Photo Archives

2016-05-31Starcher and Mace Family Memhers
2016-05-28Daughters of Fielden and Almira Bailey Allen
2016-05-27Emily Lavern McIntire
2016-05-26Henry Benton Collins
2016-05-25Korean War Veterans
2016-05-24One of Many Deep Cuts for the Railroad into Bear Fork
2016-05-23Hallie Stump Stump
2016-05-20Delma Marshall Smith and Reeta Fowler
2016-05-19Glen V. Fowler
2016-05-17Hickman Boiler House located across from the "Mose Hole" above Richardson
2016-05-16Kester Bostic
2016-05-14Children of Franklin D. Weaver's First Marriage
2016-05-13Woodrow Whytsell
2016-05-12Robert Melville Marshall
2016-05-11Leavy O. VanHorn
2016-05-10Rufus Schoolcraft
2016-05-07 Grantsville Flood - November 1985
2016-05-06Ivan Umstead
2016-05-05Mt. Zion School
2016-05-04Loyal Order of Redmen and Pocahontases
2016-05-03Calhoun County's Old Red Brick Courthouse
2016-05-02Ruth Stump Collins and Step-brother, Roy Davis
2016-04-30"J. G. Oles"
2016-04-29Robert Carl Chenoweth
2016-04-28Jack and Ocie Price Starcher
2016-04-27Grantsville Attorneys
2016-04-26Track Workers
2016-04-25Wattie Yoak
2016-04-23Judson and Naoma Stump Riddle Family
2016-04-22Rev. Whitt Stump
2016-04-21Richardson Residents
2016-04-20Kenneth "Mike" Harris
2016-04-19Alpha and Madeline Roberts Riddle
2016-04-18Fred Basnett
2016-04-16Woodrow and Randall Whytsell With WPAR Radio Announcer
2016-04-15Donald Lee Edgell
2016-04-14 Myrtle M. Simers Marshall
2016-04-13Henry C. Wilson
2016-04-12 Joe Parsons
2016-04-11Old Country Store on Sycamore in Calhoun County
2016-04-09Catch for the Day
2016-04-08Hog Knob School
2016-04-07Hamilton Connolly Family
2016-04-06First Baptist Church of Grantsville
2016-04-05Junk Boat
2016-04-04Riverboat "Return"
2016-04-02Garland Buck
2016-04-01Eva Starcher Cain
2016-03-31John M. Hamilton
2016-03-30Ethel Collins
2016-03-29Mary Core and Mattie Core Rowand
2016-03-25Duffield Family Members
2016-03-24Theodore Richards
2016-03-23Carter Oil Company barn at Hassig Yard
2016-03-22John Logan Reip
2016-03-21Hubert Kerby and Holly Sampson of Barnes Run
2016-03-19Louis Flenner
2016-03-18Victor Whytsell
2016-03-17Stinson Church of Christ
2016-03-16Fred O. Barnes
2016-03-15Amanda Barnes Wigner
2016-03-14 Jennings Hathaway Family
2016-03-12Five Forks Post Office
2016-03-10First Sheriff to Occupy the New Sheriff's Residence and Jail Building
2016-03-09Barnes Run School
2016-03-08Pulley and Belt Configuration on the "Reliance"
2016-03-07Clifford Kinley Smith
2016-03-05Knotts Memorial Methodist Church
2016-03-04Riverboat "Return"
2016-03-03Holbert Family Members
2016-03-01Stump and Starcher Families on the Lower West Fork
2016-02-29Grace Hamilton Long
2016-02-27Walter and Virginia Bolten Collins Family
2016-02-26Chester Cunningham
2016-02-25Earl T. Sullivan
2016-02-24Charles Clinton Knotts
2016-02-23Willa Stump Raybuck
2016-02-22Carter Oil Company House at Hassig Yard, built in 1907
2016-02-19Walter C. Farrar
2016-02-18Milo Store
2016-02-17Grantsville Flood
2016-02-16Grantsville Flood
2016-02-15Armistice Day Ceremony
2016-02-13Amos Sturm
2016-02-12Irene Bee
2016-02-11Pearl Kelley and Her Big Fish
2016-02-10Dr. Howard C. and Jean Toepfer
2016-02-09Threshing Machine at the “Washie” Freed Farm on Leading Creek
2016-02-08Andrew Umstead
2016-02-06Lennie Sturm and Ivan Umstead’s Store in Grantsville
2016-02-05Umstead Family Members at the Umstead Plot in the Mt. Zion Cemetery
2016-02-04William O. and India Freed Umstead Home and Family Members at Mt. Zion
2016-02-03Rev James W. and Mary Seals Umstead
2016-02-02Rev, James W. and Mary Seals Umstead Family and Home at Hur
2016-02-01Robert Yost
2016-01-30Raymond Taylor
2016-01-28Paul Taylor
2016-01-27Woodrow Taylor
2016-01-26Earl Yost
2016-01-25Earl Richards
2016-01-22Delano Taylor
2016-01-21Billy Joe Richards
2016-01-19Adrian Richards
2016-01-18Isaac Sanson and Amanda Barr Collins
2016-01-15Isaac Sutton Collins
2016-01-14James Hammond
2016-01-13Amanda Barr
2016-01-12Wilson T. Weaver
2016-01-09Jacob C. Jones, Sr.
2016-01-08Artie Macy Collins
2016-01-07John J.W. and Sarah Mulvay Montgomery Family
2016-01-06Abel M. and Nancy Jenkins Rogers
2016-01-05Mollie Hersman
2016-01-04Arminta Caroline Chapman
2016-01-02Clayton T. Stump
2015-12-31Everett and Ellsworth Kerby
2015-12-30Homer Maze
2015-12-29Dallas Stump
2015-12-27Ward School
2015-12-23William "Bub" and Samilda Proudfoot Stump with son, Arrastus
2015-12-22Harold J. Marshall
2015-12-21Jennings and Emma Sturms Hathaway Home on Pine Creek
2015-12-18Calhoun County High School Red Devil Marching Band
2015-12-17Levi Morris
2015-12-16Deep Valley School
2015-12-15Broomstick Community Church
2015-12-12Harley Benton and Ruth Stump Collins
2015-12-11Children of Levi Homer and Bertha Stump Stump
2015-12-10Mr. & Mrs. Frank Geer and children, Nora, Nellie, and Frank Jr.
2015-12-09Lorrin Lee Hosey
2015-12-08Stump and Starcher Families on the Lower West Fork
2015-12-07Lorentz Carr, Sr. and Nelle Dodson Hamilton
2015-12-05Wedding "Sernade" of Paul and Erma Smith Hays
2015-12-04 Bruce and Eva Nutter Riggs
2015-12-03Dorothy Eileen Tolley Sullivan
2015-12-02Isaiah Knotts
2015-12-01James Henry Hamilton Marshall
2015-11-30Ruth Pell
2015-11-28Cecil Wolverton
2015-11-27Sylvester Kerby Home on Kerby Ridge near Hur
2015-11-25Charlie Bassnett
2015-11-24Dallas Stump
2015-11-23Jim Yoak, Johnnie Yoak, Florence Yoak
2015-11-20Catherine Gainer Wigner
2015-11-19David Frank Marshall
2015-11-18Cecil Harold Morehead
2015-11-17Tamie O. Jenkins Yoak
2015-11-14Cabot Station Following Explosion
2015-11-13 Grantsville Graded School
2015-11-12Levi Morris
2015-11-11Pokeberry School near Broomstick
2015-11-10Hagan Barr in New Orleans
2015-11-09Grantsville Flood
2015-11-07Levi Homer and Bertha Stump Stump
2015-11-06Mr. & Mrs. Frank Geer and children, Nora, Nellie, and Frank Jr.
2015-11-05Roberts Kids
2015-11-04Virginia Hathaway Kirby
2015-11-03John M. and Minnie Cook Hamilton
2015-11-02Bruce Riggs
2015-10-31Walter Marshall
2015-10-30Ella Pim Knotts
2015-10-27Nancy Proudfoot Weaver
2015-10-26Okey E. Greathouse
2015-10-24Lennis Hathaway
2015-10-23Simon Greathouse
2015-10-22 Roy Elliott and Ernest Elliott
2015-10-21Roy Miller
2015-10-20Emanuel and Azeline Sturm Hersman
2015-10-19Woodrow and Eleanor Wilson Taylor
2015-10-17WW II Veterans
2015-10-16Herbert C. Smith
2015-10-15Roy Brooks and Dolly Gray Jarvis with baby Steve
2015-10-14James E. Morford
2015-10-13Grantsville Grade School - Grade 3
2015-10-12Catharine "Aunt Kate" Morris Garretson
2015-10-10 Klipstine School
2015-10-09Roy Stump and Son, Hatzel, in a boat built by Roy
2015-10-08Grantsville Fourth of July Parade
2015-10-06Unidentified Riverboat
2015-09-26Charles Propst
2015-09-25Grantsville Odd Fellows and Rebekahs
2015-09-24Bill Brannon
2015-09-23Sara Jane Knotts Knotts
2015-09-22Oleta Marshall Weaver and Delma Marshall Smith
2015-09-21Harvey G. Burrows
2015-09-18Leonard Hathaway
2015-09-17G. W. Hardman, Jr. and Allen Hardman Home on Barnes Run
2015-09-16James Anderson Burns
2015-09-15Children of Henry and Elizabeth Mittendorf Wallbrown
2015-09-14Arnold and Mary Ethel Yoak Snider
2015-09-12Riverboat "Flora B." and Little Kanawha Riverboat Traffic
2015-09-11James Riddel
2015-09-10Elias Yoak
2015-09-09Will Yoak
2015-09-08Virgil Hickman
2015-09-05Rose Fowler Stump
2015-09-04Ruth Stump Collins with grandson, Thomas Mark Knotts
2015-09-02World War I Soldiers
2015-08-31James Howard Barr
2015-08-28Job's Temple on Rt. 5 between Grantsville and Glenville
2015-08-27Baxter Stump
2015-08-26Isabelle Whipkey Burrows
2015-08-25Cabot Station - 1937 Flood
2015-08-24Edwin E. Stump
2015-08-22Grantsville - Cattle Under the Old Grantsville Bridge
2015-08-21Goodnight Family
2015-08-20Arzie Freed
2015-08-19Gail Hosey
2015-08-18Flood Damage - Fill Washed Out at Mouth of Leafbank
2015-08-17Calhoun County High School Football Team
2015-08-14Ocie G. Bennett
2015-08-13Hazel Grace Haught
2015-08-12 Ernest and Hazel Haught Hersman
2015-08-11Rev. J. Smith Dye
2015-08-10Col. George Bell, USMC
2015-08-08Joy Riding
2015-08-07John Nelson and Alcinda Laverna Minnear Bell
2015-08-06Court Street in Grantsville
2015-08-05Old Calhoun County High School
2015-08-04Mt. Zion School
2015-08-03Sheriff Robert J. Knotts, Sr.
2015-08-01Frank Gainer
2015-07-31Turkeys on Main Street in Grantsville
2015-07-30Charles Lewis Collins
2015-07-29Carr B. Shaffer
2015-07-28Grantsville Residents
2015-07-27James and Matilda Stump Barr
2015-07-25Ella Pettit Shaffer
2015-07-24Grantsville Fishermen
2015-07-23First Baptist Church of Grantsville J. W. Pell Class Band
2015-07-22Russett School - Upper Room
2015-07-21Winfield Scott Hosey
2015-07-20Cabot Station Construction
2015-07-18Russett School - Lower Room
2015-07-17Quimby and Catherine Marshall Hosey
2015-07-16Cabot Station Construction
2015-07-15Jake Bennett
2015-07-14John Snider
2015-07-13Mary Jane "Janie" Reed Collins and Cisco Collins
2015-07-11Calhoun Residents
2015-07-10Bee Hopkins Farm at Minnora
2015-07-09First Baptist Church of Grantsville
2015-07-08Mrs. Jake Huffman
2015-07-07 Rev. Nelson H. Bartlett
2015-07-06Chapel Baptist Church at Nobe
2015-07-03Grantsville Public School
2015-07-02Melvin Dennis Arnold, Sr.
2015-07-01Grantsville - Wiant & Barr Store
2015-06-30Children of Harold "Budge" and Lenna Wigner Marshall
2015-06-29Stella Alice Hamer Stockwell
2015-06-27Grantsville - Robert. J. Knotts, Jr. Garage
2015-06-26 William Barnes and Joe Amos
2015-06-25Rev. Nelson H. and Daisy Garten Bartlett Family
2015-06-24Samuel and Rachel Weaver Barr Log Home
2015-06-23Obert Fowler
2015-06-22Little Kanawha River - Lock No. 2 - Leachtown
2015-06-19Samuel and Rachel Weaver Barr Log Home
2015-06-18 Yoak Children
2015-06-17Arnoldsburg Community Church
2015-06-16Calhoun High School Freshmen - 1947-1948
2015-06-15Sarah Debitha “Bitha” Brown
2015-06-13Godfrey L. Cabot Carbon Black Factory
2015-06-12Carl R. Morris
2015-06-11Uriah and Dorcas Collins Brown
2015-06-10Godfrey L. Cabot Carbon Black Factory With Little Kanawha River at Flood Stage
2015-06-09Grantsville - Main Street - November 11, 1918
2015-06-08Waitman Ball
2015-06-06Walter O. "Shoad" Ward
2015-06-05Calhoun County Courthouse Employees
2015-06-04Devil's Tea Table
2015-06-01Olen Ward, Jahugh Ward, Oren Ward
2015-05-29Children of James Propst
2015-05-28Dennis Ash
2015-05-27Bill Durst
2015-05-26Ellhanon "Ellie" Propst
2015-05-23Bank of Grantsville Building
2015-05-22John Harris
2015-05-21Cabot Station Flood
2015-05-20John Connolly
2015-05-19Bill Kelley
2015-05-18Cabot Station Flood
2015-05-15Hazel Mollohan and Isabelle Jarvis Santy
2015-05-14Earl Ferrell
2015-05-13Grantsville Smokers
2015-05-12McCune and Sampson Families
2015-05-11Cabot Station Flood
2015-05-09Cabot Station Flood
2015-05-08St. Paul Church
2015-05-07James Burdell "Popeye" Harris
2015-05-06Canzada Proudfoot Hersman
2015-05-05Cabot Station Flood
2015-05-04Arvil J. "Grandpa" Kight
2015-05-02Cabot Station Flood
2015-04-29Stacie McCune Ferrebee Allen With Daughters
2015-04-28World War I Soldiers on Lawn of Old Red Brick Courthouse
2015-04-26Walter and Mary Givens Burrows
2015-04-25Lee Gainer
2015-04-24John Alva Kelley
2015-04-23World War I Soldiers on Lawn of Old Red Brick Courthouse
2015-04-22Bull River School
2015-04-21John and Caroline Collins Snider
2015-04-20James K. "Ken" Kendall
2015-04-14Nancy Collins
2015-04-13Wedding of Foster and Nora Blackshire Vannoy
2015-04-11Bull River School
2015-04-10Ursala Duffield
2015-04-09Grantsville Graded School - Grade 4
2015-04-07Prosperity School
2015-04-06Dona and Darl Helmick
2015-04-04Calhoun County High School
2015-04-03Harley Harris
2015-04-01Creed Hicks and Bina Duffield
2015-03-31Virginia Stutler Arthur
2015-03-30Leamon Church and AI Ward
2015-03-28Scott Duffield
2015-03-27Silas Belt Home at Industy
2015-03-26Hale Riddle
2015-03-25Bina Duffield
2015-03-24M. A. C. Board's Barn and Silo on Board Fork of Rowles Run Near Cremo
2015-03-23West Fork Citizens
2015-03-21Sheriff M. A. C. Board
2015-03-20Hathaway Brothers Lumber on Phillips Run
2015-03-19Noah A. Criss with Unknown Child
2015-03-18Morgan and Bertha Booher Marks with Unidentified Child
2015-03-17Doris P. Kight
2015-03-16Everett, Jr. and Mattie Scurlock Gainer
2015-03-14Ivy and Maude Booher Gainer
2015-03-13Irvin S. McClain
2015-03-12Children of L.T. "Doud" and Dora Gainer Stump
2015-03-11The Marks Children
2015-03-10Lelia M. Hathaway
2015-03-09Albert Jenkins "Pet" and Lizzie Sickles Knotts
2015-03-07Cleo Gainer Farm on Pine Creek
2015-03-06Robert E. Shaffer
2015-03-05Jesse Carpenter and Catherine Stalnaker Gainer
2015-03-04James M. Cain
2015-03-03Clark Schoolcraft
2015-03-02Members of Grantsville Newly Organized Boy Scout Troop
2015-02-28Dallas Kight
2015-02-27Robert Lester Lish
2015-02-26Frederick S. Hathaway With His Sunday School Class at First Baptist Church of Grantsville
2015-02-24Grantsville Graded School - Grade 3
2015-02-23Mary Jane Hefner
2015-02-21W.T.W. Dye With Two Early High School Teachers
2015-02-20Tamie O. Jenkins Yoak
2015-02-19Denzil Bailey
2015-02-18W.T.W. Dye Family
2015-02-16Jarvis Brothers
2015-02-14Russell G. Hunt
2015-02-13WW I Victory Parade in Grantsville
2015-02-12Roy Brooks Jarvis
2015-02-11J. Willis Divers
2015-02-10Cintilla J. Boggs Stump
2015-02-09Left to right: Forrest Conley, Jennings Jarvis, Glen Conley (baby), Roy Brooks Jarvis.
2015-02-07Jesse "Grump" Stump
2015-02-06Left to right: Miss Nettie Stump, Cintilla J. Boggs Stump.
2015-02-05Wilber Whipkey
2015-01-31Johnny Dye
2015-01-30Left to right: Cintilla J. Boggs Stump, Betty Jo Dobbins Hopkins
2015-01-29Nizzie Grimm Blakely
2015-01-28Hatzel Stump
2015-01-27Calhoun Fox Chasers Association
2015-01-26Joe Bennett
2015-01-24Dolan Sears
2015-01-23Lester School
2015-01-22John Kelly
2015-01-21Fred Hathaway and Daughter, Virginia Hathaway
2015-01-20Barr Curry
2015-01-17Woodrow Goodnight
2015-01-16Wiant and Barr Store
2015-01-15Curry Kids
2015-01-14Stuck in the Mud
2015-01-13Bernard Curry
2015-01-12Dr. James A. and Cora Griggs Dye Family
2015-01-10Albert J. Ball, Sadie Scott Ball, Thelma McCoy Roach
2015-01-09Guy Bowers and his Horses
2015-01-08Grantsville Graded School - Grade 4 - 1949-1950
2015-01-07Kenneth C. "Buck" Ball
2015-01-06Calhoun County High School
2015-01-05Calhoun Cottage
2015-01-03Albert and Gertrude Francis Kight Family
2015-01-02John and Rilla Francis Harris Family
2014-12-31George and Clara Stump Cain
2014-12-30Middle Run Baptist Church - Association Meeting
2014-12-27Elizabeth Hall Stump with Son, Charles B. Stump
2014-12-24Drilling Operation in Calhoun County
2014-12-23Issac LaFever Simers
2014-12-22Albert C. and Sophia Jane Greathouse Cunningham Family
2014-12-20Old Building at Orma in Washington District
2014-12-19Robert Garretson
2014-12-18Isaac C. Hersman
2014-12-17Caroline White
2014-12-16Barnes Run Church
2014-12-15Leonard Fowler
2014-12-13Mabel Dawson Garretson
2014-12-12George White
2014-12-11Drilling in Calhoun County
2014-12-10Ernest Hersman
2014-12-09William A. and Mary Jerusha Mollohan Duffield Family
2014-12-08Locia Bourn
2014-12-06Raymon and Ena Barr Boggs
2014-12-05First Car on the West Fork
2014-12-04Vannoy Family Members
2014-12-03Grantsville Flood
2014-12-02Joseph and Dora Connolly Knotts Family
2014-12-01Mary Jerusha Mollohan Duffield and her mother, Mary Boggs Mollohan
2014-11-29Verna Vannoy
2014-11-27Gene Hope Ayers Kight
2014-11-26Bertie Everson
2014-11-25Mary Jerusha Mollohan Duffield
2014-11-24Ellis Vannoy
2014-11-22Virgil Kelley
2014-11-21Earl Crawford
2014-11-20Grimm Family Members
2014-11-19Eli and Elizabeth Dunn Everson
2014-11-18Allen Hardman and Ada Augusta Curtis Hicks Family
2014-11-17Steer Creek Residents
2014-11-15Leonard and Verna Vannoy Fowler
2014-11-14John Weaver
2014-11-13John Rufus Knotts, Jr.
