FLASHBACK 1942 - Calhoun High's Newspaper Gives A Peek Into WWII Life


"The Clarion," a school newspaper printed for many years at Calhoun High School, offers a fascinating peek at school and county life in 1942, the year after the school burned to the ground and the country was in the midst of WWII.

School was being held in public and private buildings and homes in Grantsville while a new building was being constructed.

It was the year after Principal Don McGlothlin was fired because he would not make a student say the pledge to the American flag. The case went to the US Supreme Court.

Even though you may not have roots in Sunny Cal, it may be interesting to read through the tid-bits and the descriptions of members of the senior class.

Often the writing was brusque and bold.

THE CLARION of Calhoun High School - April 19, 1942

Wartime Editorial - "Despite the fact this world conflict (WW II) has been brought on through no fault of the average person, but through the lingering hate, greed and lust for more power by our world rulers, it is putting our beloved freedom at stake and by educating ourselves at CHS...we will have the ability to fight and maintain it."

Betty Jo Gulley brought a fossilized rock to class, an imprint of a fern, found by her grandfather on the West Fork where there has been blasting, meaning the area was once under water.

Ninety-Eight students are likely to get diplomas this year, according to M. T. Hamrick, principal. This is the second largest class from CHS to graduate.

The Student Council has "a new and bigger task" to accomplish since the school has burned to the ground. The paper reminds students to quit running through people's lawns in Grantsville, since the individuals are loaning their buildings and homes to conduct classes after the school burned. The Student Council is working on a school constitution.

Calhoun Soldier/Doctor Wants Tobacco - "Ten-thousand miles from Calhoun and no Beech-Nut, a predicament for anybody to be in...when the Japs are after you. Captain T. R. Boling sent such a telegram to his wife in Grantsville. He said in a telegram "Am well. Please send case of Beech-Nut and Edgewood tobacco." The tobacco is on it's way."

Tennis is being offered for noon recreation and classes will be given, using the tennis court at the L. J. Morris property on High Street.

Ads appearing include: FRANCIS RADIO SHOP - "In this time of war, if your radio won't play you don't have to buy a new one. Bring it down and let me fix it. It will save you money." THOMPSON DRUG COMPANY - Cut flowers, potted plants corsages, Whitman candies from 60 cents a pound. LA RAINE BEAUTY SHOP for better service.

THE CLARION of Calhoun High School - May 1, 1942

Students Take Over School - Students took over running CHS with Elmer Phillips being the principal.

Magician Entertains - Magician Loring Campbell entertained the student body at the American Legion Hall. He was also a ventriloquist.

Bus Driver's Daughter Visits - Little Edna Dawson, daughter of bus driver Kelsey Dawson of Joker, who attends Bell Hill School, visited the high school.

Gossip - Many rumors have been spread around our desk, but it must be reported that Clair "Smokey" Stump is a conscientious osculator; Harold Bennett claims that the Sycamore mud doesn't get too great for his Ford; We don't want to get too nosey, but just where does Richard Whipkey fit into the Jackson-Williams affairs; Sudden Thought: Why doesn't Jeanette Arthur make up Delbert Weaver's mind? (Editor's Note: She did); It could be true, but as we haven't seen Eloise lately, we cannot confirm the rumor; Leota and Irvin will be married as soon as school is out. What do you say about that Junior?

"The Clarion" editor is Ruth Groves; managing editor Bernyce Roberts; business manager Evelyn Thomas; advertising manager Lynn S. Oles, Jr. Thirty- four issues published each school year.

Advertisers - GRANTSVILLE DRUG COMPANY offers big coupons off all purchases in store. CASTO AND HARRIS has school and printing supplies.

THE CLARIONof Calhoun High School - May 8, 1942

WWII Rationing - Eighty-Four county retailers and institutions registered to get sugar during May, June and July. School system teachers and administrators completed the registration. More than half of those registering did not receive the rationed sugar.

Board Settles Fire Insurance - A settlement for over $131,000 on the burned high school property and $5,000 on the equipment was made with insurance companies and the county school board. No arrangements have been announced where school will be held next year.

Senior Girl Marries - Carrie Fogle, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. William Fogle of Grantsville, a senior, was married to Ronald Stump of Stumptown, a teacher at Stumptown.

