2001: A PROM NIGHT SCRAPBOOK - Calhoun High School

It was Prom Night at Calhoun High School in 2001 and the kids came decked out in their finest or most fascinating attire. Here is a picture scrapbook of the event, when the Herald was allowed to photograph the event in days gone by:

Prom 2001

Kristina Jarvis and Joe Park

(L to R) Tiffany Jones and Matt Walker, Marcus Davis and Natalie White

Jake Nelson and Suzanne Lynch

Gary Wager and Teresa Sears

(L to R) Amber Walker, Charley Gibson, Jeremy Moss and Kate Hupp

Derek Metz and Jennifer Sears

Prom arrivals

Travis Chastain and Cara Haymaker

(L to R) Samantha Moles, Kristi Cain and Sophie Voelkel

Samara Church and Brent Arthur

Dancin' the night away

Sittin' this one out

Ashley Collins and Joe Smith

An enchanting evening