2014-11-12John and Rachel Barr Ball
2014-11-11Homer Witte takes a Motorcycle Ride
2014-11-10Hanning Poling
2014-11-08Courtney Cooper of Walnut
2014-11-07Francis Marion Taylor
2014-11-06Marian and Mary Elizabeth Phillips Radabaugh
2014-11-05Elsie Duffield Criss
2014-11-04Arminda Maude “Mindy” Wilson
2014-11-03Charlie Bailess
2014-11-01Pauline Westfall
2014-10-31Robert Wilson
2014-10-30Otis L. Sandage
2014-10-29Noah A. Criss
2014-10-28Brooksville School
2014-10-24Beulah Blake
2014-10-22Jane Ellison
2014-10-21Roy French Starcher
2014-10-20Edith Robinson
2014-10-18Fred and Louvernia Workman Starcher
2014-10-17Sarah Elizabeth Watson
2014-10-16Thomas Ice
2014-10-15Benjamin Vannoy
2014-10-14Charles N. and Elizabeth Hamlin Everson Family
2014-10-13Lettie Knotts
2014-10-11West Fork Buddies
2014-10-10Grantsville Graded School - Grade 6 - 1951-1952
2014-10-09West Fork Timber Workers
2014-10-08Grantsville Graded School - Grade 5 - 1950-1951
2014-10-07Addie Duffield - WW I - Died of Disease - Buried in France
2014-10-06Grave of Addie Duffield in France
2014-10-04Ruth Ice
2014-10-03Scott Duffield
2014-10-02 Ray Goodnight
2014-10-01Opal Bennett Bland Gainer
2014-09-30Thomas Hart Benton Everson
2014-09-29Robert Lee Jackson and Hannah Huffman Marshall Family
2014-09-27Hope Natural Gas Company Pipeline Gang
2014-09-26Alfonso and Opal Bennett Gainer
2014-09-24White Pine School
2014-09-23Robert and Jane Ellison Wilson with Unknown Child
2014-09-22Mary Huffman Johnson
2014-09-20John H. Johnson
2014-09-19Anna Milliken Morris
2014-09-18Ida Murphy, Lester Murphy and George Murphy
2014-09-17Lottie Elliott Gainer McEndree
2014-09-16Francis Kelley
2014-09-15Alonzo Stump
2014-09-13Elizabeth Dunn
2014-09-12Joe and Grace Rose Grubbs Store near Industry
2014-09-11Thomas and Sarah Elizabeth Watson Ice
2014-09-10Eli Everson
2014-09-09Clay and Hester Hensley Jarvis with Daughter, Belle
2014-09-08Calhoun Super Service in Grantsville 1956
2014-09-06Maze Family Members
2014-09-05Thomas Hart Benton and Ruth Ice Everson
2014-09-04Allen Hardman Hicks
2014-09-03Nancy Jane Richards Collins
2014-08-20 Amos and Anna Lamb Jarvis
2014-08-19Hensley Sisters
2014-08-18Morris Family Members
2014-08-16William “Rusty Bill” and Nancy Hensley Jarvis
2014-08-15Playmates Near Industry
2014-08-14Gay Barr
2014-08-13James Madison “Pete” and Laura Ellen Brown Catlett Hicks Family
2014-08-12Matilda Stump
2014-08-11John Booher
2014-08-09White and Alfred Family Members
2014-08-08Minerva Starcher
2014-08-07Children of Joseph and Sarah Davis Maze
2014-08-06James Madison “Pete” and Laura Ellen Brown Catlett Hicks
2014-08-05Group at the Rock Quarry on the Patrick McKee Farm at Millstone
2014-08-04Charles A. and Gay Barr Stump Family
2014-08-02Mary Ann McGary
2014-08-01Clay Jarvis
2014-07-31Collins Family Members
2014-07-30John Pettit
2014-07-29Joseph H. Nutter
2014-07-28Columbus Starcher
2014-07-26Charles A. “Charley” Stump
2014-07-25Sarah Starcher
2014-07-24William E. and Katherine Dawson Ball Bush
2014-07-23Joe and Grace Rose Grubbs on a Riverboat Near Industry
2014-07-22Nancy Hensley Jarvis
2014-07-21Elijah and Sarah Jane Grady Carpenter
2014-07-19Jacob A. Starcher
2014-07-18George W. Starcher
2014-07-17Clara Pettit
2014-07-16Marshall and Louisa Husk Starcher
2014-07-15Charles A. and Gay Barr Stump Family
2014-07-14Dora Gainer
2014-07-12Lorenzo T. “Dowd” Stump
2014-07-11John Alexander Weaver
2014-07-10Mildred Lenore Jackson
2014-07-09Missouri Brown Yoak
2014-07-08John McFarland Ball
2014-07-07Louisa Godfrey
2014-07-05Homer L. Riddle
2014-07-04Robert J. Knotts, Sr. with son, Walter, in the Sheriff’s Office
2014-07-03Ethel Robinson
2014-07-02Augustus A. “Gus” Weaver
2014-07-01Verca Vannoy
2014-06-30Jean Knotts
2014-06-28Mary Della Grimm Kelley
2014-06-27Francis Kelley
2014-06-26Doy V. Arnold
2014-06-25Paul and Georgia Riddle Stump
2014-06-24Opal Hardman Proudfoot
2014-06-23Gona Hardman and Arden McCoy
2014-06-21Cleo and Phelma Hathaway Gainer
2014-06-20Phelma Hathaway Gainer
2014-06-19Cleo Gainer and Cora Gainer Keiser
2014-06-18Fred Johnson
2014-06-17Bert Craddock
2014-06-16Grantsville Flood
2014-06-14Uncle Sam's Boys of Calhoun
2014-06-13Calhoun Soldier Boys
2014-06-12Poling School on Sycamore
2014-06-11Rush Run Community IOOF Lodge
2014-06-10Rush Run Community IOOF Lodge
2014-06-09Bell School at Freed
2014-06-07Hall V. Francis
2014-06-06Glen Francis, Born 1908 and Clay Francis, Born 1909
2014-06-05Clara Burrows Francis and Joseph Lee Francis
2014-06-04Eddie and Elma Barr Barnes
2014-06-03Pleasant Hill Bible School
2014-06-02Harold B. "Casey" and Opal Hardman Proudfoot
2014-05-31Grantsville - Main Street
2014-05-30Road Crew Workers - Steer Creek Area
2014-05-29Grantsville - Florence Street
2014-05-28Grantsville - Mill Street
2014-05-27Grantsville - 1967 Flood
2014-05-26Grantsville - Court Street
2014-05-23Grantsville - Main Street
2014-05-22Gene Hope Ayers
2014-05-21Arthur Stevens
2014-05-20Emil Freshour (Kelly)
2014-05-19Howard Ball
2014-05-17Lillie Kight
2014-05-16Frank Van Horn
2014-05-15Grantsville - Main Street
2014-05-14Osceola Duffield Jarvis
2014-05-13David Crockett and Caroline Murray Grimm Family
2014-05-12Alfred "Ted" and Caroline "Lina" Kelley Barr
2014-05-10W. M. Merrill
2014-05-09Thanksgiving Snow - November 29, 1950
2014-05-08Old Wiant and Barr Store Building on Market Street
2014-05-07Grantsville Flood - November 1985
2014-05-06Grantsville Flood - November 1985
2014-05-05Grantsville Flood - November 1985
2014-05-03Grantsville Flood - November 1985
2014-05-02Grantsville Flood - 1985
2014-05-01Grantsville Flood - November 1985
2014-04-30Grantsville Flood - November 1985
2014-04-29Grantsville Flood - November 1985
2014-04-28Grantsville Flood - November 1985
2014-04-26Cherry Fork United Methodist Church
2014-04-25Citizens aboard the riverboat, Grantsville, under the old Grantsville bridge
2014-04-24Andrew C. Maze, Jr. with his favorite horse, "Bess"
2014-04-23Mattie Maze Davis
2014-04-22Grace Maze and Frankie Maze
2014-04-21Ellie Blackshire
2014-04-18Bull River School
2014-04-17Marion and Mary E. Phillips Radabaugh Farm Klipstine Road Near Nobe
2014-04-16Estelle Wease
2014-04-15Dennis and Ruth Bennett Wease
2014-04-14Burned Out Shell - Calhoun County High School
2014-04-12Junior and Margaret Hawkins Family
2014-04-11 Rebuilt Cabot Station Following Explosion of November 22, 1945
2014-04-10Cabot Station Following Explosion
2014-04-09Cabot Station Following Explosion
2014-04-08Cabot Station Following Explosion
2014-04-07Grantsville Flood - March 1918
2014-04-05Stevens School
2014-04-04William Henry "Wig" Bickel
2014-04-03W. H. Bickel Well
2014-04-02The Bank of Grantsville
2014-04-01Children of Noah A. and Elsie Duffield Criss
2014-03-31Carr B. and Ella Pettit Shaffer Family
2014-03-29Calhoun County High School Girls' Basketball Team
2014-03-28Flood Damage - Fill Washed Out at Mouth of Leafbank
2014-03-27George Whipkey
2014-03-26Spencer White and Laura Grimm
2014-03-25Mary Elizabeth Linger Kelly
2014-03-24John and Mary Elizabeth Linger Kelly Family
2014-03-22Caroline Kelley Barr
2014-03-21Isaac Richards
2014-03-20Claudius Andrew Jarvis
2014-03-19The Cough Drop Boys
2014-03-18John and Mary Elizabeth "Polly" Ferrell Kelley Family Home on Laurel Creek.
2014-03-17William A. and Mary Jerusha Mollohan Duffield Home on West Fork
2014-03-15Harvey and Elizabeth Blackshire Maze Family
2014-03-14Sam Maze and Mattie Maze Davis
2014-03-13Marion and Mary Elizabeth Phillips Radabaugh Farm
2014-03-12Upper West Fork Residents
2014-03-11Homer & Louisa Godfrey Riddle
2014-03-10Hettie Stump Reed
2014-03-08Scene from the Riverboat Era
2014-03-07Jessie G. Johnson Westfall
2014-03-06Lee J. Westfall
2014-03-05Karl C. Johnson
2014-03-04Bickel Drilling Rig in Calhoun County
2014-03-03Blanche Maze Richards with her banjo
2014-03-01Rev. George Cunningham
2014-02-28Wesley Propst
2014-02-27James and Rosie Slider Craddock
2014-02-26Thomas Henry and Betty Wade Kirby
2014-02-25John J. and Sarah Starcher Booher
2014-02-22Miss Nettie Stump
2014-02-21Richardson Mill
2014-02-20Charter Shaffer
2014-02-19Ward Family Members
2014-02-18Grant Beckner
2014-02-17Spraying Fruit Trees
2014-02-15Aaron Smith
2014-02-14L. T. and Dora Gainer Stump
2014-02-13Charlotte Jane "Jennie" Slagle Smith
2014-02-12Levi Barr Family
2014-02-11Joseph and Mary E. Yoak Holbert
2014-02-10Sam Lawson
2014-02-08Sylvester Kerby
2014-02-07F.F. "Freddie" McCoy
2014-02-06William and Lilly Browning Tucker
2014-02-05N. B. and Catherine "Aunt Kate" Morris Garretson home on Riffle Run near Mt. Zion
2014-02-04Caroline Barnhouse
2014-02-03William Draper Gates
2014-02-01Stalnaker No. 1 At Grantsville
2014-01-31Richard Perrine, Mollie Mae Coger Perrine (wife of Richard), Noah Perrine
2014-01-30Thomas Cogar
2014-01-29Florence Elliott Sturm
2014-01-28Orma School
2014-01-27Elizabeth Mittendorf Wallbrown
2014-01-25John Jackson Hardman
2014-01-24George W. and Susannah Evans Roach Family
2014-01-23William Craddock
2014-01-22Ida Jeffries Shrader
2014-01-21Vashti Potter Ayers
2014-01-20Verdis R. White
2014-01-18Propst and Smith Family Members
2014-01-17Claude and Mollie Sturm Kiddy and son, Paul
2014-01-16Thomas Albert McClellen and Margaret Angeline Cline Myers Family
2014-01-15David Crockett and Caroline Murray Grimm
2014-01-14Hamilton and Sarah Beckner Connolly Family
2014-01-13Minter Jackson and Mary Rutherford Stump
2014-01-11Louisa Chapel Methodist Church at Arnoldsburg
2014-01-10Hope Compressor Station at Cabot Station
2014-01-09W. H. Bickel Oxen Under the Old Grantsville Bridge
2014-01-08Blacksmith John and Elizabeth "Betsy" Huffman Stump Family
2014-01-02John and Rilla Francis Harris Family
2013-12-27Leafbank School
2013-12-26Main Street in Grantsville
2013-12-25Arnoldsburg Elementary School
2013-12-24Hamilton and Sarah Beckner Connolly Home at Mt. Zion
2013-12-23Calhoun County's Old Red Brick Courthouse
2013-12-21Lock No. 1 on the Little Kanawha River at Shacktown, just above Parkersburg
2013-12-20Hotel Meadows in Arnoldsburg
2013-12-19Laying of the Cornerstone for Calhoun County High School
2013-12-18Ardelia Blankenship Garretson
2013-12-17Charter Shaffer
2013-12-16Dr. James A. and Cora Griggs Dye Family
2013-12-14White Pine Farm Women's Club
2013-12-13Upper Trace School
2013-12-12Emma Sturm Hathaway
2013-12-11Ruby Gates
2013-12-10Grantsville Graded School
2013-12-09Wilson and Virginia Stutler Arthur's Store
2013-12-07America's First Day of Infamy
2013-12-05Andrew L. Edgell
2013-12-02James Faris and Gerutia Riep McDonald Family Home on Sycamore
2013-11-30Aristotle Smith
2013-11-29Portion of John and Mary Ann McGary Petitt Family
2013-11-28Levi Homer and Bertha Stump Stump Family
2013-11-26Cyrus and Mollie Jeffreys Hickman Home and Family on Court Street
2013-11-25Effie Stevens Ward
2013-11-21First Baptist Church of Grantsville
2013-11-20Alvin Vannoy
2013-11-19Rosanna Stevens Elliott
2013-11-18Pride of Pittsburgh
2013-11-16Eli and Sarah Jane Little Roberts of Buckhorn Hollow near Hur
2013-11-15Mt. Zion Church
2013-11-14Sycamore Baptist Church Dedication
2013-11-13Grace Davis Weaver
2013-11-12Sinnet Webster “Webb” Mace
2013-11-11Cabot Station School
2013-11-09James M. Shanks
2013-11-08Isaac and Elizabeth Jane Zimmerman Simers Family
2013-11-07Cary Albert Witt
2013-11-06Sheriff Ivan Umstead and Charter Shaffer with the "Defense Duck"
2013-11-05Isaac Husk
2013-11-04John R. Knotts
2013-11-03Simon A. Knotts
2013-11-01Kathryn Witt Holliday and her Car
2013-10-31Roena Petty Dye
2013-10-30Delma Hall
2013-10-29Jim Huffman takes the Ladies for a Spin in his International Harvestor Car
2013-10-28Alva Bell Making Molasses on Rowels Run
2013-10-26Pleasant Hill Church
2013-10-25Lalah Keith
2013-10-24Main Street in Grantsville Looking Down Rt. 5
2013-10-23William Earl Knotts
2013-10-22Jennie B. Riffe
2013-10-21William "Bub" Stump Family and Home on Zekes Run
2013-10-19Nannie Leah Knotts
2013-10-18Sarah Wilson Starcher home on Crummies Creek
2013-10-17John H. and Luvernia Fogle Barr with Child
2013-10-16John M. Hamilton, Jr. in his Car
2013-10-15Otha Thomas and Audrey May Knotts Brannon with Grandson, Robert Knotts Brannon
2013-10-14Audrey Knotts Brannon and Her First Grandchild, Ellen Louise Brannon
2013-10-05Eugenuous and Elizabeth Ellyson Weaver Family
2013-10-04Harley Eagle
2013-10-03Richardson Mill
2013-10-02Sturm Family
2013-10-01Tommy Albert and Emma Hall Francis Family
2013-09-30Ulysses Grant Adams (1868-1948) and Mary Harriet Slider Adams (1867-1939)
2013-09-28George Warren Knotts
2013-09-27Joshua David Smith
2013-09-26Gay Boggs
2013-09-25Cornealous Williams
2013-09-24Capt. Jacob Clammer
2013-09-23Pincton A. and Caroline White Bourn
2013-09-21Dale Vannoy Harris
2013-09-20William Earl Knotts
2013-09-19David Oscar Chenoweth
2013-09-18Bob Harris
2013-09-17Opal McCartney
2013-09-16Solomon "Saulie" and Myrrer Marks Kyer
2013-09-14Mabel Stump
2013-09-13Minter and Julia Ann Cottrill Kyer
2013-09-12Isaac C. Hersman
2013-09-11Canzada Proudfoot
2013-09-10Oil Field Workers and Equipment Leaving the Fogle House in Grantsville
2013-09-09Benjamin and Clara Belle Richards Holbert
2013-09-07Grantsville Coon Hunters
2013-09-06Leonard and Ora Allen Booher
2013-09-05Rev. Whitt and Ina Bennett Stump
2013-09-04Audrey M. Knotts
2013-09-03Fred Robinson
2013-09-02Flora Gay Knotts
2013-08-31Bill and Nellie Linger
2013-08-30Abraham Hersman
2013-08-29Sara Jane Knotts Knotts
2013-08-28Abraham Hersman with his son, Isaac C. Hersman
2013-08-27Daughters of Harley and Ruth Stump Collins
2013-08-26Joseph and Martha Matthew Summers Family
2013-08-24Zella Proudfoot Taylor
2013-08-23The Packet, "W. A. Hilton" Moored at Creston
2013-08-22Annamoriah Ferry
2013-08-21Jesse Roach of Rocksdale
2013-08-20Mt. Zion Church
2013-08-19Cary A. and Emma L. Knotts Witt Family
2013-08-16Bazel Lee Knotts
2013-08-15Jimmie Roberts Home and Store at top of Town Hill near Grantsville on Rt. 16 North
2013-08-13Three Generation of the Witt Family
2013-08-12Flashback to the Forties
2013-08-10Clarence and Maud Reip Campbell
2013-08-09John and Caroline Collins Snider Family
2013-08-08Donald Fred Witt
2013-08-07Logan and Louise Butler McDonald
2013-08-06Tell McDonald
2013-08-05Lenna Proudfoot
2013-08-02Sara Jane Knotts
2013-08-01Grantsville Bridge Construction
2013-07-31Grantsville Bridge Construction
2013-07-30Grantsville Bridge Construction
2013-07-29Grantsville Bridge Construction
2013-07-27Grantsville Bridge Construction
2013-07-26Grantsville Bridge Construction
2013-07-25Grantsville Bridge Construction
2013-07-24Grantsville Bridge Construction
2013-07-23Bear Fork Hunting Club
2013-07-22Bazel Lee Knotts
2013-07-20Generational Friends
2013-07-19Oil Well with Wooden Derrick
2013-07-18WWI Veterans
2013-07-17Fred and Nettie Hathaway Pell
2013-07-16William and Sarah Grandon Crawford Family
2013-07-15Boat Builder, Frank Geer, with Wife and Grandchildren
2013-07-12"Clarence" and "Edith H."
2013-07-11Bernard Pius Bell
2013-07-10Phoebe Summers
2013-07-09"Property on Big Root"
2013-07-08William and Sarah Grandon Crawford
2013-07-06Sycamore Band
2013-07-051939 Flood
2013-07-04Bruce Jarvis
2013-07-03West Fork Residents
2013-07-02William and Mary Moss Home on Douglas
2013-07-01Children of Cary and Emma Knotts Witt
2013-06-29Ruby Smith
2013-06-28Track Workers
2013-06-27Forest Melvin Jarvis
2013-06-26Rev. Jacob Martin Snider
2013-06-25Mary Frances Moore Morris
2013-06-24Absalom and Maggie Boxberger Stump Home and Family
2013-06-22Hoke and Edna Keaton Jarvis Family
2013-06-21Miss Minnie Hamilton
2013-06-20Mattie Core Rowand, Vanna Core Buck Waldo, Edward Rowand
2013-06-19Roy Jackie Parsons
2013-06-18Bruce and Eva Nutter Riggs
2013-06-17Victor Brannon
2013-06-15Clark and Olive Freshour Wilson Family
2013-06-14Robert Joseph Knotts, Sr.