"A Little Scrap May Smash A Jap" - What are we doing to win the war? Doing our part like those in service. We can all save scrap iron, old newspapers, tin, aluminum, and old tires to recycle, speeding victory and reunion in so many American homes.

Former Principal McGlothlin Writes - Don McGlothlin is now a clerk in the accounting office of the War Department in Washington. "I hope that none of you will regret your four years in high school. I hope you will put your good knowledge to work." (Editor's Note: McGlothlin was fired by the Calhoun County Board of Education because he would not make a student say the Pledge to the American flag.)

Student Composes Song - "I'll Wait For You," is a song composed by Bernyce Roberts. The song was sung on the radio by "The Pals of the Golden West."

Seniors In Review 1942 - "The Clarion" is rather bold in writing about their fellow students.

Alden Marks - Quiet, reserved, excellent artistic talent, likes all sports; Grace Howard - Vice-president of class, honor student, good actress, popular, member of band, gets into any activity; Charles Nicholas, Average scholastic marks, capable athlete; Zella Johnson - Emotional personality, energetic in all things except studies; Junior Nester - Pleasant, friendly, average student; Grace Hathaway - Gets into all plays, follows sports, fair student; Irvin McClain - Average student, sociable, quiet.

Lucretia Smith - Fairly good student, fair personality, gets into school plays; Richard Starcher - Fair student, likes mechanics, quiet; Ila Grey Snider, personable, outstanding in band; Eva Simmons - Fair student, one of the best girl athletes; Leon Yoke - Very likable boy, one of the best football centers ever here; George Smith - Fair student, likes ping pong; Foster Starcher - Outstanding student, recently making straight "A's", member of band, pleasing personality, dependable; Bill Reed - Fair student, good in general athletics, popular, finished at mid-year, study pre-med at University.

Vivian Starkey - Talkative, pleasant, interested in nursing; Eugene Reynolds - Member of band four years, honor student first three years; Cleo Robinson - Fair student, exceptionally good disposition; Wendell Wilson - Member of band, fair student; Carrie Gogle - Drum majorette, many activities, finishing in three years; Mary Glen Dotson - Good athlete, finds school a headache; Alice Farrar - Band member, believes in good time, less study; Jeanice Fox - Good student, active in athletics; Earl VanHorn - Clarion sports editor, most active in sports but ardent fan; Dortha Godfrey - Secretary of class, senior princess last fall, sponsor of band, quiet and pleasant; Bernice Riddle - Honor student, mild sense of humor; Ronzel Poling - Cooperative in class, likes sports; Roland Godfrey - Quiet boy, sensible, interested in farming.

Emmett Bower - Good sense of humor, likes VoAg, doesn't like school; Evelyn Arnold - Finished at mid-year, honor student in home ec, president of FHA last year; Greta Bailey - Pleasing personality, average student, finished early; Nellie Allen - Good sense of humor, athletic; Bill Barnes - Quiet, good personality, like sports; Virginia Bower - Honor student in years gone by, interested in nursing; Gilbert Burrows - Good natured, reserved, likes school only moderately well, finished at mid-year; Ethel Collins - Graduating in three years, quiet, honor student at times.

Duane Davis - Member of band, graduated at mid-year, specialized in industrial arts; Imogene Criss - Outstanding basketball player, president of Future Homemakers, plans to attend business college; Austin Wease - Very Likable, fair in grades, walks long way to the bus; Virginia Sturm - Average student, fairly pleasing personality; Greta Uldrich - Good Student, rather quiet, has pleasing personality; Mildred Crawford - Good student and athlete, quiet, likes school well; Helen Cain - Member of band, likes school, but not classes; Odell Stump - Fair in scholastic marks, helpful, followed sports somewhat; Mildred White - Honor student, good personality, helpful around office; Eleanor Stump - Member of band, good personality, has talent as actress; Pauline Ritchie, Pleasant, studious, cooperative with teacher and students; Olena Poling - Honor student, helpful, cooperative, dependable.

Advertisers - STRADER'S Department Store offering paint, furniture polish and curtains. BEN FRANKLIN STORE has pictures, gifts and Mother's Day cards. WHITE'S BEAUTY PARLOR for better permanents.