REMEMBERING 9-11 - Calhoun High School Takes Time Out In 2001

Reprinted from 9-2001

By Bob Weaver

CHS football team hold the flag

The band played the national anthem, the football team raised the colors and students joined in singing "God Bless the USA." It was a day of remembrance and mourning for the tragedy that has befallen America since Tuesday.

It is not a Bruce Willis terrorist movie or a bizarre and violent video game. It is the real thing, unbelievable images pounded into the conscience of every American. One must wonder what was in the minds of these young people during the assembly, who have never seen such a thing on our soil.

The National Anthem is played

Faces of the solemn

The prominent concern must be whether their most precious feelings of safety and security have been shattered, somewhat like my generation that went to bed at night thinking an atomic bomb could fall out of the cold war skies, only this was much worse.

Tears streamed down the cheeks of many kids. The stoic and pained faces of teachers, privy to the seriousness of the moment, contained themselves, knowing full-well of the historical changes to come, certainly the threat of war.

Principals Mike Offutt and Roger Propst shared the concerns of the day, which was decreed a "Day of Prayer" by President Bush. Since official school-led prayer can not be uttered in public schools, Propst called for a moment of silence.

At the end, students filed by the large flag touching it as school was dismissed.

School officials lead ceremony, Roger Propst and Mike Offutt on far right

A moment of silence

Students file by Old Glory

A new challenge for children

Raising of the colors