2013-06-13Road Construction Near Grantsville
2013-06-12William and Florinda Stump Burns Family
2013-06-11Ollie Vance Starcher
2013-06-10Benton Mollohan
2013-06-07Snyder Chapel Church at Annamoriah
2013-06-06William T. and Theodocia Barr Marshall Family
2013-06-05"The Lazy Men's Bench" in Grantsville
2013-06-04Charles Roberts
2013-06-03Mary “Polly”Arnold
2013-06-01Changing a Tire
2013-05-31Isaac and Amanda Johnson Sturm Family
2013-05-29Bess Williams Mathews, Bill Mathews, Eva Dye Hathaway
2013-05-28Ora Allen Booher, wife of Leonard Booher with son, Charlie Booher
2013-05-25Charles H. Jones
2013-05-24Eaphraim V. and Genevra B. Cart Coen of Mud Fork
2013-05-23Cedar Grove School
2013-05-22Tracy and Cora Propst Ward with children: Bernard, Ursel, Velma, Madeline
2013-05-21Brown McDonald
2013-05-20Ben Hicks and Ralph Leonard McDonald
2013-05-17Henry Starcher
2013-05-16Scene from the Log Boom Days at Creston
2013-05-15Clyde Downs
2013-05-14Daisy Marshall
2013-05-13Believed to be Opha McDonald
2013-05-11Francis Laird Haymaker
2013-05-10Bruce Jarvis
2013-05-09Melissa Mace Glover
2013-05-08Joseph Lawrence "Duke" Jarvis
2013-05-07Children of George and Bessie Stump Wilson of Apple Farm
2013-05-06Richardson Residents
2013-05-04Frank Church
2013-05-03Jahugh and Sarah Weaver Ward Family
2013-05-02Grantsville Funeral with Masonic Rites
2013-05-01Harlan Stump
2013-04-30Elizabeth Jane Knotts Chenoweth
2013-04-29George A. Richards
2013-04-27John Ed and Mary Ann Smith Family
2013-04-26Mabel Rothwell Weaver
2013-04-25Children of James Propst
2013-04-24Margaret “Mag” Mace
2013-04-23Mary Boggs
2013-04-20Norman and Metz Family Members
2013-04-19Eugenuous Weaver
2013-04-18Elzina “Pet” Stump Robinson
2013-04-17Dr. W.T.W. Dye of Grantsville
2013-04-16Richardson Citizens
2013-04-15Edward Calvert Knotts
2013-04-13Sarah Ann Norman Metz
2013-04-12William Bryan and Eda Louise Stump Knotts
2013-04-09Stemple Children
2013-04-08Fred and “Maggie” Shimer Stump with Daughter, Goldie Stump
2013-04-06Cary Ellsworth Mollohan
2013-04-05Changing a Tire
2013-04-04Tom and Savilla Sponagle Conrad
2013-04-03Aftermath of Wiant and Barr Store Fire
2013-04-02The Hughes Boys near Joker
2013-04-01Joseph Short
2013-03-29Sycamore Baptist Church
2013-03-28Raymond and Lucy Starcher Bollinger of Pine Creek
2013-03-27William Martin Mollohan
2013-03-26John and Amanda Hayden Haddox Family
2013-03-25Lem and Eunice Wilt Roberts with son, Forest
2013-03-23Hallie Stump Stump
2013-03-22Carl and Harriett Slider Sturm of Hur
2013-03-21Dora Conley
2013-03-20James F. Richards
2013-03-19Whitt and Ina Bennett Stump
2013-03-18Rev. J. Smith Dye
2013-03-16Addie Duffield
2013-03-15George and Maude Greathouse Norman of Norman Ridge
2013-03-14Dewey and Oleta Marshall Weaver
2013-03-13Henry Propst
2013-03-12Plez and Erless Wilmoth Starcher Family
2013-03-11William and Sara Jane Knotts Family at Knotts Home at Euclid in Washington District
2013-03-09Fred and Daisy Marshall Yost with Son, Denver Yost
2013-03-08Stella Robinson
2013-03-07Joseph Knotts
2013-03-06Russell and Blanche Maze Richards
2013-03-05Fred Robinson
2013-03-04Scott and Winifred Ayers Duffield
2013-03-01Kenna and Icy Hall Wallbrown
2013-02-28Massalona Knotts Jones
2013-02-27Fred and Daisy Marshall Yost
2013-02-26Children of William M. "Bubb" and Samilda Proudfoot Stump
2013-02-25Ashby Neal Hicks
2013-02-24Hamilton and Sarah Beckner Connolly Home at Mt. Zion
2013-02-23Frank and Elizabeth Starcher Wallbrown
2013-02-22William Duffield
2013-02-21Ox Team and Crew
2013-02-20Daughters of Levi and Martha Poling Gainer
2013-02-19Rev. Harold Huffman
2013-02-18Rebecca Goff McCartney
2013-02-16Husk Family in Husk Cemetery
2013-02-15Elliott Mollohan
2013-02-14Annamoriah Creek School
2013-02-12Cannon on lawn of the Old Red Brick Courthouse
2013-02-11Leonard and Virginia Booher
2013-02-09Scott Duffield
2013-02-08Leon Vance Haymaker
2013-02-07Allen Brown and Icie Mae Duvall Starcher
2013-02-06Elzie M. and Virginia E. Richards Tingler
2013-02-05William "Bubb" Stump
2013-02-04Stevens School on Pine Creek
2013-01-31Henry H. and Nancy Jane Riggs Starcher
2013-01-30James and Nitha Jane Metz Wilson With granchildren, Julie Taylor and Raymond Taylor
2013-01-29Arnoldsburg Residents go Hunting in Bear Fork
2013-01-28Arnoldsburg Residents Display Big Catch in Harley Downs’ Yard
2013-01-22Emma Losie Knotts Witt
2013-01-19Scotch and Stella Poling McDonald
2013-01-18Allen and Margaret Whytsell Schoolcraft Family of Arnoldsburg
2013-01-17William H. “Doc” and Addie Virginia Thomas Richards Family
2013-01-16Clay McDonald
2013-01-15Arnoldsburg Bridge Collapse after Hit by Drunk Driver
2013-01-14Oil Field Workers
2013-01-12Creston Bridge Construction
2013-01-11Davisson Store at the Corder Bridge
2013-01-10Milo Friends
2013-01-09Cary and Emma Knotts Witt Family at Home in Minnora
2013-01-08Creston Residents
2013-01-07Zee McDonald
2013-01-05Workers Near the Woodpile
2013-01-04Leon W. “Abe” Stump
2013-01-02Thomas and Jennie Hall Jackson Butler
2013-01-01Lee Fogle
2012-12-31Moses McDonald
2012-12-29Russett Residents
2012-12-28George Washington and Parentha Estella Raybuck Dye Family
2012-12-27Louis C. Wolverton
2012-12-26Harry A. and Kathryn "Kate" Witt Holliday
2012-12-25Elizabeth Ann Bartlett
2012-12-24Nancy Jane Hodges
2012-11-22Alice Knotts Farrar and Daughters
2012-11-17Alfred's Grocery at Orma
2012-11-15Joseph Cyrus and Phoeba Jane Davis Davis
2012-11-14Children of George Washington and Estella Raybuck Dye
2012-11-12Rush Run Residents during WW I
2012-11-10Bill and Stella Hamer Stockwell Family
2012-11-09Friends and Family
2012-11-08Donald and Ruth McDonald Witt
2012-11-07Amanda Johnson Sturm
2012-11-06Daughters of Alonzo Reip
2012-11-05Brown and Elma Jefferies McDonald
2012-11-03Lewis E. and Thelma Hardman Smith
2012-11-02Joseph Enoch Allen
2012-11-01George and Loraine Stump Ball Wedding Cake
2012-10-29Zee McDonald
2012-10-27Calhoun County High School Football Linemen
2012-10-26Grace Witt
2012-10-25Carl and Harriett Slider Sturm of Hur
2012-10-23Cortez Mollohan
2012-10-22Laurel McDonald
2012-10-20Charley Modesett and Daughter, Elizabeth Jane Modesett Richards
2012-10-19James Faris McDonald
2012-10-18Gona and Ova Hinzman Hardman
2012-10-17Jearl Burrows
2012-10-16Dan and Mary Kemmner Bergen
2012-10-15Ora and Cora Groggs
2012-10-13Scotch McDonald
2012-10-12Lee and Laura Elliott Gainer Farm on Pine Creek
2012-10-11Thomas Henderson and Bertha Metz Richards
2012-10-10Bill Gainer
2012-10-09Julius W. and Florence Stump Pell Family
2012-10-08Frank and Elizabeth Starcher Wallbrown Family
2012-10-06Cella and Gerold Newell
2012-10-05James Faris McDonald
2012-10-04Denver and Zanie Richards Yost
2012-10-03Paul Francis
2012-10-02South Grantsville
2012-10-01Gerutia Chenoweth Reip
2012-09-29Clay and Nancy Jane Hodges McDonald
2012-09-27Martha "Sissie" Allen Bailey
2012-09-26Robert H. Ball
2012-09-25Alice Knotts Farrar
2012-09-24Alfred's Grocery at Orma
2012-09-22Virginia Poling Weaver
2012-09-21John Leeson, Sr.
2012-09-20Maggie Gainer Bennett
2012-09-19James and Rebecca Starcher Riggs of Hur
2012-09-18Morgan and Dena Schupps Tingler Family
2012-09-17Adoniram Judson McDonald
2012-09-15Louisa Jacobs Schartiger
2012-09-14William Richard "Bill Dick" Hardman
2012-09-13Jessie and Flora Hawkins Brookover Family
2012-09-12Ethel Callow Parker
2012-09-11Lora Wright Mead of Creston
2012-09-08Jane Faris
2012-09-07Oak Huffman Home at Enon
2012-09-06Russell and Blanche Maze Richards Family
2012-09-05Calhoun County High School Sophomores
2012-09-04Benjamin and Roena Petty Dye
2012-09-03Juanita Reading
2012-09-01Wedding Ceremony
2012-08-31Dewitt Clay McDonald
2012-08-30Amon and Gertrude Frances "Gertie" Snider Smith Family
2012-08-29Richard and Emily Gump White Family
2012-08-28John Ball
2012-08-27Roberta Leach
2012-08-25Nathaniel "Doc" Parsons
2012-08-24Eliza Jane Kerns
2012-08-23Loise Witt
2012-08-22Allie McCray on Porch of His Store on Three Mile Creek
2012-08-21Homer and Lottie Mills Maze
2012-08-20Daniel McCray Home on Three Mile Creek
2012-08-18Union aka Snakeroot School in Sherman District
2012-08-17Burned out Shell Calhoun County High School
2012-08-16Lemuel S. and Serena Jarvis Witt Home and Family at Minnora
2012-08-15Benjamin B. Dye and his 1918 Chevy Touring Car
2012-08-14Cary A. and Emma Losie Knotts Witt Family
2012-08-13Doy V. Arnold Restaurant and Gas Station at Orma
2012-08-11Forest Nutter
2012-08-10James Riddel
2012-08-09Ernest Mollohan
2012-08-08Wattie Yoak
2012-08-07Elizabeth Witt
2012-08-06Hettie Wolverton
2012-08-04John and Mary Witt Miller with a Grandchild
2012-08-03Grantsville Grade School - Grade 5
2012-08-02Emma Reip
2012-07-31Steve and Deena McDonald Highland
2012-07-30Salathiel Buck
2012-07-28Wyatt and Dorcas Morris Gray Family
2012-07-26Homer Reip
2012-07-25Elizabeth Witt
2012-07-24Ruth McDonald Witt
2012-07-23"Leona G."
2012-07-21John W. and Ruby Gates Pugh
2012-07-20William H. Wood
2012-07-19Lemuel S. and Serena Jarvis Witt
2012-07-18Albert Jenkins "Pet" and Lizzie Sickles Knotts
2012-07-17Ira G. and Mary Belle Price Reip
2012-07-16Deena McDonald
2012-07-14Helen Stump
2012-07-13Daughters of Charles B. and Arminda Sharps Stump
2012-07-12Daughters of William and Rachel Huffman Barr
2012-07-11Mary Ethel Yoak Snider
2012-07-10Tuttle Hill Church Off Hur-Richardson Rd. on Husk Ridge
2012-07-09Stutler and Shrader Families
2012-07-07Marker in the Minnora Cemetery
2012-07-06Cedar Grove Church at Cremo on Lower Rowels Run
2012-07-05Godfrey Fritz Homestead off Hur-Richardson Rd. on Husk Ridge
2012-07-03Claude and Mollie Sturm Kiddy and son, Paul
2012-06-29Ahab Stemple Log Cabin on Rowels Run
2012-06-28Daughters of Alonzo and Minerva Young Reip
2012-06-27Grover Starcher making molasses for the last time on the Bill Slider farm on Barnes Run
2012-06-26Irma Reip
2012-06-25Glen Myer of Beech Valley Community
2012-06-23Wedding Photo of Benjamin B. Dye and Dollie Richards Dye
2012-06-22Bernard and Mary Orr McDonald Family
2012-06-21Howard and Nannie Moss Metz Family of Douglas
2012-06-20Carbon Black Factory at Cabot Station
2012-06-19James G. and Eliza Ater King Family
2012-06-18Homer Witt
2012-06-15Charles B. and Arminda Sharps Stump Family
2012-06-14Grantsville Friends
2012-06-13Logan Reip
2012-06-12Weeden H. Jarvis
2012-06-11Hayden and Nelle Witt Bower
2012-06-09Marion and Mary Ater King Family
2012-06-08Logan McDonald
2012-06-07Anise Jarvis
2012-06-06Ronzel and Hazel Ellison Watkins
2012-06-05Ellen Downey
2012-06-04Edith Witt
2012-06-02Maud Reip
2012-06-01Parker McDonald
2012-05-31Daughters of Charles B. and Arminda Sharps Stump
2012-05-30John and Roxie Witt Ball
2012-05-29Ira G. and Mary Belle Price Reip
2012-05-26Grantsville School Chums
2012-05-25Gae Witt
2012-05-24Lemuel Sida Witt
2012-05-23Walker Road Residents
2012-05-22Nathaniel and Anna Lee Parsons
2012-05-21P.G. Jarvis with His Patented Wire Stretcher
2012-05-18Bernard McDonald
2012-05-17Benjamin and Clara Belle Richards Holbert
2012-05-16Children of Charles B. and Arminda Sharps Stump
2012-05-15Charles Milton Watkins
2012-05-12Clayton T. and Arminta C. Chapman Stump Family
2012-05-11Bell School on Leading Creek
2012-05-10Harry and Kathryn "Kate" Witt Holliday
2012-05-09James G. and Eliza Ater King
2012-05-08George Edward Ball
2012-05-07Adam Reip
2012-05-05David Washington and Caroline Mollohan Chenoweth
2012-05-04Joseph "Matt" and Ona Leona Murphy Ellison
2012-05-03Lemuel Sida and Serena Jarvis Witt
2012-05-02Children of Alonzo and Elizabeth Hall Stump
2012-05-01Homer and Florence Proudfoot Witt
2012-04-30Hullin' Out Walnuts
2012-04-28Lower West Fork Flood
2012-04-27James G. and Eliza Ater King Family
2012-04-26Sara Jane Knotts
2012-04-25Ira G. Reip
2012-04-24Children of Tell and Ethel Parker McDonald
2012-04-23Mother and Daughter
2012-04-21The Early Morning Smoke
2012-04-20Jane Stump Poling
2012-04-19Sons of Charles B. and Arminda Sharps Stump
2012-04-18Calhoun County High School
2012-04-17Lee Fogle in an Early Automobile
2012-04-16Brooksville School
2012-04-14James Madison "Pete" and Laura Ellen Brown Catlett Hicks Family
2012-04-12William Ayers and Mary Bell Kerby Sampson Family
2012-04-11Caroline Barnhouse
2012-04-10William and Mary "Pop" O'Brien Ellison Home and Family
2012-04-09John Wellington Rogers
2012-04-07Sycamore Baptist Church
2012-04-06Klipstine School
2012-04-05CHS Red Devil Football Team
2012-04-04William T. and Theodocia Barr Marshall Family
2012-04-03Letherbark Community Church
2012-04-02Cella and Dora Monroe Newell Family
2012-03-31Leaford Witt
2012-03-30Mae Stump
2012-03-29John Nelson Vincent
2012-03-28West Fork Musicians
2012-03-27Smith Cottrell
2012-03-26Arlena Martha Carpenter
2012-03-24Albert Shanks
2012-03-23Hagan Barr
2012-03-22Pascal D. and Beulah Starcher Bailey
2012-03-21Charles and Melissa Mace Glover
2012-03-20Darl Helmick, Curt Duffield, Scott Duffield, Bina Duffield
2012-03-19Alfred Stump
2012-03-17Clara Stump Cain
2012-03-16Lafayette and Sarepta Hathaway Stump
2012-03-15Harvey G. and Cora Petitt Burrows Family
2012-03-14Lucetta Robinson Stump
2012-03-13Snyder Chapel Church Group
2012-03-12W. H. Bickel Ox Team on Route 5 Near Leafbank
2012-03-10Getting Ready to Bathe
2012-03-09Cordelia "Delia" Short Knotts
2012-03-08Darrell C. West
2012-03-07Leafie Goldsmith Richards
2012-03-06Molasses Making at Home of Charles R. and Nannie Conley Lamb on Walker Rd.
2012-03-05Wilson Weaver
2012-03-03Henry Wallbrown
2012-03-02Prudence Arnold Knotts
2012-03-01Tom and Savilla Sponaugle Conrad Family
2012-02-29Doc and Attie Richards Family
2012-02-28Frank Church
2012-02-27O.W.J. "Jennings" Hathaway Store in South Grantsville
2012-02-25Virginia "Jennie" Sturm
2012-02-24Easter Belle Price
2012-02-23Orma Methodist Church
2012-02-22Dr. Curtis P. Artz
2012-02-21Rachel Huffman Barr
2012-02-20Agnew T. Yoak and Sons
2012-02-18Leafie Goldsmith Richards
2012-02-17Grantsville - 1937
2012-02-16George William and Josie Shock Stemple
2012-02-15Elizabeth Jane Knotts
2012-02-14Garnet and Fannie Minney Hersman and Family
2012-02-13Otto H. and Cora A. Vincent Groves
2012-02-11Roy Richards
2012-02-10Calhoun County High School Band
2012-02-09Alan L. Mace
2012-02-08Etta Chenoweth
2012-02-07Lalah Keith Knotts
2012-02-06William M. and Martha Emma Culver Freshour Family
2012-02-02Wesley and Millie Stalnaker Propst With Son, George Propst
2012-02-01Ray and Louisa Cogar Cottrell
2012-01-31Grantsville Street Event
2012-01-30Mary Dodrill
2012-01-28Frank and Emma Burns Weaver and Baby
2012-01-27Benjamin and Clara Belle Richards Holbert Family and Home on Norman Ridge
2012-01-26Witt-Shawver Mill at Minnora
2012-01-25Grantsville Grade School - Eighth Grade Class
2012-01-24Cabin Ridge School
2012-01-23Jarvis Sisters
2012-01-21Mary Jerusha Mollohan
2012-01-20Will and Hester Simers Ayers Family
2012-01-19Annie Yoak Richards
2012-01-18David Davis Marshall and wife, Elizabeth Jane Lockridge Marshall Sturm
2012-01-17Ross Hays
2012-01-16Henry and Elizabeth Mittendorf Wallbrown Family
2012-01-13Charles and Melissa Cook Siers
2012-01-12Clara Burrows Francis Milking "Old Red"
2012-01-11John D. Dawson
2012-01-10Aaron Hensley and Elizabeth R. "Lizzie" Hall Jarvis
2012-01-09Cannis and Carrie Gates Wigner Family Members
2012-01-07Daughters of Fielden and Almira Bailey Allen
2012-01-06The Hardway Girls
2012-01-05Hanning and Vercie Vannoy Poling
2012-01-04Probably Douglas School
2012-01-03William Harvey and Elizabeth Jane Blackshire Maze
2012-01-02Roy Stump and son, Hatzel, in a boat built by Roy
2011-12-30Ralph and Emma Craddock Sampson with Children, Ernest (L) and Cyrus (R)
2011-12-29Dr. A.D. and Mary Elizabeth Catharine Parsons Conley Adams
2011-12-28Arastus and Cora Barr Stump Home on Sycamore
2011-12-27Salathiel C. Betts
2011-12-26Bill Fogle in an early truck
2011-12-24James Fielden (1875-1957) and Almyra Bailey Allen (1881-1961)
2011-12-23Douglas School
2011-12-22Josiah S. and Melissa Ellen Miller Jarvis
2011-12-21Steer Creek Residents
2011-12-20Wilson Michael Richards
2011-12-19Garrett and Virginia Amos Gainer Family
2011-12-17Jabez Kingsbury
2011-12-15Jacob M. and Magdeline Haverty Wayne
2011-12-14Charles H. Knotts
2011-12-13Ralph and Daisy Smith Riddle
2011-12-12Calvin W. "Bub" and Malinda C. Leeson Richards
2011-12-10Grantsville Class of 1930-31
2011-12-09Lee and Laverne Stutler McCune
2011-12-08Homer Reip
2011-12-07Peter and Ellen Mercer Yost
2011-12-06William "Bub" and Samilda Proudfoot Stump with son, Arrastus
2011-12-05Penelope Kelley Poling Ball
2011-12-03Vere Edward "Buster" Hoskins
2011-12-02Stevens Family
2011-12-01William Crawford
2011-11-30Roy Brooks Jarvis
2011-11-29David Crocket and Caroline Murray Grimm
2011-11-28Lillie L. Groves
2011-11-26Charles and Columbia Regina Ferrell Shanks Home at Big Bend
2011-11-25American Legion Post 82 Baseball Team
2011-11-24Cleo and Phelma Hathaway Gainer Home on Pine Creek
2011-11-23Wiley and Elizabeth "Lizzie" Smith Norman Family
2011-11-22Louisa J. Schartiger
2011-11-21Wesley and Pricy Starcher Metz
2011-11-19Levi and Bertha Stump Stump Home on Steer Creek
2011-11-17Arthur Family Members
2011-11-16P. P. Gunn
2011-11-15Peter and Mahala Arnold Mace
2011-11-14William Brannon Starcher
2011-11-12Jerry and Matilda Hoover Yost
2011-11-10Drexel and Helen Stump Perry Wedding Photo
2011-11-09Elijah and Missouri Arnold Siers Family
2011-11-08Josephine "Josie" Knotts
2011-11-07William Franklin and Florence Murphy Radabaugh Family
2011-11-05August "Gus" and Ethel Robinson Weaver
2011-11-04Groves and Schartiger Family
2011-11-03Bethel Methodist Church on Hatties Run Road off Rt. 5 between Grantsville and Glenville
2011-11-02William H. Knotts
2011-11-01Sawmill Probably Located on Sycamore
2011-10-31"The Big Catch"
2011-10-29Bell Hill School
2011-10-28James Elmer Hall, Jr.
2011-10-27Jim and Nitha Metz Wilson
2011-10-26Dudley Lutz with "Bob" the Parrot
2011-10-25First Baptist Church of Grantsville Baptizing
2011-10-24Andrew James and Ida Vaughan Hall at their Home
2011-10-22Timbering Operation Probably Located on Sycamore
2011-10-21Timbering Operation on Bee Creek showing use of a tramway
2011-10-20Margaret "Peggy" Burrows (Burris)
2011-10-19Dr. J. A. Dye
2011-10-18AhabAhab and Mary Ardelia Carpenter Stemple
2011-10-17Isaiah J. and Ella Pim Knotts
2011-10-15Mary Rutherford
2011-10-14Robert Joseph Knotts, Sr.
2011-10-13Godfrey L. Cabot Employees
2011-10-12Elihu and Martha West Morgan
2011-10-11John McFarland and Missouri Brown Yoak Ball
2011-10-10Jehu Starcher, Jr.
