) McKinney of Glenville, WV, He also has three grandchildren, six great grandchildren and one great-great grandchild.

Arnoldsburg ladies Glenna Fleming and Margie Evans (L)
friends Vere Brannon (L) and poet Harry Newell (R)

(L) Joe Lynch and son visit with Paul
(R) Mrs. Mitch Morgan registers for event

Richard Price with wife Betty (R) and
Dottie Williams (L) enjoying the party