REMEMBERING HARRY SIERS (1937-2006)- "It's Been Good To Know You..."


HARRY SIERS 1937-2006 - "It's Much Easier Being Nice"

Harry celebrated with joy his 65th birthday, laughing and joking

All over Grantsville you could hear
Harry's voice "Hot Dogs! Hot Dogs!"

Pastor Harry honors Jon Luc Harris for his scouting efforts

By Bob Weaver 2006

Harry Siers, while his work was mostly known as the pastor of the Enon Baptist Church, was a Calhoun native who returned to his roots to give his time and energy back to "my people."

Harry was connected to the land, a farmer by nature, and devoted much of his work life in that arena with the Department of Agriculture, but he carried the message through his personality, smile and friendly attitude.

How can you forget those dozens and dozens of events where he sold "Harry's Hot Dogs." He knew people liked to eat a good hot dog, and he liked to make them. He'd yell "Hot Dogs! Hot Dogs!" and people would come running.

Beyond the hot dog, Harry loved to cook and bake (and eat) for his church members, his family and community. And what spreads they were, many of them pictured in Hur Herald stories over the years.

He was a man with a mission, touching the lives of those about him and carrying the message of Christ, lending a hand to many different causes in the county.

He once told me "It's much easier being nice, and besides, it always makes me feel better."

Harry, your shining light will be missed.

Harry helping with dime toss, always lending a hand

The Enon Church annual picnic,
Harry with Larry Morton, "overseeing" the event

Enon Church had a great tradition of delicious,
mouth-watering spreads, which Harry often delivered