2011-10-08Gertrude Campbell Arnold
2011-10-07Albert J. and Sadie Scott Ball Home on Barnes Run
2011-10-06Phebe Tucker Cunningham Grave
2011-10-05Robert Johnson Yoak Family
2011-10-04Grantsville - Main Street
2011-10-01"Uncle Bill Coger" written on back of Photo
2011-09-30Mildred Jane Bourne
2011-09-28Joseph W. Cain
2011-09-27November 11, 1918 - WW I Victory Parade
2011-09-26Odus and Ethel Barr Vannoy Family
2011-09-24Jemima Knotts
2011-09-23Gerutia Chenoweth Reip
2011-09-22Otha Thomas and Audrey M. Knotts Brannon
2011-09-21Alex and S. J. (Jones ?) Stull
2011-09-20Jacob Benjamin Franklin and Amanda Catherine Greenleaf Bennett Harden Family
2011-09-19The Frank Geer family on the porch of their home at Creston
2011-09-17Edwin and Lida Kirby Starcher Family
2011-09-16Early Automobile
2011-09-15Tell and Ethel Callow Parker McDonald
2011-09-14Thomas Laughlin
2011-09-13David Oscar and Mary Jane Knotts Chenoweth
2011-09-12Beech Grove School at Nicut on the West Fork
2011-09-06Macedonia "Mack" and Mary Elizabeth Morris Fowler Family
2011-09-05Jahugh and Sarah Weaver Ward Family
2011-09-03John N. Sturm
2011-09-02John Nelson Vincent
2011-09-01Joshua David and Samilda Kelley Smith FamilyJoshua
2011-08-31Garnet Hersman on Early Farmall Tractor
2011-08-30James and Nitha Jane Metz Wilson With granchildren, Julie Taylor and Raymond Taylor
2011-08-29Calhoun High School Football Team
2011-08-26Otto H. Groves
2011-08-25Florence Stump Pell
2011-08-24Elias and Matilda Greathouse Connolly
2011-08-23Josiah S. Jarvis
2011-08-22Hannah Vannoy Huffman
2011-08-20Pipeline Crew
2011-08-19Albert Morris Marshall
2011-08-18Joseph E. and Mary Rose Holbert Snider
2011-08-17Julius W. Pell
2011-08-16Ida L. Johnson Gainer
2011-08-15Joseph and Mary Allen with daughter, Martha "Sissie"
2011-08-13John W. Lawson Home
2011-08-12Wyatt Ellsworth and Gabraella “Ellie”Stump Stump
2011-08-11Laura Gertrude Gainer
2011-08-10Wade Hampton and Leola Shanks Betts Home at Big Bend
2011-08-09Daughters of Abraham and Susanna Freed
2011-08-08Mill Street in Grantsville
2011-08-06John H., Jr. and Margaret Morris Deel Family
2011-08-05Christopher Columbus and Rachel Elizabeth Cutlip Bailey
2011-08-04Albert G. and Mattie Thomas Mathews with Child
2011-08-03George M. and Sarah Gainer Riddle
2011-08-02Edwin Starcher
2011-08-01James W. and Susan Christena "Teeny" Stemple Sturm
2011-07-30Margaret "Peggy" Burrows (Burris)
2011-07-29Daughters of Abraham and Susanna Freed
2011-07-28Harvey and Hannah Kirby Slider
2011-07-27Pearl and Hattie Cottrell Marks
2011-07-26Robert J., Sr. and Lillie Mace Knotts Home on Steer Creek
2011-07-25Calhoun High School
2011-07-22Upper Rush Run School off Steer Creek
2011-07-21William A. Bailey
2011-07-20Calvin W. "Bub" and Melinda Leeson Richards
2011-07-19Lurahama Ayers Barnes
2011-07-18William Barnes
2011-07-16Edward Lee and Goldie Elizabeth Zobrist Nicholson
2011-07-15Marcellus and Hannah Slider Stout
2011-07-14Mary Jane Hefner Reed with Daughter Mary Reed Mullenax
2011-07-13Barbara Simmons Harold
2011-07-12Macedonia "Mack" and Mary Elizabeth Morris Fowler Family
2011-07-11Doddridge E. and Zenna Rinehart Bailey
2011-07-09Finley and Bessie McGee Morrison
2011-07-08Alpheus and Indianapolis Norman Yoak
2011-07-07Wesley and Pricy Starcher Metz
2011-07-06Perry Mollohan
2011-07-05Brooksville-Yellow Creek School
2011-07-02George and Martha Lightner
2011-07-01Daniel and Jane Starcher Corbett
2011-06-30Okey and Esther Wigner Gainer
2011-06-29Dr. Simon W. Riddle
2011-06-28Little Kanawha River in Front of Francis and Donna Cain Residence
2011-06-27Albert's Chapel United Methodist Church at Sand Ridge
2011-06-24Mudfork Church
2011-06-23Sida and Matilda Jane Summers Hathaway
2011-06-22Brooksville School
2011-06-21George A. and Luverna Arthur Richards Family
2011-06-20George W. and Amanda Barnes Wigner Family
2011-06-18Fred E. and Ethel Deel Vincent with daughter, Hallie Vincent
2011-06-17Edith Amanda Chenoweth Reip
2011-06-16Phillip Rutherford
2011-06-15Rev. Barnes Newton Smith
2011-06-14Cindi Freed Goodnight
2011-06-13Orvan “Todd” Hathaway
2011-06-11Grantsville Grade School
2011-06-10William H. and Roberta Leach Wood with son, George
2011-06-09Oka Community Church
2011-06-08Green and Elizabeth Francis "Dora" Cain Stump Hartshorn
2011-06-07David Washington and Caroline Mollohan Chenoweth
2011-06-06Roy and Zela Morrison Cunningham
2011-06-04Grantsville Baseball Team
2011-06-02James J. Ash
2011-06-01Grantsville Grade School
2011-05-31Conley Family
2011-05-28Joseph E. and Roselie Holbert Snider Family
2011-05-27Sam Maze
2011-05-26Calhoun County High School Football Team
2011-05-25Homer and Ocie Gainer Hughes Family
2011-05-24Samuel Farrar
2011-05-23Grantsville Graded School
2011-05-21Lafayette Stump Family and Home Near Staten
2011-05-20Ray and Francis Betts
2011-05-19Park Richards
2011-05-18The Nutter Family
2011-05-17Lamb and Jarvis Families
2011-05-16Maze Family
2011-05-14Sarah Jane Sharps Barr
2011-05-12Husk Family Members
2011-05-11West Virginia State Democratic Convention
2011-05-10Grantsville Grade School
2011-05-09John Gainer with his girls, Ethel, Grethel and Ota Gainer
2011-05-07Fogle Family
2011-05-06John and Amanda Hayden Haddox Family
2011-05-05Guitar Pickers - Circa 1930's
2011-04-30Riding a "Yankee Jumper"
2011-04-29Pleasant Hill Residents
2011-04-28Fielden Allen and his father Joseph Enoch Allen
2011-04-27Grantsville Graded School
2011-04-26Elijah and Missouri Arnold Siers
2011-04-23Joseph Emery and Mary Rosalie Holbert Snider Family
2011-04-22Von and Freda Radabaugh Yoak During High School Days
2011-04-21Coal Fork School
2011-04-20Mildred Marshall Jackson
2011-04-19Otto H. Groves
2011-04-18Wilson and Lucy Sidwell McWilliams
2011-04-16Samuel Husk
2011-04-15David Oscar and Mary Jane Knotts Chenoweth
2011-04-14Floyd Wilson
2011-04-13Levi J. Barr
2011-04-12Lloyd Stemple at Mt. Zion
2011-04-11Homer T. and Louisa Caroline Wise Davis Family
2011-04-09William O. "Ollie" Umstead, Jr.
2011-04-08Cabot School
2011-04-07Lucinda Pringle Coger
2011-04-06I.O.O.F Meeting at Minnora
2011-04-05John Logan Reip
2011-04-04John Conley
2011-04-02Minter Jackson and Mary Rutherford Stump Home on Steer Creek
2011-04-01Richards Family Members
2011-03-31Lelah Simers VanCamp and Murvin Wiggins
2011-03-30Godfrey L. Cabot at the A.G. Mathews No. 1 Gas Well
2011-03-29Liberty Hill School
2011-03-28Nancy Hart
2011-03-26John Roger Chenoweth
2011-03-25Lee Fogle Takes Friends for a Ride
2011-03-24Cora Pettit Burrows
2011-03-23Carl Hicks
2011-03-21Little Kanawha Flood
2011-03-19James and Missouri Ann Snider Wilson
2011-03-18Sons of William B. and Caroline Barnhouse Starcher
2011-03-17Marshall Family Members
2011-03-16Audra Wilson
2011-03-15Bell School at Freed
2011-03-14Mahala Jane Elliott Stevens
2011-03-12Kizziah (Kessiah) Slider Riggs Buck
2011-03-11Sons of Clarence Sheridan and Nelle Mae Holpp Smith
2011-03-10Josiah S. and Melissa Ellen Miller Jarvis Family
2011-03-09Clarence Sheridan Smith
2011-03-08Forest and Nora Blackshire Vannoy Home at Stumptown
2011-03-07Stutler House on Hardman Fork near Little Creek Hill
2011-03-05Anthony Hallenback on His Houseboat
2011-03-04Rt. 5 Road Construction Beside the Old Railroad Bed
2011-03-03George Lynch II
2011-03-02Sampson P. and Hazel Munday Rose
2011-03-01William W. and Lucinda Godby Bailey
2011-02-28Franklin Y. and Elzina "Pet" Stump Robinson
2011-02-26E. B. and Ella Vaughan Blackshire Family
2011-02-25Oles Garage on Court Street in Grantsville
2011-02-24George and Elizabeth Starcher Gibson Family
2011-02-23Isaac C. and Canzada Proudfoot Hersman Family
2011-02-22Poling Store at Cremo
2011-02-21Rebecca Christina Poland Shimer
2011-02-19Lee Fogle
2011-02-18Brooksville Methodist Church
2011-02-17Monroe Ward Homeplace on Pine Creek
2011-02-16Cleo C. Kingsbury
2011-02-15Tom and Leone Fogle Hartshorn
2011-02-14Thomas P. Jarvis
2011-02-12Mary Fling Ayers
2011-02-11Hoy Chapel United Methodist Church on Leading Creek
2011-02-10Rainbow Hotel & Grille
2011-02-09Meade Clevenger
2011-02-08George W. Silcott
2011-02-07Prudence Chapel Methodist Church at Minnora
2011-02-05Mike Kight, his wife and brother at the family home on Pleasant Hill where the road drops off to Road Fork
2011-02-04Spruce Hollow School on Yellow Creek
2011-02-03Jessie Clevenger Hall
2011-02-02Godfrey's Store on Main Street in Grantsville at the intersection of Main and Market Streets
2011-02-01Henry Starcher With His Third Wife and Family
2011-01-30Orma School Number One
2011-01-28James Faris and Gerutia Riep McDonald Family
2011-01-26John and Lelia Robinson Bower Family Home on Spring Fork of Yellow Creek
2011-01-25Grantsville Graded School
2011-01-24Hope Natural Gas Company Employees
2011-01-22M. A. C. Board's Barn and Silo on Board Fork of Rowles Run Near Cremo
2011-01-21Marshall Family
2011-01-20Little White Oak Methodist Church
2011-01-19Mary Elizabeth "Polly" Ferrell Kelley
2011-01-18Levi Gainer
2011-01-15Charley Starcher on a Horse Drawn Mowing Machine
2011-01-14Early Automobile
2011-01-13Robert Perry Mollohan
2011-01-12Tommy and Emma Hall Francis Home Located on Francis Ridge off White Pine Road
2011-01-11Creston Ferry
2011-01-08Elliott Family at Home on Pine Creek
2011-01-07Joseph and Mary Allen Home on Daniels Run
2011-01-06Diana Brannon Laughlin
2011-01-05Elizabeth "Betsy" Huffman
2011-01-04"Virginia Rhodes"
2011-01-03South Grantsville
2011-01-02Alva L. Laughlin
2010-12-31Austin Husk's Yoke of Oxen
2010-12-30Nobe No. 7 School
2010-12-29R. J. Knotts, Sr. and Political Supporters Following Win For Sheriff
2010-12-28Little Kanawha River at Grantsville
2010-12-27Daniel Huffman Home at Stumptown
2010-12-24Charlie "Spav" Stump
2010-12-23Salathiel Hickman House at Richardson near the Pine Grove School
2010-12-22Walker School
2010-12-21Lower Rush Run School on Steer Creek
2010-12-20Artia Cooper Stutler
2010-12-17John G. Starcher, Son of Josiah Starcher
2010-12-16Cherry Fork Church
2010-12-14The Town Drunk "Sleeping it Off" on the Courthouse Lawn
2010-12-13Amos Bunner
2010-12-11Vanishing Americana
2010-12-10WW II Calhoun Roll of Honor
2010-12-08Stevens School
2010-12-07 Survivor Rescue Near Burning U.S.S. West Virginia as she sits on the Bottom of Pearl Harbor
2010-12-06"Harry W."
2010-12-04W. H. Bickel Oxen Crossing Court Street in Grantsville
2010-12-03Richardson Oil and Gas Field Workers
2010-12-02Fiftieth Reunion
2010-12-01Photo taken the day soldiers left Grantsville for WW I
2010-11-30Rev. Dan N. Connolly
2010-11-29Lawson Stump, Deputy Sheriff
2010-11-27Denver Yost
2010-11-26Hope Gas Company Employees
2010-11-25Garrett Kelley in front of Kelley's Store beside Mt. Zion Church at Mt. Zion
2010-11-24Craddock School on the Lower West Fork
2010-11-22Aristotle Smith
2010-11-20Elijah and Elizabeth Simers
2010-11-19Pipeyard at Creston
2010-11-18Grantsville Graded School
2010-11-17James Madison "Pete" Hicks
2010-11-16Mary Jane Price Parsons
2010-11-15Lee and Laura Elliott Gainer Farm on Pine Creek
2010-11-13Nathan C. and Mary Mollohan Home at Servia, WV
2010-11-12Coy Price
2010-11-11Old Store at Apple Farm
2010-11-10Letcher and Mary Jane Price Parsons
2010-11-09Annamoriah Community Baseball Team
2010-11-08Anna Ruby Metz
2010-11-05Cary and Emma Knotts Witt Family and Home on West Fork
2010-11-04Steer Creek Residents
2010-11-03Pine Alley School
2010-11-02Ray and Ruby Metz Edgell Siers
2010-11-01WW I Victory Parade
2010-10-30Daniels Run School
2010-10-29George Warren Knotts
2010-10-28Ray Lee Siers
2010-10-26David Crockett and Caroline Murray Grimm Homeplace
2010-10-25Flood Showing Carbon Black Factory at Cabot Station
2010-10-23Grantsville - A. Huffman and Sons Mill
2010-10-22Lottie Kirby Starcher
2010-10-21Knotts Chapel Baptist Church at Orma
2010-10-20Clemens Schartiger
2010-10-19Sawmill Operation
2010-10-18Creston Bridge
2010-10-16T. R. "Zach" Stump Farm
2010-10-15George and Elizabeth Starcher Gibson
2010-10-14Harley and Prudie Douglas Greathouse
2010-10-13William M. Funk
2010-10-12Francis and Zona Conley Eismon with Daughter
2010-10-11Hog Knob School
2010-10-10Bill Gainer
2010-10-08Peter and Sarah Elizabeth Dunkin Butler Runion Wayne
2010-10-07Marshall's Drug Store on Main St. in Grantsville
2010-10-06Josiah Paine "Old Sy" Starcher
2010-10-05Clifford Yoak
2010-10-04Minnie Rine
2010-10-02Macedonia D. "Mack" and Mary Elizabeth Morris Fowler Family
2010-10-01Matthew John "M.J." Dobbins
2010-09-30Marie Sturm
2010-09-29Hayfield Workers
2010-09-28Ernest and Mary Helen Wolfe Hartshorn
2010-09-27Hays Family of Arnoldsburg
2010-09-25Construction of Old Phillips Run Road and Calhoun County High School
2010-09-24Orville "Grandpa" Kight
2010-09-23Cynthia Hughes
2010-09-22Lennis Johnson
2010-09-21William G. and Emily Jane Hughes Cottrill Family
2010-09-20Bear Head Rock
2010-09-18Ivy Gainer
2010-09-17Charles G. and Miranda Brown Hughes
2010-09-16Garland Buck
2010-09-15George and Lottie Gainer McEndree of Pine Creek
2010-09-14Marinda Brown Hughes with Cottrill Children
2010-09-13Old Store at Oka in Calhoun County
2010-09-11Allen and Robertie Leach Gainer Family
2010-09-10Rothwell Family Members
2010-09-09Dick and Elizabeth Rothwell of Lemuels Run
2010-09-08Christmas in the I.O.O.F. Lodge Hall at Mt. Zion
2010-09-07The Weaver Boys
2010-09-06Don Weaver
2010-09-04Levi Stump Sale at Dodrill on Steer Creek
2010-09-03Maude Schartiger Newell
2010-09-02Dale Radabaugh
2010-09-01Mt. Pleasant Church
2010-08-31Virginia Ann Weaver and Orvin Glenn Buck
2010-08-30Grantsville Flood - Mill Area
2010-08-28Joseph Slider
2010-08-27Garland Buck
2010-08-26Calhoun High School Band in front of Paul Barr Store
2010-08-25Bill Moss Family Home
2010-08-24Grantsville Grade School Playground Buddies
2010-08-23Union aka Snakeroot School in Sherman District
2010-08-21"Little Creek Speakeasy"
2010-08-20Grantsville - Main Street
2010-08-19James and Jennings Rose
2010-08-18Parthena McCartney
2010-08-171967 Little Kanawha River Flood
2010-08-16Stoney Point Methodist Church on the Lower West Fork
2010-08-14Grave of Perry Conley, Partisan Ranger
2010-08-13Enon Band
2010-08-12Stone Quarry Workers
2010-08-11Officers, Employees, and Customers of The Peoples Bank of Grantsville
2010-08-10Lynch School on Lower West Fork
2010-08-09Enon Baptist Church
2010-08-07Archibald D. Griffin
2010-08-06River Maintenance Crew
2010-08-05Workers at G. L. Cabot's Carbon Black Factory
2010-08-04Eli and Sarah Jane Little Roberts Family Members
2010-08-03Puttin' Up Hay
2010-08-02Hot Air Balloon Ascension at Grantsville
2010-07-31Daniel Griffin
2010-07-30Outdoor Funeral at Slider Cemetery on Barnes Run
2010-07-29Nathan Curtis Mollohan
2010-07-28Oil Field Workers Take a Break
2010-07-27Rev. Daniel Huffman
2010-07-26Bobby Gene and Frank Hickman with their mother, Gladis Bower Hickman
2010-07-24Greta Dillon Crawford
2010-07-23Sorting Operation at the Creston Log Boom
2010-07-20Simon Peter Stump
2010-07-19Paul and Easter Belle Price Jones
2010-07-17Peregrine Hays
2010-07-16Paulcer B. Parsons
2010-07-15Blacksmith John Stump
2010-07-14Boyd B. Stutler
2010-07-13The Bridge Filling Station in Grantsville
2010-07-10Old building which once housed Bob and Sadie Arnold's Store on Walnut
2010-07-09Millstone School - Grades 4-8
2010-07-08Millstone School Grades 1-3
2010-07-07Nicholas Poling
2010-07-06Pine Alley School
2010-07-05Mary Louise Wholaver
2010-07-03Harley Harris
2010-07-02Early Drilling Rig near Richardson
2010-07-01Forrest Gunn on Main Street in Grantsville
2010-06-30Minnora I.O.O.F. Lodge
2010-06-29Millstone School
2010-06-28Lower Rush Run School
2010-06-26Mary Lea Burns Painting the Drug Store Window
2010-06-25Riverboat "Industry"
2010-06-24Bridge Construction at Mouth of Leafbank
2010-06-23Millstone School
2010-06-22Fielden Allen home on the old Allen Homeplace on Daniels Run
2010-06-21Ebeneezer Church on Nicut Road
2010-06-19Millstone School
2010-06-18Rush Run Community Young People
2010-06-17WW II Scrap Convoy Leaving Grantsville
2010-06-16Hershel Pepper and an Early Automobile
2010-06-15Millstone School
2010-06-14Little Kanawha River Flood Showing High School and Old Peter Johnson House
2010-06-12The Cabot Fleet
2010-06-11Frederick H. Hathaway
2010-06-10Eva Blendalena Dye Hathaway
2010-06-09Will Bee Hotel at Richardson
2010-06-08Construction on Grantsville to Glenville Road
2010-06-07Douglas Sunday School
2010-06-05Curtis P. Artz, MD
2010-06-04Fairview School
2010-06-03Rollin' Smokes
2010-06-02Daughters of Litle and Ruth Anderson Starcher
2010-06-01First Baptist Church of Grantsville
2010-05-31Soldiers Leaving Grantsville During WW II
2010-05-29Hur School
2010-05-28Litle and Ruth Anderson Starcher
2010-05-27Masonic Temple Cornerstone Ceremony
2010-05-26Harvey and Minnora Knotts Proudfoot
2010-05-25Interior of the Old First Baptist Church in Grantsville
2010-05-24Sam Wilson Home and Store at Russett
2010-05-22Flood Damage - Fill Washed Out at Mouth of Leafbank
2010-05-21Car Wreck at Russet in Which Two Men Were Killed
2010-05-20Cabinless Riverboat
2010-05-19Mt. Zion Methodist Church
2010-05-18WW II Scrap Convoy Leaving Grantsville
2010-05-17Tombstone of Levi Cottrill
2010-05-15Smith and Related Families
2010-05-14"Stumps of Dodrill"
2010-05-12Patricia Anne Umstead
2010-05-11Metz No. 2 Well On Big Root
2010-05-10Joseph and Mary Parsons Brannon Family Members
2010-05-08Hope Camp Under the Old Grantsville Bridge
2010-05-07Roy J. Stump
2010-05-06Selden Brannon
2010-05-05Daniel Duskey
2010-05-04Mary Lea Burns
2010-05-03Oscar and Mary Jane Knotts Chenoweth
2010-05-01Lower Nicut School
2010-04-30John Barr No. 4 Well At Russett
2010-04-29W.A. Hilton at Creston
2010-04-28Herb Criss
2010-04-27Charles Jarvis
2010-04-26Alma Ayers
2010-04-24Modern Transportation - 1918 Vintage
2010-04-23Grantsville Flood
2010-04-22Weaver and Ollie Spencer Brannon Family
2010-04-21James Duskey Store at Richardson
2010-04-20Laying the Cornerstone for the Calhoun County Courthouse
2010-04-19Nicut in Winter
2010-04-17Spencer "Doc" Jarvis Store and Postoffice at Oka
2010-04-16Leah Stalnaker
2010-04-15Weaver and Ollie Spencer Brannon
2010-04-14Grantsville Flood
2010-04-13Ronzel Francis
2010-04-12Rush Run Community Loyal Order of Redmen
2010-04-10Pipeline Crew at Annamoriah
2010-04-09Aerial Mail Pickup at Grantsville
2010-04-08Robert J., Sr. and Lillie Mace Knotts Store at Euclid
2010-04-07Forrest "Pete" Riddel
2010-04-06Wesley Chenoweth
2010-04-05Haas Bros. Grocery Store
2010-04-03Virginia Hathaway Kirby with a Duck
