DOWN ON ROWELS RUN - A Sunday Afternoon


Cremo Church has hay ride down Rowels

2010 - Rowel's Run is a small creek with its origins at the Village of Hur, with its six mile trek ending below Cremo, emptying into the West Fork of the Little Kanawha River.

Much of the highway was the creek bed, until the late 1950's. Most of the families that live on the creek are "originals," but a few other folks have purchased land in the very narrow valley.

The name Rowels or Rowles appears on one of the earliest maps of the county.

Two of the small roads that connect with Rowel's Run are Hughes Fork and Hardman Fork. Some haul roads run back on Rattlesnake Ridge, a remote area between Joker and Little Creek.

Sunday afternoon horseshoes at Bev Carpenter's

At least two one-room schools delivered education in the early years, but the valley has had a single church, once Methodist, it is now the Cremo Community Church. Yesterday the members and a bunch of their kids took a hay ride down Rowel's toward Creston with a return up Little Creek.

Grant Adams once had a store near the head of Rowels, and further down the creek at Cremo (named for the cigar), the Poling's had a store for many years, delivering groceries by horse-drawn wagon and later a truck. Notable was the Cremo Store run by the Duskey family (pictured), which was also used as the Cremo Post Office and K of P Lodge Hall, upstairs. George Richards and Willard Gibson also had stores in the earlier part of last century.

Cremo Store, Post Office and Lodge Hall still stands

The back-to-the-earth movement in the late 60's and early 70's led to the creation of two communes in the area, "The Mud Farm" and "The Armadillo Farm," from which sprung some of Calhoun's finest citizens.

Log barn in Cremo