GOIN' UP MILO - Forever Old, Forever New


By Bob Weaver 2006

The Washington District of southern Calhoun was first permanently settled by Peter McCune in 1815, followed by a stalwart group of explorers and farmers who placed their roots in the Calhoun sod.

Traveling up Milo toward Oka yesterday, a sunny fall day with most of the leaves on the ground, the rugged landscape brings to mind those individuals, their strong family values and love of home place.

Self-reliant pioneers who survived by hard physical labor - frugal, disciplined and independent.

There is a remembering of those pioneers with many of the steep hillsides still cleared, a few brave souls in this new century clinging to farm life and the raising of livestock.

It may be difficult to imagine what life could have been for those families during the early 19th century, but it takes only casual observation to appreciate what nature has carved in this mountain world.

With its remote and rugged terrain, it is a place of indescribable beauty, forever old and forever new.

Mammy Jane Jarvis House on Oka Road