2010-04-02Grantsville Flood
2010-04-01Knotts Store
2010-03-31Orma Two-Room School
2010-03-30Old Log Home Near Milo
2010-03-29Cabot Station School
2010-03-27Eda Wilson Stalnaker and Bambi
2010-03-26Children of Weaver and Ollie Spencer Brannon
2010-03-25Paul S. Riverboat On Steer Creek
2010-03-24Quilting Bee at Home of Nora McKee
2010-03-23Grantsville Flood - 1967
2010-03-18Holbert Store in Brooksville
2010-03-17Godfrey L. Cabot Employees
2010-03-16Rev. Chenoweth A. and Gladys Lynch Stalnaker
2010-03-15Group at Louisa Chapel Methodist Church in Arnoldsburg
2010-03-13Cutting Railroad Ties
2010-03-12Grantsville Flood
2010-03-11Arnoldsburg School
2010-03-10Capt. Absalom Knotts
2010-03-09Cpl. S. W. Riddel
2010-03-08Paul Evans
2010-03-06Ottice and Madge Knotts Brannon Family
2010-03-05Joanna Ellen Bowen Clevenger Wine of Letherbark
2010-03-04 Main Street in Grantsville
2010-03-03Lower West Fork Road between Richardson and Hassig at the "Mose Hole"
2010-03-02Fink School
2010-03-01Grantsville Flood
2010-02-27Grantsville Flood
2010-02-26Group in front of Ellsworth Stump Store at Apple Farm
2010-02-25Scottie McCoy
2010-02-24Log Home on Little Kanawha River Three Miles Above Creston
2010-02-23J.W. Pell Home on Market St. in Grantsville
2010-02-22Prize Goose
2010-02-20Rebecca Yeager Sturm
2010-02-19Jacob Sturm
2010-02-18Dr. A. D and Mary Elizabeth Catharine Parsons Connolly Adams
2010-02-17Grantsville Volunteer Fire Department
2010-02-16Rush Run Baptist Church on Steer Creek
2010-02-15Clay, Sr.. and Ruie Barnes Sturm
2010-02-13Big Bend School near Lewis Smith Farm at Big Bend
2010-02-11Grantsville Soda Fountain
2010-02-10Calhoun County's First School Bus
2010-02-09Nutter and Cooper Family Members
2010-02-08Frozen Run School
2010-02-06Sam Wilson Store on Sycamore
2010-02-05Eureka Station at Brooksville After Being Struck by Lightning
2010-02-04Lizzie L. Roberts Hughes
2010-02-03A Grantsville Pool Room
2010-02-02Oscar Hughes
2010-02-01James Jerome Ash with His Mail Hack
2010-01-30Nutter Family Members
2010-01-29Timbering on the West Fork
2010-01-28Russett School
2010-01-27Elizabeth Knotts
2010-01-26Brooksville Baptist Church Sunday School
2010-01-25Original John Ball Cabin
2010-01-23Richardson - Early 1900's
2010-01-22Theadosia Holbert Welch
2010-01-21Road Crew Workers - Steer Creek Area
2010-01-20Children of George Gordin and Esther Starcher Griffin
2010-01-19Bell School at Munday
2010-01-18Hefner Mother and Daughter
2010-01-16Opening of the new A&P Store in Grantsville
2010-01-15Lorenza T. "Doud" and Dora Gainer Stump Family
2010-01-14John Hamilton Connolly's Barber Shop at Mt. Zion
2010-01-13First Walnut School in Washington District
2010-01-12Bill Hefner with His New Sled
2010-01-11Children of Lorenza T. "Doud" and Dora Gainer Stump
2010-01-09John and Roseanna Waite Price Family
2010-01-08Moses Ayers
2010-01-07Creston Log Boom
2010-01-06David and Hulda Wright Cooper Family of Little Creek
2010-01-05Calhoun County High School
2010-01-03Timbering in Calhoun County
2010-01-02Daniel S. Dewees
2009-12-31Booger Hole Bridge Construction
2009-12-30Karl Johnson and Mary Ethel Yoak
2009-12-29Little Kanawha Riverboats at the Grantsville Landing
2009-12-28Old Hotel at Brooksville
2009-12-26Molasses Making in Calhoun County
2009-12-25Elva Yoak
2009-12-24Early Calhoun Well with Wooden Derrick
2009-12-19Yoak - Dyer Wedding Photo
2009-12-18Annamoriah Ferry
2009-12-17Junior Class - Pleasant Hill Church
2009-12-16Fogle House Hotel on River Street in Grantsville
2009-12-15Nellie Brown Yoak McCoy
2009-12-14Second Annual Reunion I.O.O.F. of Calhoun County
2009-12-12Wendelken Family Members at Big Bend
2009-12-11Barnes and Hefner Family Members
2009-12-10Threshing on the Fairview Ridge Between Steer Creek and the Little Kanawha River
2009-12-09Arden McCoy
2009-12-08Pier for the bridge across Yellow Creek at Brooksville
2009-12-07Wendelken Family Members at Big Bend
2009-12-05Malissa Jane Cook Siers
2009-12-04Godfrey L. Cabot Carbon Black Factory at Cabot Station
2009-12-03Virginia "Ginny" Wilson Gonci
2009-12-02Thomas P. and Labana Jane Murphy Jarvis Homestead on Oka Road
2009-12-01Walter A. Collins
2009-11-30Emma Lane Wilson Vaughn
2009-11-28Ethel Barr Vannoy
2009-11-27Odus Vannoy
2009-11-26Old Country Store at Beech
2009-11-25Eugenia Florence Dyer Yoak, Nan Dyer Wholaver, Bird Wholaver
2009-11-24Mt. Zion
2009-11-23William Bailey Stump
2009-11-21Tell Belt Store at Industry
2009-11-20First Students at Calhoun High School
2009-11-19Bailey Greene and Jessie May Stalnaker Stump
2009-11-18Imogene Frances Wilson Morgan
2009-11-17Major George Downs, CSA
2009-11-16Cary A. Witt Flour Mill at Minnora
2009-11-14Jack Wendelken Graduation from CHS
2009-11-13Tramway Used in Timbering Operations
2009-11-11Calhoun County's Old Red Brick Courthouse
2009-11-10Christiana Wilson
2009-11-09Richardson Mill
2009-11-07Clarence Mills
2009-11-06Fred and “Maggie” Shimer Stump with Daughter, Goldie Stump
2009-11-05Children of Czar and Millie Morris Metheny
2009-11-04John C. and Ethel R. Lawson Collins Family
2009-11-03John and Suzanne Fogle Family
2009-11-02Ralph and Flossie Rose Monroe
2009-10-31Dr. James A. Morford
2009-10-30Glen Myer of Beech Valley Community
2009-10-29Carbon Black Factory at Cabot Station
2009-10-28Bertha "Beck" Starcher
2009-10-27Dawson and Sarah Lowther Whitlatch Family
2009-10-26Nathaniel and Anna Lee Parsons
2009-10-24Mt. Beulah School
2009-10-23Oilfield Workers and Equipment Leaving the Fogle House in Grantsville
2009-10-22Harley and Ruth Stump Collins
2009-10-21Jesses Run School
2009-10-20Club Women at a Carpet Rag Sewing
2009-10-19 Clayton T. and Arminta C. Chapman Stump Family
2009-10-17Bell School on Leading Creek
2009-10-16Hullin' Out Walnuts
2009-10-15Sarah Lowther Whitlatch
2009-10-14Lower West Fork Flood
2009-10-13Twin Children of Walter and Mary Givens Burrows
2009-10-12Charles and Malissa Cook Siers
2009-10-10Haymaker Family
2009-10-09Walter and Mary Givens Burrows Family
2009-10-08Charles H. Siers and son, Melvin
2009-10-07Haymaker Family
2009-10-06Siers Family
2009-10-05Ellis Burrows
2009-10-03Bill and Beatrice Carpenter Butler Family
2009-10-02French H. Hoskins and His Grandchildren
2009-10-01Willard Jones and Olen Siers
2009-09-30Holden and Irene Siers and son, Melvin
2009-09-29Pine Grove School
2009-09-28French and Zona Mace Starcher
2009-09-26Children of Joseph and Rosa Givens
2009-09-25French Herman Hoskins
2009-09-24Lona Florida "Bessie" Collins Barnes, Harley Benton Collins, Blenda Alberta Smith
2009-09-22George Jack and Matilda Lynch Kingsbury Family
2009-09-21Charles "Holden" Siers and Ermine Siers Sawing Wood on Siers Run
2009-09-19Hayfield Workers
2009-09-18Everett and Beatrice Carpenter Wears
2009-09-17John Thomas and Maggie Wood Crawford Family
2009-09-16Richardson Residents
2009-09-15Disco Herman Hoskins
2009-09-14Willie F. Butler
2009-09-12Morland Waldo and Harriet Mace Hoskins
2009-09-11Grantsville Graded School - Grade 7 - 1948-1949
2009-09-10Walnut Church Prior to Steeple Removal
2009-09-09Richardson Residents
2009-09-08Coy Rader at Bee Station at Richardson
2009-09-05Lora Jarvis
2009-09-04Randall and Blanche Parrill Whytsell with Daughter, Peggy Whytsell
2009-09-03George Gordin and Esther Starcher Griffin
2009-09-02Camping at Seneca Rocks
2009-09-01John and Melinda Nutter of Triplett Rd.
2009-08-31Paul "Pete" Bush
2009-08-29Children of Earl and Mildred Jackson Bush
2009-08-28Richardson Church
2009-08-26Frank and Juanita Siers
2009-08-25Daisy Lowe at the Rocksdale Store
2009-08-24Peter Thomas and Vietta Boggs Brannon
2009-08-22Victor Eugene Whytsell
2009-08-21Marie Sidwell
2009-08-20Jessie Lowe
2009-08-18Willie F. Butler
2009-08-17Clay Parrill on Hill Overlooking Richardson Compressor Station
2009-08-15Lower West Fork Residents
2009-08-14George Jackson and Matilda Lynch Kingsbury Home and Family on Laurel Shoals
2009-08-13Mima Whytsell
2009-08-12Beatrice Carpenter
2009-08-11Lower West Fork Residents
2009-08-10Waitman Stump
2009-08-08Buddy Starcher
2009-08-07Carpenter Girls
2009-08-06Rocksdale Residents
2009-08-04Roscoe Meadows at Richardson
2009-08-03Benjamin and Flora Belle Webb Butler
2009-08-01George Jack and Matilda Lynch Kingsbury
2009-07-31Children of John L. and Mary E. Whytsell Anderson of Jakes Fork-Rocksdale
2009-07-30Virgil "Jack" and Marjorie "Peg" Nicholson Walker
2009-07-29Woodrow Wilson Whytsell
2009-07-28Greely Conley
2009-07-27Rocksdale Residents and Their Bull
2009-07-25W.T. and Elizabeth Wease Kelley
2009-07-24George McCoy
2009-07-23Earl S., Sr. and Ruby L. Smith Holbert
2009-07-22Jefferson Davis and Mary Mace Starcher
2009-07-21Arldia Stump Bell Dye Kelley
2009-07-20Father and Son
2009-07-18Simon Anderson and Emma Etta Cottrell Nicholas Family
2009-07-17Shirley and Ruby Haught Craddock
2009-07-16Mary Bee Oil Well at Richardson
2009-07-15Waitman Stump
2009-07-14"Mac" Nicholson and Eddie Dean Starcher
2009-07-13John Nelson and Alcinda Laverna Minnear Bell
2009-07-10Warden Bailey
2009-07-09Edward " Eddie" and Goldie Elizabeth Zobrist Nicholson
2009-07-08Earl S., Sr. and Ruby L. Smith Holbert Family
2009-07-07Fink School
2009-07-06Children of Edward "Eddie" Sr. and Elizabeth Zobrist Nicholson
2009-07-04Isaac and Elizabeth Jane Zimmerman Simers Family
2009-07-03Dorothy Husk
2009-07-02George Gordin and Esther Starcher Griffin Family
2009-07-01Otto Ellison
2009-06-30Old Photo of the Fill at the Mouth of Jesses Run
2009-06-29Dorothy Husk
2009-06-27Kester Badgett
2009-06-26Eula Griffin Nicholson
2009-06-25Left to right: Virgie Simons, Kate Hunt Deweese
2009-06-24Arnoldsburg School
2009-06-23Eddie Lee Nicholson, Sr.
2009-06-22Walter A. Collins
2009-06-20Madeline Jarvis Deweese, Geneva Jarvis Badgett, Owetta Badgett Davis
2009-06-19Robert Kent Gainer
2009-06-18Calhoun High School Freshmen
2009-06-17Vance McCune
2009-06-16Sons of George Gordin and Esther Starcher Griffin
2009-06-15Children of Roy and Lorah Mae Bailey Tucker
2009-06-13Peter Mack McCune
2009-06-12Joe and Mary Rose Holbert Snider Family
2009-06-11Robert and Florence Bugglin Wayne
2009-06-09Charter Badgett
2009-06-08Waldo Marlin Hoskins
2009-06-06Dowe McCune
2009-06-05Daughters of Winfield Scott and Nancy Reed Starcher
2009-06-04Jess Tanner's Logging Crew on Williams River
2009-06-03Walter and Mary Jane "Janie" Reed Collins Family
2009-06-02Vance McCune
2009-06-01Charter Badgett
2009-05-30Daughters of Thomas P. Holbert
2009-05-29Francis Marion and Sarah Mace Houchin
2009-05-28Peter Mack McCune
2009-05-27Hoskins Family of Arnoldsburg
2009-05-26Esther Starcher Griffin and Her Children
2009-05-25Willa Bourne McCune
2009-05-23Bill Harris
2009-05-22Virgil "Jack" Walker
2009-05-21Allen Family
2009-05-20Collins Family Members
2009-05-19Spring Run School
2009-05-18Ronald Gene Badgett
2009-05-16Hill Bourne
2009-05-15Bernard Reading Hays
2009-05-14John Bourne
2009-05-13Children of Winfield Scott and Nancy Reed Starcher
2009-05-12Vance McCune on a Mule
2009-05-11Geneva Edith Jarvis Badgett
2009-05-09W.T. and Elizabeth Wease Kelley
2009-05-08William Arnold and Mary Ethel Yoak Snider
2009-05-07Wedding Photo of James and Esther Busch Snider of Freed
2009-05-06Richards Family Members
2009-05-05Lucille Beecher, wife of C.W. Beecher holding baby Robin Beecher
2009-05-04Horace L. and Gwendolyn Hoskins Haught
2009-05-01Perry G. DeWeese
2009-04-30Walter A. Collins
2009-04-29Arthur Brown and Scottie Kelley Wilson
2009-04-28Rue and Mary Hays Powell
2009-04-27George Goodin Griffin and daughter-in-law, Edith Webb Griffin, wife of Rex Griffin
2009-04-25Ruth Schoolcraft Starcher
2009-04-24Rex and Edith Webb Griffin with sons Rohland Rex and Gary Scott
2009-04-23Roscoe L. and Ida P. Griffin Craddock Family
2009-04-22Orma School
2009-04-21Edward "Babe" McKown
2009-04-20Clay "Blackie" Sturms, Jr.
2009-04-18Henry B. and Mary Melvina Collins Richards with baby Edna Richards
2009-04-17Whytsell Family Members
2009-04-16Ina Dell Richards Simmons and Dorsey Sylvester Richards
2009-04-15Fae Starcher Cox
2009-04-14Clay Sturm Sr.
2009-04-13Ruby Geneva Simmons
2009-04-11Clay "Blackie" Sturms, Jr.
2009-04-10Collins Family of Freed
2009-04-09Rocksdale Postal Workers
2009-04-08Arnold Motor Sales Receives Award for Employing Highest Percentage of WW II Veterans
2009-04-07Emma Gay Whytsell Villers
2009-04-06Waitman and Nell Smith Stump
2009-04-04Vergie Laughlin
2009-04-03Lydia Whytsell Hoskins holding baby Gwendolyn Hoskins
2009-04-02Ebenezer (Orma) School
2009-04-01Nicholson and Griffin Family Members
2009-03-31Elias Leach
2009-03-30Reta Stemple
2009-03-28Sarah Jane Grandon Crawford
2009-03-27Nicholson Family Members
2009-03-26Grantsville Merchants' Championship Softball Team
2009-03-25Daniel McCray
2009-03-24Children of Orvan and Vanna Core Buck
2009-03-23Whytsell Family Members
2009-03-21Five Generations
2009-03-20Conrad Family of Crooked Run
2009-03-19Emeline Wilson McCray
2009-03-18Daughters of Roy and Florence Ferrell Sturm
2009-03-17Myrtle Starcher Markley, John Markley, Esther Starcher Griffin
2009-03-16James Sturm
2009-03-14Harold "Tommy" Whytsell, Annabell Kemmner, Peggy Stemple Whytsell
2009-03-13Eula Griffin Nicholson and Izora Husk
2009-03-12Wade and Loretta Snyder Hosey
2009-03-11Nannie Meadows and Lovie Whytsell
2009-03-10Newt McWilliams and Geraldine Ward
2009-03-09Bill Collins before leaving for WW I
2009-03-07Harley Slider
2009-03-06Marshall Family Members
2009-03-05Mary Elizabeth "Polly" Ferrell Kelley
2009-03-04Newt McWilliams and Emogene Knight
2009-03-03Oliver Miles Belt
2009-03-02Boise Family Members
2009-02-28Milfred G. Campbell
2009-02-27Samuel and Susanna Husk
2009-02-26John and Bertie Deems Propst Family
2009-02-25Oliver Miles and Victoria Ellen Mills Belt
2009-02-24William Bart and Elizabeth Deweese Price Family
2009-02-23Gwendolyn Hoskins Haught
2009-02-21Midge Vandale Stutler of Little Creek
2009-02-20Ica Dora Arthur Drake
2009-02-19Victor E. "Gene" Whytsell and his Big Fish
2009-02-18Marshall Family Members
2009-02-17Belt Store at Industry
2009-02-16Philip Lee Gainer
2009-02-14Rosa Ann Stallman Boise
2009-02-13Freed Boys and their Bikes
2009-02-12The Big Snowstorm of March 1941
2009-02-11Daughters of William Bart Price
2009-02-10Hedgeman Belt and his son, Harold Belt, at Industry WV
2009-02-09Beulah Opal Turner Bee
2009-02-07Tom Price
2009-02-06Samuel Clayton and Flora Gay Bell Husk
2009-02-05Roy and Ida Collins Morrison Family
2009-02-04Oliver M. and Victoria Mills Belt Home at Industry
2009-02-03James F. Settle
2009-02-02Morrison Store and Freed Post Office
2009-01-31Ila Grey Snider in the Big Snow of March 1941
2009-01-30Oral D. Weaver, Mary Sue Hall Barnes, "Flint" Stockwell
2009-01-29 Junior Ward, Ray Miller, Donnie Malona, Newt McWilliams
2009-01-27Homer T. Davis
2009-01-26Calhoun High School Band
2009-01-24Adam and Edith Chenoweth Reip
2009-01-23Lorna "Toots" Blosser Slider
2009-01-22Lenore Burns Beall holding son, Robert J. Beall
2009-01-21Troea Morrison in his Model T at Freed
2009-01-20Ira Columbus Arthur
2009-01-17Sarah Jane Hunt Cottrell
2009-01-16Marlin and Mary Naomi Houchin Park Family
2009-01-15Marcellus Bennett
2009-01-14Charles and Mamie Duncan Norman
2009-01-13Beulah Opal Turner Bee
2009-01-12Crowd Waits for Calhoun Centennial Parade to Begin
2009-01-10Amanda Matthews Bennett
2009-01-09Lettie Wilson
2009-01-08Jarvis Family Members
2009-01-07Bernard Pious Bell
2009-01-06Friends on Main Street in Grantsville
2009-01-05John W. and Gay Boise Arthur
2009-01-03Wood Festival Musicians
2009-01-02Pious and Lora Daisy Roberts Bell
2008-12-31Jarvis Girls and their Babies
2008-12-30Lona Wilson Penninger
2008-12-29Calvin Spencer and Grace Bailey Jarvis
2008-12-27First Cousins
2008-12-26Isaac and Louisa Bennett Yeager
2008-12-23Simon Whytsell and Luther Booher
2008-12-22Scott Greathouse
2008-12-20Whytsell and Starcher Family Members
2008-12-19Gwendolyn Hoskins Haught and Tressie Hoskins Bailey
2008-12-18Daughters of Silas and Sabra Cox Cottrell
2008-12-17George Whipkey
2008-12-16Beulah Opal Turner Bee
2008-12-15Marshall Descendents
2008-12-13Isaac and Martha Bailey Conley
2008-12-12Labana Jane "Mammy Jane" Murphy Jarvis
2008-12-11Abraham Villers
2008-12-09Wilda Blosser Whytsell
2008-12-08Calhoun County Centennial Parade Crowd
2008-12-06Thomas H. and Nancy White Cottrell
2008-12-05Daughters of James A. and Lydia Whytsell Hoskins
2008-12-04Marshall Family Members
2008-12-03Jacob and Susanna Pride Freed
2008-12-02Laura Elliott Gainer with Daughter, Glena Gainer
2008-12-01Mildred B. Greathouse Villers
2008-11-28James J. and Luvina Bell Nice McCune Family
2008-11-27Adam Villers
2008-11-26Young Girls Displaying Dolls
2008-11-25Miss Mildred Hensley
2008-11-24Guy Carpenter with Grandchildren, Manny Bowers and Fern Bowers
2008-11-22Virginia Poling Weaver with Grandson, Lowell Weaver
2008-11-21White Pine School
2008-11-20Jim Marshall (center front) and His Bomber Crew
2008-11-19Village of Minnora
2008-11-18Paige Downs
2008-11-17Funeral at the Mt. Olive United Methodist Church at Hur
2008-11-15Martha Salome Criss Arthur
2008-11-14James P. Riddel
2008-11-13George Darrell "Pappy" Villers
2008-11-12Paul Elliott
2008-11-11Christopher Columbus and Martha "Mattie" Villers Arthur Family
2008-11-10Riverboat "Clarence"
2008-11-08John and Mary Lowers Schartiger Family
2008-11-07Allen Burl and Ruby Wright Gainer
2008-11-06Denver and Pauline Cunningham Garretson
2008-11-05Ephram and Hannah Ross Whytsell Family
2008-11-04Marjorie Wright Johnson and Hope McWilliams Westfall
2008-11-03Earl Stutler of Little Creek with his 1928 Chevy
2008-11-01Simon Jackson Husk
2008-10-31Clifford Carpenter
2008-10-30E. Janette Arthur
2008-10-29Children of Jim and Castina Marks Ash
2008-10-28Orval Waggoner and Orville A, Waggoner
2008-10-27Dudley Lutz' Shoe Repair Shop
2008-10-25Whytsell Family Members
2008-10-24Ora and Elodene Rader Campbell
2008-10-23Columbus C. Arthur
2008-10-22Melissa Davis Stutler and Jenne Stutler Freeman
2008-10-21Robert Umstead
2008-10-20Samuel George Husk
2008-10-18Visit to Smithville Cave
2008-10-17Demolition of Calhoun's Old Red Brick Courthouse
2008-10-16Jack Elliott in Japan
2008-10-15Calhoun High School Graduation Ceremony
2008-10-14Riffle Run/Mt. Zion Residents
2008-10-13Heron Campbell
2008-10-10Whytsell Family Members
2008-10-09Elba Whytsell
2008-10-08Dorothy Husk
2008-10-07Main Street in Grantsville
2008-10-06Grantsville Flood
2008-10-04Walter and Olena Miles Elliott
2008-10-03Eli Carrington Drake, Sr.
2008-10-02Children of Seymour Norman and Victoria Channel Settle
2008-10-01Seymour Norman and Victoria Channel Settle
2008-09-30Grantsville Flood
2008-09-29Letcher Calvin Parsons
2008-09-27Grantsville Flood
2008-09-26Bill Price Long-time Grantsville Barber
2008-09-24Howard Cooper
2008-09-23Icey Dora Arthur Drake
2008-09-22Evelyn Self Campbell
2008-09-20Della Johnson and Vera Osborne Kelly
2008-09-19Rev. and Mrs. Leroy Keeney
2008-09-18First Baptist Church of Grantsville
2008-09-17First Baptist Church of Grantsville
2008-09-16Ray and Pearl Miller's Country Store at Shock
2008-09-15Grantsville Flood
2008-09-13Francis Marion and Malissa Everson Wilmoth Family
2008-09-12Overview of Grantsville
2008-09-11Harry Curtis Whytsell
2008-09-10Francis Marion and Malissa Everson Wilmoth Family
2008-09-09Floyd Rogers of Frozen
2008-09-06Esta Fay Husk
2008-09-05John and Mollie Schartiger Home and Family on Wolf Run
2008-09-04Rev. Clemmens and Cleora Haught Family Members
2008-09-03Grantsville Flood
2008-09-02William Bart Price
2008-09-01Addison H. Bailey
2008-08-30Children of Thurman and Grace Bernice Boggs Mollohan
2008-08-29Grantsville Flood - April 16, 1939
2008-08-28Siers Family Members
2008-08-27Jacob Benjamin Franklin and Amanda Catherine Greenleaf Bennett Harden Family (Greenleaf is a given name, the surname of Amanda's mother)
2008-08-26Mansel and Hazel Starcher Hughes Family
2008-08-25Harden Family Members
2008-08-23Waitman and Mary Jane Blake
2008-08-22Charles F. and Minerva Cooper Harden
2008-08-21Grantsville Flood April 16, 1939
2008-08-20Blaine Heron "Tip" and Sarah Elizabeth Brown Huffman Campbell
2008-08-19Pipe Yard at Creston
2008-08-18Clara Cottrell
2008-08-16Lucille Redding Gainer with son, Kenny Gainer
2008-08-15Creston During Riverboat Era
2008-08-14Jo Ann Lynch and Lois Wagoner at Altizer
2008-08-13Junior Ward and Newt McWilliams
2008-08-12Silas Cottrell of Frozen
2008-08-11Elmira Stilwell Snider
2008-08-09Arnold Snider
2008-08-08Rev. Clemmens and Cleora Haught Family Members
2008-08-07Smith and Gainer Family Members
2008-08-06Emogene Arthur Park
2008-08-05Edwin Whytsell Home on Lower West Fork
2008-08-04Oak Rogers' Baptism at Frozen by Preacher John McCumbers
2008-08-02Marshall Brothers
2008-08-01Isaac and Sarah Davis Newell
2008-07-31John Hathaway
2008-07-30Cottrell Family Members being Baptized at Frozen
2008-07-29Lake Wilson Fogle with two of her Children
2008-07-28Floyd Wilson with Children
2008-07-27William Henry Park
2008-07-26Holly and Elizabeth Gibson Kerby Family
2008-07-25Dalice Cottrell
2008-07-24Nina Riddel Ferrell
2008-07-23Marshall Family Members
2008-07-22Mollie Marshall Hathaway
2008-07-21Henrietta Residents
2008-07-20Carr "Pop" and Rhoda Hamrick Gunn
2008-07-19Allen C. and Nancy Ann Bailey Siers
2008-07-18Horace and Gwendolyn Hoskins Haught
2008-07-17Francis Marion and Malissa Everson Wilmoth
2008-07-16Marie, Ernest, Macil and Denver Nicholas of Frozen
2008-07-15Nellie Boise Arthur, Gertrude Boise and baby Emogene Arthur Park
2008-07-14Howard and Jane Schrader Cooper with son, Bernstine Cooper
2008-07-13Denzil Gainer
2008-07-12Hope McWilliams Westfall and Nila Francis Smith
2008-07-11Elmer "Buck" Cottrell of Frozen
2008-07-10Louie D. and Nellie Boise Arthur
2008-07-09Mathias Timothy Metz
2008-07-08Norman Lemoin and Minnie Myrtle Park Cothern
2008-07-07Erma Lynch Wagoner of Altizer
2008-07-06Alabama Booher Whytsell
2008-07-05Ernest and Elva Richards McCoy
2008-07-04Charlotte Kunze Calhoun's First Health Nurse
2008-07-03John W. and Mollie Francis Lowers Schartiger
2008-07-02Almeda Stevens, Clair Jarvis, Glena Gainer
2008-07-01William A. Hunt of Frozen
2008-06-30Laura Elliott Gainer and Minnie Elliott Pell
2008-06-29David Lemuil and Arie Margaret "Maggie" Poling Fawley
2008-06-28Andy Edgell of Rowels Run
2008-06-27Leonard and Gladys Trippett Marshall
2008-06-26Gilbert Erastus and Rosa Ann Stallman Boise
2008-06-25Hope McWilliams Westfall and Fannie Mae Yoak
2008-06-24Grantsville Grade School - Mrs. Marshall's Fourth Grade Class
2008-06-23Benjamin F. and Martha Dix Pettit Family of Annamoriah
2008-06-22Benjamin F. and Martha H. Dix Pettit
2008-06-21Herbert, Glen and Howard Rader of Annamoriah
2008-06-20Anderson & Lynch Store at Millstone
2008-06-19Royce and Elva Gainer Fowler of Mt. Zion
2008-06-18Millstone from South of Millstone Creek
2008-06-17Homer T. and Louisa Caroline Wise Davis Family
2008-06-16Suzanna Stump Fogle
2008-06-15John G. and Rose Elizabeth Howard Riddel
2008-06-14John Ira and Mary Virginia Riggs McCoy
2008-06-13Children of Lee and Laura Elliott Gainer
2008-06-12Floyd Hoskins and his mother, Prudence Martin Hosking
2008-06-11Russell Wix on the Creston Ferry
2008-06-10Jasper Ball at Jimmie Roberts Mountain View Supply
2008-06-09Coal Fork School
2008-06-08Lucille Reading
2008-06-07Marlin Park
2008-06-06Edith Pell and Dolph Fowler
2008-06-05Charlotte Kunze
2008-06-04Log Boom at Creston
2008-06-03Bina Bennett
2008-06-02Perry and Mary Griffin Meadows Family of Chloe
2008-06-01Gainer Family Members
2008-05-31Goldie Boone of Bear Fork and Frozen
2008-05-30Charles Park
2008-05-29Stevens aka Lower Pine Creek School
2008-05-28Calhoun High School's First Band
2008-05-27Daughters of Roy and Icy Taylor Bower
2008-05-26Stutler Family of Richardson
2008-05-25Esther Francis and daughter, Nila Francis Smith and Hope McWilliams Westfall
2008-05-24Harold and Faye Bailey Vannoy
2008-05-23Otho and Genevieve Bower Gainer and Daughter, Doris Gainer
2008-05-22Grandchildren of Roy and Icy Taylor Bower
2008-05-21Dick and Dora Starcher Kellar on their Houseboat Home at Annamoriah
2008-05-20George Marshall
2008-05-19Guy and Martha Josaphine Adams Miller
2008-05-18Solomon Gainer
2008-05-17Perry and Anna McCoy Steinbeck Family
2008-05-16William Eldridge and Deborah Cottrell
2008-05-15Children of Charles and Evelyn Bailey
2008-05-14Hope McWilliams Westfall and _____ Siers
2008-05-13George and Louella Bunner Family
2008-05-12Asa B. Harris
2008-05-11Daughters of John and Mary Schoolcraft Cottrell
2008-05-10Charlotte Kunze
2008-05-09Jonah and Harriett Richards Bunner
2008-05-08Lees Run Sawmill
2008-05-07Daughters of Winfield Thomas
2008-05-06Henry Whipkey Children of White Pine
2008-05-05Russett Elementary School
2008-05-04Lemuels Run School
2008-05-03Clara Cottrell
2008-05-02Capt. Jacob Clammer
2008-05-01Horsemen at Purdy
2008-04-30CHS Homecoming Parade
2008-04-29John S. Cottrell
2008-04-28A.J. Huffman
2008-04-27Homer Francis Sidwell
2008-04-26Church Picnic
2008-04-25Barnes Newton and Elizabeth Jane Reip Smith
2008-04-24Dorthea Morgan, Dr. Simon Riddel, Juanita Haught
2008-04-23Cyrus and Mollie Jeffreys Hickman Wedding Photo
2008-04-21Adam and Amanda Chenoweth Reip
2008-04-20Workers at Richardson
2008-04-19John and Mary Jane Schoolcraft Cottrell Family
2008-04-18Creston Men Take a Ride
2008-04-17Grantsville Grade School
2008-04-16Ruby Jarvis and Joy Millent
2008-04-15Francis Keith Sidwell Home
2008-04-14Carl F. Shroyers and His Dog
2008-04-13Carl Hicks
2008-04-12Morris Family Takes a Trip
2008-04-11Cyrus and Mollie Jeffreys Hickman Family
2008-04-10Ermal Sidwell and Daughter, Hope Westfall
2008-04-09Charlotte Kunze
2008-04-08Letherbark School - W. Lester Teacher
2008-04-07Cyrus Hickman Family and Home on Court Street
2008-04-06Woodrow Knotts
2008-04-05Rev. and Mrs. Fell Kennedy
2008-04-04Roscoe Glendal Slider
2008-04-03Newton McWilliams
2008-04-02Roy J. Kemper
2008-04-01Carl Martin and Eupha Martin
2008-03-31Ice Skating on the Little Kanawha River at the Witt Mill in Grantsville
2008-03-30Bonnie and Alva Bennett with son, Donald
2008-03-29Beasts of Burden
2008-03-28Henrietta Residents
2008-03-27Letherbark School
2008-03-26Grant Downey Family
2008-03-25Hog Knob School
2008-03-24Edward Sherman and Phebe Bell Siers Brannon Family
2008-03-23Dinner on the Ground at Knotts Baptist Church at Orma
2008-03-22Making Molasses At Letherbark
2008-03-21William and Sarah Moore Hamric
2008-03-20George and Lillie Bell Davis Home and Family
2008-03-18Evelyn Bailey
2008-03-17Children of Fielden Allen of Daniels Run
2008-03-16Glenna Opal Stalnaker Fleming and her youngest brother, Paul Downs Stalnaker
2008-03-15Ball Team and Spectators at Letherbark
2008-03-14Giles and Greta Allen
2008-03-13Alva and Delpha Dobbins Harris
2008-03-12Deserted Home of Jess and Maude Davis Maze at Annamoriah
2008-03-11Ira Foster and Missouri Belle King Postalwait with Daughters Zella and Alma
2008-03-10Ivah Brannon
2008-03-09Okey Johnson and Myrtle Jarvis Conley
2008-03-08James Fielden Allen
2008-03-07Henrietta Residents
2008-03-05Charles and Cora Jarvis Hardway Family
2008-03-04Eli and Susie Bennett Richards
2008-03-03George and Lillie Bell Davis Home and Family of Annamoriah
2008-03-02Roscoe Glendal Slider
2008-03-01Arnoldsburg Ball Team from Yesteryear
2008-02-29Parthena McCartney Bennett
2008-02-28Cabot Station Boys
2008-02-27Henrietta Residents
2008-02-26James Fielden and Almyra Bailey Allen Home on Daniels Run
2008-02-25Ermal Sidwell with brother, Avery Sidwell
2008-02-24Clyde Allen
2008-02-23Grover Starcher with daughter, Hazel Starcher
2008-02-22Delbert Lynch
2008-02-21Almyra Bailey Allen
2008-02-20Ralph Leonard McDonald
2008-02-19Bus Fox
2008-02-18Audra Wilson
2008-02-17Roy Talmadge Weaver
2008-02-16Dancing at Calhoun County Centennial
2008-02-15Grantsville Graded School - Grade 2 - 1947-1948
2008-02-14Virginia Poling Weaver
2008-02-13Clay Yeager
2008-02-12Edwin Lowell and Rettie Starcher Whytsell Family
2008-02-11Elizabeth Whytsell Nichols
2008-02-10Ellis Vannoy
2008-02-09Rev. Robinson Woodford
2008-02-08John and Roxie Witt Ball with son, Kenneth Carl Ball
2008-02-06Absalom and Artimus Stump Vannoy Family
2008-02-05Dan Vannoy
2008-02-04Treacy Jane Wilson Stump
2008-02-03Cary and Emma Knotts Witt Family
2008-02-02Carl Ferrell and sister, Nellie Ferrell Bailess
2008-02-01Arley E. Weaver
2008-01-31Gathering of Calhoun Civil War Veterans
2008-01-30Elmira Shock
2008-01-29George Ball with mother, Roxie Witt Ball
2008-01-28Henry Shock
2008-01-27Old Calhoun County High School
2008-01-26Calhoun High School Football Team Backfield
2008-01-25Kenneth Carl Ball
2008-01-24Calhoun High School Homecoming Queen and Court
2008-01-23Roy Hopkins
2008-01-22Ethel Barr Vannoy Reip with granddaughter Linda Vannoy
2008-01-21Wallace Yoak
2008-01-20Cornelia Shifley
2008-01-19Calvin Wilson of Big Springs
2008-01-18Laura Vannoy
2008-01-16Lemuel Witte
2008-01-15Alva and Lula Waldo Sloan Family
2008-01-14Minnie Vannoy
2008-01-13Workmen on the Old Grantsville Bridge
2008-01-12Gherke and Witte Family Members
2008-01-11Denzil Shock
2008-01-10Gherke and Witte Family Members
2008-01-09Steer Creek Residents
2008-01-08Silas and Elizabeth Gherke Witte Family
2008-01-07Fay Witt
2008-01-06Jacob Shock
2008-01-05Leaford and Forest Vannoy Witt
2008-01-04Prosperity Baptist Church
2008-01-03Van Buren and Rachel Vanhorn
2008-01-02Louis Vannoy
2008-01-01Prosperity Church
2007-12-31Leaford and Forest Vannoy Witt
2007-12-30Hillary and Alvin Vannoy
2007-12-29Onnie Vanhorn
2007-12-28James Cicero and Sarah Stump Vanhorn
2007-12-27May Barr Shock
2007-12-26Ellis and Locia Bourne Vannoy
2007-12-25Early Calhoun Automobile
2007-12-24Silas Witte
2007-12-23Orma, Oma, Opal, and Ola White
2007-12-22Oleta Marshall Weaver and Mary Chambers
2007-12-21Lemuel and Serena Jarvis Witt
2007-12-20Lenna Gherke and Della Shock
2007-12-19Alexander and Lucy Shock Hubbard
2007-12-18Margaret Olive Stump Waldo
2007-12-17James Thomas Waldo
2007-12-16Silas and Elizabeth Gherke Witte
2007-12-15Monie Williams Godfrey and Rosie Williams Radcliff
2007-12-14Rev. Charlie James
2007-12-13Ruth Stump Collins
2007-12-12Archibald and Lora McDonald Shock
2007-12-11"Truthful Henry" and Nancy Dobbins Shock
2007-12-10Robert Shock
2007-12-08Cecil and Ruby Knotts Strimple
2007-12-07Cecil Ellis Smith
2007-12-06Calhoun Centennial Parade
2007-12-05Jacob and Caroline Gherke Shock
2007-12-04Steer Creek Horsemen
2007-12-03Clinton Shock
2007-12-02William Frederick and Rachel Elizabeth Witte Gherke Family
2007-12-01Daniel J. and Ellen Shock Salyers
2007-11-30Sarah Sears
2007-11-29Hog Butchering at Brooksville
2007-11-28Joshua Sharps Home on Sycamore
2007-11-27Lula Shock
2007-11-26Donnie Vannoy Riddle
2007-11-25John Robinson Home on Steer Creek
2007-11-24Homer Robinson
2007-11-23Sarah Rutherford Bennett
2007-11-22Hardman Brothers Logging Camp on Elk River
2007-11-21Parr Robinson
2007-11-20Naoma Stump Riddle
2007-11-19Wig Bickel Drilling Crew
2007-11-18Steer Creek Residents
2007-11-17Cicero and Ethel Riddle Godfrey
2007-11-16Bob Williams, Sr. at old Brooksville Church
2007-11-15Michael Gherke
2007-11-14Augustus and Mary Stump Gherke with Baby Albert Gherke
2007-11-13Old Store at Rocksdale
2007-11-12Albert Gherke
2007-11-11Venia Stump Poling
2007-11-10Lodge Hall at Mt. Zion
2007-11-09Ott and Molly Hersman Poling
2007-11-08Calhoun Centennial Parade
2007-11-07Claude and Leota White Gherke
2007-11-06Calhoun Centennial Parade
2007-11-05Geraldine Proudfoot
2007-11-04Calhoun Centennial Parade
2007-11-03Hanning Poling
2007-11-02Float in Calhoun Centennial Parade
2007-11-01Lloyd McCartney and Reese McElwee
2007-10-31Brownies in Calhoun Centennial Parade
2007-10-30Homer Witt
2007-10-29Calhoun Centennial Parade
2007-10-28Florence Proudfoot
2007-10-27Cub Scouts in Calhoun Centennial Parade
2007-10-26Melvina Gherke
2007-10-25Women in Calhoun Centennial Parade
2007-10-23Ezra and Ada Stump Moneypenny Family
2007-10-22Emily Gherke
2007-10-21William and Elizabeth King Noe
2007-10-20William and Maria Boggs Nitz
2007-10-19Olive Burrows Minney
2007-10-18First Home in America of the Charles and Wilhelmina Gherke Family
2007-10-17Cortez and Sarah Fulks Mollohan
2007-10-16Mary Stump Gherke
2007-10-15Children of Dudley and Molly Lutz
2007-10-14Beech Valley Church
2007-10-13Lenna Gherke Stump
2007-10-12Glen Kendall
2007-10-11Jeremiah King
2007-10-10Rosa Della Morehead Dawson
2007-10-09Velma Wilson Herron
2007-10-08Lenna Gherke Stump
2007-10-07Beech Valley Church
2007-10-06Isaac C. Hersman
2007-10-05Osceola Duffield Jarvis
2007-10-04Children of Charles Gherke
2007-10-03Cleo and Gladys Stump Jones and daughter, Jeanie Jones
2007-10-02Centennial Celebrants
2007-10-01Monie Williams Godfrey
2007-09-30Ernest Hersman
2007-09-29Valeria Gherke Poling with Unknown Child
2007-09-28Osceola Duffield Jarvis
2007-09-27Garnet Hersman
2007-09-26Wilhelmina Gherke
2007-09-25John and Mary Wotring Flint
2007-09-24Richardson Church
2007-09-23Russell Farrar
2007-09-22Sally Godfrey
2007-09-21Sons of Charles Gherke
2007-09-20Sherwood Funk
2007-09-19Calhoun Delivers Flood Relief to Parkersburg
2007-09-18William Funk Family Members
2007-09-17Okey Dobbins
2007-09-16Marcellus Carpenter
2007-09-15Myrtle Campbell Farrar
2007-09-14Ernest C. Farrar
2007-09-13Thurman and Bina Duffield
2007-09-12Frank Church
2007-09-11Thomas P. and Labana Jane Murphy Jarvis Home and Family at Oka
2007-09-10Frank and Laura Knotts Ferguson
2007-09-09Joseph and Mary Sims Conley
2007-09-08Finley and Julia Adams Elliott
2007-09-07John Wesley and Susannah McElwee Boggs Family
2007-09-06Lucinda Dulin Stump with Unknown Child
2007-09-05Frank and Bertha Linger Cottrell
2007-09-04Homer H. Swentzel
2007-09-03Henry C. Blackshire
2007-09-02Grantsville Buddies
2007-09-01Pinkney Bourne
2007-08-31Jerome Lorenzo Dow Brake
2007-08-30Della Minney Bennett
2007-08-29Wilson Thompson Weaver
2007-08-28Ralph and Flora Stump Bennett Family
2007-08-27Frederick L. "Fred" Shock
2007-08-26Harley and Wade Blackshire
2007-08-25Ferrell Hotel at Brooksville
2007-08-24Virginia Poling Weaver
2007-08-23Sarah Rutherford Bennett
2007-08-22Horse Race at Calhoun County Fair
2007-08-21Vernando "Buster" and Lillie Boone
2007-08-20John and Rose Burns Moore
2007-08-19Robert F. and Amanda Bennett Home and Family on Steer Creek
2007-08-18Cabot Station Following Explosion and Fire of November 1945
2007-08-17Mollohan and Knotts Store at Chloe
2007-08-16Sam Barr
2007-08-15Cabot Station Following Explosion and Fire of November 1945
2007-08-14Ethel Robinson Weaver
2007-08-13Edith Boone and Mammie Stump
2007-08-12Betty Jean Hartshorn
2007-08-11F.W. and Madge Boone
2007-08-10Earl Bennett
2007-08-09Calhoun Residents
2007-08-08Homer Witt on an Early Motorcycle
2007-08-07Rev. Calvin and Rachel Gherke Burns
2007-08-05Jesse and Stella Knotts Brannon
2007-08-04Lenore Burns and Don Witt
2007-08-03WW I Victory Parade in Grantsville
2007-08-02Henry C. Blackshire
2007-08-01Roy T. Weaver
2007-07-31Peter Johnson Home in South Grantsville
2007-07-30Della Mae Weaver Burns Wedding Photo
2007-07-29Leola Stump Blackshire
2007-07-28Wilson Thompson and Virginia Poling Weaver Family
2007-07-27Arlena Trippett on the Old Grantsville Bridge
2007-07-26WW I Victory Parade in Grantsville
2007-07-25Burns and Burch Family Members
2007-07-24Farrell W. Boone
2007-07-23Upper Rush Run School in Sherman District
2007-07-22Flora Boone and Edith Boone
2007-07-21Minnie Burns
2007-07-20Cecil and Edith Boone
2007-07-19Earl Wayne Vannoy
2007-07-18A.H. "Hood" Blackshire
2007-07-17Lee Ondes Richards
2007-07-16Levy Scotland Burns
2007-07-15India Ferrell Blackshire
2007-07-14Stella Knotts
2007-07-13McCune Family Members
2007-07-12Hadsel Ball
2007-07-11 Children of Charley and Mabel Hickman Arthur
2007-07-10Charles J. "Mike" Burch
2007-07-09Ofa E. Stump
2007-07-08Ona "Peach" Stump Bell
2007-07-07Samuel Paris Bell
2007-07-06Children of Minter J. and Mary Rutherford Stump
2007-07-05Henderson and Melvina Stump Boone Family
2007-07-04Boggs Family of Creston
2007-07-03Harry and Kathryn Witt Holliday Family
2007-07-02Charles G. and Evelyn Bailey Family
2007-07-01Wig Bickel Makes His Horse Perform
2007-06-30Herbert Ferrebee and Peter Mack McCune
2007-06-29Veda and Troea Morrison
2007-06-28John and Roxie Witt Ball with son Kenneth Carl "Buck" Ball
2007-06-27Genevra Bell Cart Coen
2007-06-26Stemple Family Members
2007-06-25Martin and Blanche Boggs Family of Creston
2007-06-24Sam and Viola McCumbers Family
2007-06-23Alexander and Eliza Stump Shock
2007-06-22Children of Peter P. McCune
2007-06-21Louie D. Arthur, Charles L. Boggs, Charles E. Boggs
2007-06-20Shock Family
2007-06-19Willa Bourne McCune
2007-06-18Calvin Letcher and Ernistine Hoover Parsons
2007-06-17William Bart Price holding daughter, Zadia Price
2007-06-16Harold Vannoy
2007-06-15Danny and Lucille Bush Vannoy Family
2007-06-14Roy J. Kemper in his Jenny Flying Machine
2007-06-13Benjamin Herman Jeffreys
2007-06-12Ivy Warren Bell
2007-06-11Eliza Stump Shock
2007-06-10Roy J. Kemper
2007-06-09Absolom Stump, Sr.
2007-06-08Charles E. Boggs
2007-06-07Jerry "Clyde" McCumbers
2007-06-06Robert L. "Bob" Gibson
2007-06-05Eli and Susie Richards Home at Booger Hole
2007-06-04Daughters of Lemuel and Eva Propst Stemple
2007-06-03R.S. Shaffer's Woods Crew
2007-06-02John M. and Minnie Cook Hamilton Family
2007-06-01Rev. James "Fran" and Ellen Bennett Family
2007-05-31Joe Janerio
2007-05-30Peter Hicks Barber Shop on Court Street in Grantsville
2007-05-29David Oscar and Mary Jane Knotts Chenoweth
2007-05-28Louisa Knotts
2007-05-27NYA Recreation Center on Route 7
2007-05-26Clifford Kinley Smith
2007-05-25William "Bo" Shuman, one of the few surviving men to have worked the riverboats on the Little Kanawha River. Shown with him is his niece, Margaret Moss.
2007-05-24Grantsville Graded School
2007-05-23Alex and S. J. (Jones ?) Stull
2007-05-22Huge Engines and Compressors Destroyed in 1945 Cabot Station Explosion
2007-05-21Michael H. and Sarah Ellen Kight Family
2007-05-20Construction of New Russett Bridge Across Sycamore
2007-05-19Cabot Station Grounds, School, and Company Houses
2007-05-18John Weaver
2007-05-17Ada Bell Munday, Ellen Bell, Mildred Bell Pettit
2007-05-16John Wesley and Ruhammah Stallman Kerby
2007-05-15Alonzo and Elizabeth Hall Stump Family
2007-05-14Audrey Settle
2007-05-13Tell Belt Store at Industry
2007-05-12Delbert Stevens
2007-05-11Walter Stump
2007-05-10Harold Kight, Jr.
2007-05-09Roy Richards' Old House at Munday
2007-05-08Frances Richards, Mary Jane Hefner, Pauline Lutz
2007-05-07Alonzo and Elizabeth Hall Stump
2007-05-06Jehu Starcher, Jr.
2007-05-05Roy Richards' Old House at Munday
2007-05-04Frances Richards and Pauline Lutz
2007-05-03Charles B. Stump
2007-05-02Calhoun County High School Football Team
2007-05-01W. D. and Nellie Groves Dillon
2007-04-30Hubert L. Mace
2007-04-29Elizabeth Hall Stump
2007-04-28James Barr
2007-04-27Ella Cosner Groves
2007-04-26James Earl Knotts
2007-04-25Grace Davis Weaver
2007-04-24Dora Maze Goodnight
2007-04-23Levi Franklin "Frank" and Elfie Rachel Barr Fowler
2007-04-22Cabot Station
2007-04-21Robert Campbell
2007-04-20Carlton D. Weaver
2007-04-19Alva Maze
2007-04-18Children of Lynn Scott Oles, Sr.
2007-04-17George Wesley Metz
2007-04-16Cleo Gainer with his horses on his farm on Pine Creek
2007-04-15Lorentz Carr Hamilton, Jr.
2007-04-14Willis "Tom" Gainer
2007-04-13Allen and Minnie Maze Jeffries
2007-04-12J. G. Oles and grandson, Lynn Oles, Jr.
2007-04-11Glen W. McEndree
2007-04-10Rush Run Baptist Church on Steer Creek
2007-04-09Dudley and Molly Lutz
2007-04-08Lowell Ewing Weaver
2007-04-07Annamoriah School
2007-04-06Cabot Station During one of the Little Kanawha River Floods
2007-04-05Velma Fowler McEndree and Edward Fowler
2007-04-04Denver Yost
2007-04-03George and Pearl Kelley
2007-04-02Bessie Sturm Roberts, with her parents, Will and Agnes Sturm of Hur
2007-04-01First Pine Alley School
2007-03-31Little Kanawha River Flood Showing High School and Old Peter Johnson House
2007-03-30George and Mabel McEndree
2007-03-29Calhoun County High School Class of 1948
2007-03-28Calhoun County Courthouse Construction
2007-03-27Lester Roberts, son of Eli and Sarah Jane Little Roberts pictured with Flora McCune
2007-03-26Melvin Edward Burrows
2007-03-25Joshua Sewell and Minnie Bower Owens Family
2007-03-24Ida Teeters Barr
2007-03-23Minnie Barnes Hefner
2007-03-22Charles Kight
2007-03-21James and Melinda "Linnie" Roberts Home on Buckhorn Near Hur
2007-03-20John and Ellen Witt Miller
2007-03-19Benjamin F. Riddel
2007-03-18Arastus and Cora Barr Stump
2007-03-17Old Two Story Grantsville Grade School
2007-03-16Transporting Oil Field Supplies on the Little Kanawha River
2007-03-15Bruce McCune
2007-03-14"Spav" Takes a Ride
2007-03-13Josiah S. and Melissa Ellen Miller Jarvis
2007-03-12Nancy Jane Nichols Starcher
2007-03-11Eddie Dean Starcher
2007-03-10Rachel Huffman Barr
2007-03-09Wesley and Pricy Starcher Metz
2007-03-07Brooksville School Students
2007-03-06Farley Shaffer
2007-03-05William B. "Bud" Marshall
2007-03-04Richard VanCamp
2007-03-03Josiah S. and Melissa Ellen Miller Jarvis Family
2007-03-02John G. Starcher
2007-03-01Charles E. Saunders
2007-02-28William Barr
2007-02-27Sam and Rozilla Wilson Home at Russett
2007-02-25Brooksville Hotel
2007-02-24Steer Creek Residents
2007-02-23Charter Shaffer
2007-02-22Russell Stump
2007-02-21James Meyer
2007-02-20Bear Head Rock
2007-02-19Whytsell Family
2007-02-18Denzil M. Ball
2007-02-17Nina Umstead McEndree
2007-02-16Phillips Run School
2007-02-15Levi Smith
2007-02-13Pier and Stonemasons for Bridge Across Yellow Creek at Brooksville
2007-02-12Margaret Collins
2007-02-11Jerome Hardman
2007-02-10Sull Stump
2007-02-09David Hakes
2007-02-08Calhoun County Bluegrass and Gospel Musicians
2007-02-07Sunday Dinner at George Lynch Whytsell's home on Henrys Fork
2007-02-06Charlie and Mindy Wilson Bailess
2007-02-05NYA Building
2007-02-04Fairview School
2007-02-03Grantsville Class of 1930-31
2007-02-01Alfred Holbert Family
2007-01-31Remains of Henry Benton and Emily McIntyre Collins Home on Mikes Run
2007-01-30Virginia Burdett
2007-01-29Russell Stump
2007-01-28Alan Hakes
2007-01-27William Hakes
2007-01-26Unidentified men on the mill dam at the Richardson Mill
2007-01-25Laying of the Eureka Pipeline on the Lower West Fork
2007-01-24Snider Family
2007-01-23Pleasant Hill School
2007-01-22Argle Lee "Pete" Stump
2007-01-21Charter Shaffer and Sheriff Ivan Umstead with the "Defense Duck"
2007-01-19Brooksville Residents
2007-01-18Unidentified Guests at Reception Desk of the Stump Hotel in Grantsville
2007-01-17George W. Hardman, Jr.
2007-01-16Carl Stump
2007-01-15Warder E. Stump, Jr.
2007-01-14Pine Grove School at Richardson
2007-01-13Well at Mouth of Triplett on Lower West Fork
2007-01-12Whytsell and related families
2007-01-11Ulysses Grant Adams of Rowels Run near Hur
2007-01-10Old Country Store and Post Office at Sand Ridge
2007-01-09Road Fork School
2007-01-08 "Notre Dame Jr's of Grantsville"
2007-01-07Lynn S. Oles
2007-01-06"Sophia A."
2007-01-05Esso Convention
2007-01-04Clode Jarvis
2007-01-03George W. Hardman, Jr.
2007-01-02Hoy Stump
2007-01-01Bill Morehead
2006-12-31Citizens of the Rush Run Community of Steer Creek
2006-12-30Rocksdale Citizens
2006-12-29Photo taken at the home of Edwin Lynch Whytsell on the Lower West Fork
2006-12-28John and Elizabeth Kizzah Starcher Slider of Hur
2006-12-27Lenna Sturm's Old Store on Phillips Run
2006-12-26Road Fork School Group
2006-12-24Construction of Calhoun County High School
2006-12-23Rush Run School near Orma
2006-12-22 Herb Stump
2006-12-21Annamoriah Ferry
2006-12-20 Holbert and Cain Family Members
2006-12-19Jennings G. Jarvis
2006-12-18Ira Hardman
2006-12-17Russell Stump and William "Bud" Marshall
2006-12-16Delmar Welch
2006-12-15Riverboat "Harry W."
2006-12-14Hassig Yard in foreground
2006-12-13Celebration at the home of Edwin Lynch Whytsell
2006-12-12William "Sun" Anderson Starcher and Martha Adams Miller
2006-12-11Big Springs Post Office
2006-12-10Road Fork School
2006-12-09South Grantsville
2006-12-08Union School on Steer Creek
2006-12-07Herb Stump
2006-12-06"Nellie Geer" and a Houseboat
2006-12-05Dow McCune
2006-12-04Shanks Family at Home on Big Root
2006-12-03Martha Crow
2006-12-02Daniels Run Community Citizens
2006-12-01Scott Morrison
2006-11-30Freddie Kerby
2006-11-29Hope Gas Company's "Company House" at Richardson
2006-11-28Robert J., Jr. and Hazel Collins Knotts
2006-11-27Grover Cleveland Starcher and his brother, Anderson "Sun" Starcher
2006-11-26Big Bend Post Office
2006-11-25Mrs. Ella Barker
2006-11-24Mary Gainer
2006-11-23Liberty Hill School
2006-11-22Ora Campbell
2006-11-21"Virginia Rhodes"
2006-11-20Norville McCune
2006-11-19Alonzo Coen
2006-11-18Sylvester Hardman
2006-11-17Charles Edward Booher
2006-11-16Doug Morrison
2006-11-15Holly Davis
2006-11-14Carter Oil Station
2006-11-13Della Anderson Craddock
2006-11-12Rosa Adams Starcher and Sarah Starcher Miller
2006-11-11Cremo Community Church
2006-11-10Grantsville Graded School
2006-11-09Matilda Barr Sturm Stevens
2006-11-08Stinson School at the mouth of Mud Fork
2006-11-07Dyer Waldo
2006-11-06"Close-up" view of unidentified boatmen on the "Virginia Rhodes"
2006-11-05Robert Wayne
2006-11-04Dr. W.T.W. Dye
2006-11-03Rachel Goff
2006-11-02Burrows Family
2006-11-01Joseph and Mary Allen with daughter, Martha "Sissie"
2006-10-31Melvin Morrison
2006-10-30Mill Dam at Richardson
2006-10-29John Hickman at the Carter Oil Station
2006-10-28Oral Craddock
2006-10-27Wood Family
2006-10-26Old Trippett Store on Sycamore
2006-10-25Grantsville Graded School
2006-10-24Pleasant Hill Church
2006-10-23Arnoldsburg School
2006-10-22Harold "Budge" Marshall
2006-10-21"Virginia Rhodes"
2006-10-20Cal Jarvis
2006-10-19Fred E. Stout
2006-10-18George Washington Hardman
2006-10-15Etta Burrows
2006-10-14Perry Morrison
2006-10-13Knotts & Lauson General Merchandise at Frozen
2006-10-12Standing on the Mill Dam at Richardson
2006-10-11Alfred Selmon
2006-10-10Ralph Stemple
2006-10-09Old Country Store on Big Root
2006-10-08Grantsville Graded School
2006-10-07Park Richards
2006-10-06Albert Radabaugh
2006-10-05Interior of the Oles Garage on Court Street in Grantsville
2006-10-04"Close-up" of Norman and Lynn Oles on the bow of the "Virginia Rhodes"
2006-10-03Smith Cottrell
2006-10-02Fred E. and Minnie D. Salisbury Stout
2006-10-01Salathiel and Sarah Margaret Bragg Williams Riddle
2006-09-30Luther Booher in Richwood
2006-09-29Earl "Penny" Burrows
2006-09-28Walter Jones
2006-09-27Blessed Hope Church
2006-09-26Nathan McDonald
2006-09-25Delford Burrows
2006-09-24Thomas Avery Wood
2006-09-23Phillips Run School
2006-09-22Grantsville Graded School
2006-09-21Harvey and Emma Leota Daisy Butcher Atkinson Family
2006-09-20Paul E. Parsons
2006-09-19Shirley Smith
2006-09-18Mt. Olive Methodist Church at Hur
2006-09-17Creston Waterfront During the Riverboat Days
2006-09-16Deward and Denver Offutt
2006-09-15Cleo Richards
2006-09-14Trevie Cunningham
2006-09-13Bad Boys of Grantsville
2006-09-12Emanuel Salisbury
2006-09-11Jacob Hiram and Lena Leota Board Springston
2006-09-10Sarah Booher and daughter Virginia Booher
2006-09-09Harvey G. Burrows
2006-09-08William Granville Yeager
2006-09-07Milo Baptist Church
2006-09-06Nathan McDonald with children, Charles "Jr." Williams and Hazel Irene Williams Korzep
2006-09-05Frank Geer and granddaughter, Peggy
2006-09-04Rufus Knotts
2006-09-03Beech School
2006-09-02Sam Tucker's Softball Team
2006-09-01Jay Smith with son, Albert Smith
2006-08-31William and Sarah Jane Knotts Knotts Family Members
2006-08-28Eatin' Melon
2006-08-27Todd Rhodes
2006-08-26Worthy Cross
2006-08-25Auzie and Lennie Kimble Wright
2006-08-24Louisa Salisbury
2006-08-23Sarah Springston
2006-08-22Booher Family
2006-08-21Russell Paul "Dubb" Knotts
2006-08-20Eugene VanCamp and Paris VanCamp
2006-08-19Beech Grove Church at Nicut
2006-08-18Pine Grove School on Hur-Richardson Road
2006-08-17Unloading pipe at Creston
2006-08-16Clancy Hamilton and Ola Arthur Wilson
2006-08-15Klipstine or Wilson School
2006-08-14Bob Morgan
2006-08-13Grantsville Graded School
2006-08-12Lower Pine Creek School
2006-08-11"The Rubber Gun Gang"
2006-08-10Calhoun County High School Shortly Following Completion
2006-08-09Daughters of Fielden and Almyra Bailey Allen
2006-08-08Bill Reed
2006-08-07John Cross
2006-08-06Amos Gibson Store, Service Station, and Lunch Room in South Grantsville
2006-08-05Amos and Maggie Sturm Wallbrown
2006-08-04Mary Louise Springston
2006-08-03Peter Augustus Saurborn
2006-08-02Dula Blake Burrows
2006-08-01Mt. Zion Methodist Church
2006-07-18Lillie Maud Mace Knotts
2006-07-17Leon Kerby
2006-07-16Wood Family Members
2006-07-15Harley Starcher and James Nicholson
2006-07-13Loyd Reed, Jr.
2006-07-12Klipstine or Wilson School
2006-07-11Leafbank School
2006-07-10Knotts Memorial Methodist Church
2006-07-09Upper Pine Creek School
2006-07-08Bell Hill School
2006-07-07Calhoun County High School Shortly Following Completion
2006-07-06Cyrus Hickman Family and Home on Court Street
2006-07-05Leo Jackson Propst
2006-07-04Sylvia Allen
2006-07-03William Ray Bennett
2006-07-02Raymond Criss
2006-07-01Calhoun County High School
2006-06-30Henry Elliott Stevens
2006-06-29George G. and Josephine Mary E. Daniel Springston
2006-06-27Friends at Mt. Zion
2006-06-26H. Keith Kendall
2006-06-25Ernest Elwood Wilson
2006-06-24Woodrow Criss
2006-06-23Viola Umstead Wood
2006-06-22Wilda Blosser Whytsell of Richardson
2006-06-20David L. Reed
2006-06-19Osborne and Morris Family Members
2006-06-18Earl Wilson
2006-06-17Grantsville Grade School
2006-06-16Apostolic Faith Tabernacle at Cabot Station
2006-06-15Cabot Station Construction
2006-06-14Bell Hill School
2006-06-13Calhoun County High School Shortly Following Completion
2006-06-12James Hamilton and Mary Shanks Marshall Family
2006-06-11Esther Naylor Gibson
2006-06-10Harold "Buck" Proudfoot
2006-06-09Aaron Criss
2006-06-08Roy and Icy Mae Taylor Bower of Booger Hole
2006-06-07Fylander "Fye" and Ella Ball Propst
2006-06-06Joanna Springston
2006-06-05Perfect Attendance Students
2006-06-04Edward Burrows
2006-06-03Charles Nicholson
2006-06-02Bernard Wilson
2006-06-01Paul Whytsell
2006-05-31Joanna Shaffer Duskey
2006-05-30Jefferson Davis and Mary Mace Starcher
2006-05-29Creston Riverfront During Riverboat Era
2006-05-28Scottie Mathess
2006-05-27Mary Burch
2006-05-26Willard Little
2006-05-25Allen D. Parsons
2006-05-24Pleasant Hill United Methodist Church
2006-05-23Old Cabot Station School
2006-05-21Robert Joseph Knotts, Jr. and Hazel Collins Knotts
2006-05-20Adam Starcher Home on the Lower Westfork at Altizer
2006-05-19Worthington Poling
2006-05-18Roy Craddock
2006-05-17Charles Roberts of Buckhorn near Hur
2006-05-16Ball Game at Old Calhoun High School Athletic Field
2006-05-15George Farley Bush
2006-05-14Daisy Bell Marshall Wilson
2006-05-13West Fork Residents
2006-05-12Una Jarvis
2006-05-11Ernest Wilson
2006-05-10Cline Sidwell
2006-05-09Zella Vista Collins Leitch
2006-05-08Richardson Residents
2006-05-06Lonnie Fonso and Minnie Jane Hardway Vaughan
2006-05-05Leotice "Bud" Kelley
2006-05-04Ralph E. Gordon
2006-05-03Cabot Station Powerhouse
2006-05-02Liberty Hill Baptist Church
2006-05-01Cabot Station School
2006-04-29Calhoun County High School Shortly Following Completion
2006-04-28Shirley McWilliams
2006-04-27Loren Poling
2006-04-26Harry W. Cooper
2006-04-25Delmas Okel "Del" Bower
2006-04-24Russell Stevens and His Ford
2006-04-23John and Rebecca Springston Hall
2006-04-22Elhanon "Ellie" Propst Family
2006-04-21Bill Gainer
2006-04-20George W. Gibson
2006-04-19Thurl Gunn and Juanita Boggs McCartney
2006-04-18Leon Yoke
2006-04-17John Duskey
2006-04-16Willard Anderson, Rocksdale Musician
2006-04-15Frank Geer's Boats on the Ohio River at East Liverpool
2006-04-14Bernard D. Vaughan
2006-04-13Ota, Ethel and Grethel Gainer
2006-04-12Bob Law
2006-04-11Cabot Station Machine Shop
2006-04-10Knotts Chapel Baptist Church at Orma
2006-04-09Bull River School
2006-04-08Prosperity Baptist Church on Leading Creek
2006-04-07"Rhoma H."
2006-04-06John W. Hefner
2006-04-05Nelson Richards Farm at Big Springs
2006-04-04Charles Parsons
2006-04-03Bernard Cooper
2006-04-02Oral Hickman of White Pine
2006-04-01Gifford Hayhurst
2006-03-31Charlie "Spav" Stump and his Infamous Pushcart
2006-03-30Elhanon "Ellie" Propst and Children
2006-03-29Hallie Gainer
2006-03-28Grave of Nancy Hart, Civil War Partisan
2006-03-27Clara Pettit
2006-03-26Clyde Whytsell
2006-03-25Charles C. Duskey, Jr.
2006-03-24Rev. Noble Crew
2006-03-23Frank Geer's Boats on the Ohio River at East Liverpool
2006-03-22Flooded Well Site
2006-03-21Cora Gainer
2006-03-20Howard Owens and Earl Hildreth
2006-03-19Cabot Station Machine Shop
2006-03-18Enon Baptist Church between Grantsville and Russett
2006-03-17Nobe No. 7 School
2006-03-16Bethlehem Baptist Church
2006-03-15A "close-up" view of boatmen on the "Grantsville"
2006-03-14Lanty Gay Hef(f)ner
2006-03-13Leon E. Ash
2006-03-12Lynn Oles, Jr.
2006-03-11Thomas Collins
2006-03-10Charles and Lottie Kerby Starcher Family of Dennis Fork
2006-03-09Matilda Barr Sturm Stevens
2006-03-08Miss Nettie Stump, Gladys Weaver Stump, Charles Albert Stump
2006-03-07Stump's Garage and Filling Station on High Street in Grantsville
2006-03-06Brad Gainer
2006-03-05Adam Starcher/George Gibson Home at Altizer
2006-03-04Mary Etta "Ettie" Burrows and Flossie Burrows Boggs
2006-03-03Pete Whytsell
2006-03-02Charles C. Duskey, Sr.
2006-03-01Fred and Bethel Hall Starcher of Henrys Fork
2006-02-27Loren Bell
2006-02-26Leotice "Bud" and Orie Johnson Kelley
2006-02-25Ernest R. Witte
2006-02-24Charlie "Spav" Stump and _____ Blosser
2006-02-23Rush Run Baptist Church
2006-02-22Broomstick School
2006-02-21Beech Valley Methodist Church
2006-02-19James Corbet and Missouri Ann Snider Wilson Family
2006-02-18Roger Whipkey
2006-02-17Gary S. Mowrey
2006-02-16Robert Collins
2006-02-15Andy Riddel and Cleo Kerby
2006-02-14Harold J. Kerby
2006-02-13Charles Albert Stump
2006-02-12Edna Frederick Stump
2006-02-11Tom and Savilla Sponaugle Conrad Family
2006-02-10William Knotts
2006-02-08Jearl Burrows Sturm
2006-02-07James Beecher
2006-02-06Preston Linville, Jr.
2006-02-05Randall Whytsell
2006-02-04Creston Ferry
2006-02-03Chester M. Starkey
2006-02-02Lee Jones
2006-02-01Carlos Gherke
2006-01-31Grantsville - Calhoun Super Service
2006-01-30Barnes Run Church on the Lower West Fork
2006-01-29Little Creek School in Calhoun County
2006-01-28Godfrey L. Cabot Carbon Black Factory
2006-01-26James Corbet and Missouri Ann Snider Wilson
2006-01-25Stanley W. Norman
2006-01-24John Moss
2006-01-23Carl Church
2006-01-22Grantsville Resident Gary Oles
2006-01-21Charley Arthur
2006-01-20Gail O. Powell
2006-01-19Abraham Springston
2006-01-18Albert and Gladys Weaver Stump
2006-01-17Sara Jane Knotts
2006-01-16Robert J., Sr. and Lillie Maud Mace Knotts Family Home
2006-01-15Melvin Rampp and Audra Fetty at Richardson
2006-01-14George Washington and Mary Louisa Springston Shaffer
2006-01-13Roy Sturm, Jr., George Hardman, Chester Fluharty, Robert Campbell
2006-01-12Dennis Shock
2006-01-11Frozen Chapel Baptist Church
2006-01-10William and Malissa J. Wright Greathouse
2006-01-09Veon Crawford
2006-01-08George Duskey
2006-01-07Randolph "Tater" Stump
2006-01-06Calhoun County's Old Red Brick Courthouse
2006-01-05St. Paul United Methodist Church on Pine Creek
2006-01-04Burned Out Shell of Calhoun County High School
2006-01-03Bryner Chapel Church at Joker
2006-01-02A "close-up" view of C. C. "Charlie" Starcher and Family on the bow of the "Clarence"
2006-01-01Owen Bennett
2005-12-31Brown Nichols
2005-12-30Donald Moss
2005-12-29Raymond Champ
2005-12-28Ida Scott McCoy
2005-12-27Della Sturm
2005-12-26Interstate Cooperage Office at Mouth of Tanner Creek During Timbering of Bear Fork
2005-12-25B.S. and Rebecca Jane Fyke Raybuck Home and Family
2005-12-24Judson and Naoma Stump Riddle
2005-12-23Nelson Cecil and Ruby Lois Knotts Strimple
2005-12-22Richardson Residents
2005-12-21Jearl Burrows Sturm
2005-12-20Troy Jones
2005-12-19Drexel Ice
2005-12-18West Fork Flood photographed above Richardson
2005-12-17"Harold H."
2005-12-16George and Hannah Kirby Gibson
2005-12-15C. Eugene Stump
2005-12-14Roy Sturm, Jr.
2005-12-13Lorentz Carr Hamilton, Sr. and Paul Stewart Mollohan
2005-12-12St. Paul United Methodist Church on Pine Creek
2005-12-11John Harris
2005-12-10Grantsville - Main Street
2005-12-09Charlie Starcher and Son Clarence Starcher
2005-12-08Ball Children
2005-12-07Ernest Bailess
2005-12-06Gail O. Powell
2005-12-05Carl R. Morris
2005-12-04William Carpenter
2005-12-03Cleo and Phelma Hathaway Gainer Family
2005-12-02O.W.J. "Jennings" Hathaway
2005-12-01Thousands and Thousands of Barrel Staves cut in Bear Fork Await Shipment
2005-11-30Snider Girls
2005-11-29Albert Jenkins “Pet” Knotts
2005-11-28Robert Joseph Knotts, Sr.
2005-11-27Richardson Residents
2005-11-26Flossie Burrows Boggs
2005-11-25Junior Westfall
2005-11-24Ivory Summers Stout
2005-11-23Walter Haas and Ona Blosser
2005-11-21Rev. Manderville J. Stump
2005-11-20Lloyd Vaughan
2005-11-19Alpha G. Riddle
2005-11-18Georgia Bell Stump
2005-11-17Mt. Zion Methodist Church
2005-11-15Calhoun County's Old Red Brick Courthouse
2005-11-14First Baptist Church of Grantsville
2005-11-13Orville Cottrell
2005-11-12Sammie Montana
2005-11-11Bill Busch
2005-11-10Bower Children
2005-11-09Mollie Sturm Kiddy
2005-11-08Many Ox Teams were used in Bear Fork timbering operation
2005-11-07Snider Family
2005-11-06William Bryan Knotts, Jr.
2005-11-05Children of Robert J., Sr. and Lillie Maud Mace Knotts
2005-11-04Unidentified Horseman at the Richardson Dam
2005-11-03Mary Etta "Ettie" Burrows
2005-11-02Emory Cottrell
2005-11-01Hurschel Pepper
2005-10-31Harvey and Daisy Butcher Atkinson
2005-10-29Group of Barnes Run Citizens
2005-10-28Early Calhoun County School Bus
2005-10-27Paul Virgil Riddle
2005-10-26Charles E. and Ursla J. Schartiger Offutt
2005-10-25Charter Shaffer in front of his store on Main Street
2005-10-24Sawmill Operation Near Russett
2005-10-23Riverboat "Major C."
2005-10-22Knotts Memorial Methodist Church in Grantsville
2005-10-21Paul Bailey
2005-10-20Gordon J. Miller
2005-10-19Thurl H. Burrows
2005-10-18Harry Gainer
2005-10-17Elza Arthur Stevens
2005-10-16Tramway used in timbering on Bear Fork
2005-10-15Snider Family
2005-10-14William Bryan Knotts, Sr.
2005-10-13Daughters of Henry Harrison and Salina Starcher Mace
2005-10-12Richardson Residents
2005-10-11Oda Eugene Carpenter
2005-10-10John Falls
2005-10-09Carlos Gherke
2005-10-08James Duskey
2005-10-07Mr. and Mrs. Frank Geer with daughters Etta and Eva
2005-10-06Austin and Pheobe Critchfield/Tuttle Husk Family
2005-10-04Arden Riddle
2005-10-03C. E. "Charlie" Offutt
2005-10-02Wayne Underwood
2005-10-01Apple Farm Residents
2005-09-30Lock No. 5 at Burning Springs
2005-09-29The Frank Geer Family with the "Leona G."
2005-09-28Russell Underwood
2005-09-27Jesse D. Metz
2005-09-26Clifford R. Burrows
2005-09-25Ball Family Members
2005-09-24O.W.J. "Jennings" Hathaway
2005-09-23Bear Fork Mill Workers
2005-09-22Joseph E. and Mary Roselie Holbert Snider Family
2005-09-21Eva Mae Collins Knotts
2005-09-20Lillie Maud Mace Knotts
2005-09-19Richardson Residents
2005-09-18Olen E. Ward
2005-09-17Lumma Kight
2005-09-16Denzil Shock
2005-09-15Charlie Nichols House below Rocksdale near the mouth of Triplett
2005-09-13Absolom and Eliza J. West Husk
2005-09-12Polkberry School
2005-09-11Zanie Richards Yost
2005-09-10Rev. William D. "Billy" and Florinda Stump Burns
2005-09-09L. J. Morris
2005-09-08Apple Farm Residents
2005-09-05Roy Sturm, Jr.
2005-09-04Forest B. Metz
2005-09-03William B. Burns
2005-09-01Edna Stump
2005-08-31Bear Fork Mill for Making Barrel Staves
2005-08-30Charles R. Lane
2005-08-29Calden Eugene “Sheriff” Stump
2005-08-28George Warren Knotts
2005-08-27Alfred Kemmner at Richardson
2005-08-26Donzel L. Price
2005-08-25Raymond Kight
2005-08-24Alfred H. Barr
2005-08-23John Alexander Weaver
2005-08-21Rowels Run "Red School"
2005-08-20Leonard B. Marshall
2005-08-19Daisy Marshall Yost
2005-08-18Rev. Harley Francis
2005-08-17Grantsville - From an old postcard dated November 13, 1910
2005-08-16Apple Farm Residents
2005-08-15Bell Hill School
2005-08-14"Harold K."
2005-08-13Lewis Chester Sturm
2005-08-12Paul Meadows
2005-08-11Junior Burch
2005-08-10Germalea Bush Fortney, baby Jimmy Roger Bower, and Doris Normalea Bower Cain
2005-08-09John Stevens
2005-08-081939 Flood
2005-08-07John Paul VanCamp
2005-08-06Audrey M. Knotts Brannon
2005-08-05Robert Joseph Knotts, Sr.
2005-08-04H. E. McConnell at Richardson
2005-08-03Eugene H. "Bill" Price
2005-08-02William R. Holbert
2005-07-31Robert H. Vannoy
2005-07-30Creston Ferry
2005-07-29Harvest Time on the Husk Farm
2005-07-28Hale Huffman
2005-07-27IOOF Lodge Hall at Cremo
2005-07-26Rev. Dan N. Connolly
2005-07-25Pier excavation for the bridge across Yellow Creek at Brooksville
2005-07-24Apple Farm Residents
2005-07-23John Huffman Stump
2005-07-22Capt. Norman Williams
2005-07-21Darrell Wease
2005-07-20Newton McWilliams
2005-07-19Ernest Brooks
2005-07-18Gaynor Frank Gainer and Son, James Gainer Show Off Their Catch
2005-07-17Children of John N. and Margaret Halsey Sturm
2005-07-161939 Flood
2005-07-15Charles and Melissa Cook Siers Homeplace at Minnora
2005-07-14Russell “Dubb” and Eva Collins Knotts
2005-07-13Earl and Lalah Keith Knotts
2005-07-12Little Kanawha Gasboats at the Grantsville Landing
2005-07-11Harley R. Price
2005-07-10Willard Siers
2005-07-09Joy R. Yoak
2005-07-08Effie Stalnaker McCormick Hicks
2005-07-07Unidentified Gasboat
2005-07-06Grover and Rosa Adams Starcher
2005-07-05Jack Yoak
2005-07-04Remains of the old church at Richardson
2005-07-03 Rev. Dwight Lowther
2005-07-02Claudius Andrew Jarvis
2005-07-01Apple Farm Residents
2005-06-30John Huffman Stump
2005-06-29Packet "French"
2005-06-28Lewis Hathaway
2005-06-27John G. McMillen
2005-06-26 Arley Brannon
2005-06-25Louise Gainer
2005-06-24Margaret Bell Stevens
2005-06-231939 Flood
2005-06-22Melvin Howell
2005-06-21Walter Alan Knotts and Henry Edwin Knotts
2005-06-20Louise E. Knotts Gibson Hamric
2005-06-19Scout and Mary Kemmner Sealock
2005-06-18Francis L. Haymaker, Jr.
2005-06-17Levi Parsons
2005-06-16Kent Hinzman
2005-06-15 J. L. "Duke" Jarvis
2005-06-14Calhoun-Gilmer Career Center
2005-06-13Kirby Family at Old Thomas Kirby Home
2005-06-12Abe Webster
2005-06-11Blue Goose School near Richardson
2005-06-10Rev. Fell Kennedy
2005-06-09Creed Brooks
2005-06-08Shirley Smith
2005-06-07Rev. Levi Robert and Emeline Flegel Stump
2005-06-06Riverboat "Sun"
2005-06-05Jack Hickman
2005-06-04Edwin N. McKown
2005-06-03Lee Brady
2005-06-02LK Catfish Catch
2005-06-01Shirley "Shi" Hickman
2005-05-311939 Flood
2005-05-30Gathering at "The Shack" on Leatherbark near Big Springs
2005-05-29Arastus and Cora Barr Stump
2005-05-28Court Street Buildings
2005-05-27John F. Stewart
2005-05-26Eudah M. Clouser Reed
2005-05-25Darius King
2005-05-24Richardson Dam
2005-05-23Mary Core
2005-05-22Old Morgan Store at Mouth of Sinking Springs
2005-05-21Charley Starcher Farm on Slider Fork (Dennis Fork)
2005-05-20James G. Riggs
2005-05-19Foundation Stones
2005-05-18Frame, Shock, Stutler and Little Family Members
2005-05-17Early Drilling Operation
2005-05-16Explosion of Hope Compressor Station at Cabot Station
2005-05-15Barbara Godfrey
2005-05-14Probably Lock No. 3 Little Kanawha River near Elizabeth
2005-05-13Jake Hickman
2005-05-12Gail McDonald
2005-05-11Hill Bourne
2005-05-10Burned Out Shell of Calhoun County High School
2005-05-09Leonard Hickman
2005-05-081939 Flood
2005-05-07James Russell Umstead
2005-05-06Henry Edwin Knotts
2005-05-05Grantsville - Main Street
2005-05-04Richardson Oil & Gas Field Workers
2005-05-03Dolly Morgan, Joy Morgan, Betty Morgan, Ruby Morgan
2005-05-02Paul Siers
2005-05-01Fred Coger
2005-04-30Orvin G. Buck
2005-04-29Old DeWeese Country Store at Milo
2005-04-28Charley Starcher Home on Slider Fork (Dennis Fork)
2005-04-27Al Gainer, Cleo Gainer, Dora Gainer Stump
2005-04-26Remains of the old hotel at Richardson
2005-04-25Our Soldier Boys
2005-04-24Hope Camp under the old Grantsville Bridge
2005-04-23Shirley Smith
2005-04-22Inez Barr
2005-04-20Oral Hickman
2005-04-19George McCoy
2005-04-18Manford Boise
2005-04-17Burned Out Shell of Calhoun County High School
2005-04-16Calhoun County High School Basketball Team
2005-04-151939 Flood
2005-04-14Children of William "Bub" and Samilda Proudfoot Stump
2005-04-13Carr B. and Barbara Ellen “Ellie” Pettit Shaffer
2005-04-12Randy Macky
2005-04-11John Stewart
2005-04-10Main Street in Grantsville
2005-04-09Walter Siers
2005-04-08Manzel Hughes
2005-04-07Oles and Hardman Children
2005-04-06Old Store and Post Office at Mudfork
2005-04-05Charley Starcher
2005-04-04Ernest Weaver
2005-04-03Remains of the old hotel at Richardson
2005-04-02Etta Burrows
2005-04-01Oilfield Workers
2005-03-31Delma Marshall Smith
2005-03-30Vera Stump Barr
2005-03-28Thelbert Walker
2005-03-27Ariel McClain, Jr.
2005-03-26William E. "Tunney" Bennett
2005-03-25Burned Out Shell of Calhoun County High School
2005-03-24Louise Butler McDonald
2005-03-23Calhoun High School Football Team
2005-03-221939 Flood
2005-03-21Waitman T. Ball
2005-03-20Harley Benton Collins
2005-03-19Crystal Richards
2005-03-18Robert Williams
2005-03-17Cicero and Ethel Riddle Godfrey
2005-03-16Andrew L. Core (front right) with Bill Stockwell and a friend.
2005-03-15Denzil Hughes
2005-03-14Eva Blendalena Dye Hathaway
2005-03-13Annamoriah Ferry
2005-03-12Chester Knight
2005-03-11Johnny Weaver
2005-03-10View of Richardson from the Cemetery
2005-03-09Nell Miller
2005-03-08Everett Burrows
2005-03-07Sarah Elizabeth Johnson Morris and Great-grandson, John Morris Stamp
2005-03-06Levi Robert Stump
2005-03-04Marvin Francis
2005-03-03Carl Mathess
2005-03-02Eugene Bennett
2005-03-01Asa Harris, Jr. and Shirley Hickman
2005-02-28George Church
2005-02-27Brian Rogers
2005-02-26Hope Well Accident Site
2005-02-25Waitman T. Ball
2005-02-24Harley and Ruth Stump Collins Home on Mikes Run
2005-02-23James Absalom Knotts, Sr.
2005-02-22James Williams
2005-02-21Godfrey and Riddle Families
2005-02-20Andrew and Lulie M. Wilson Core Family
2005-02-19Homer Hughes of Joker
2005-02-18Velma Fay Oles Hardman
2005-02-17Molasses Making at Grover Starcher's at Hur
2005-02-16Edward H. Burrows
2005-02-15Dale Rupert
2005-02-14Remains of an old cellar at Richardson
2005-02-13Waite Poling
2005-02-12Margaret Jane Layhew Metz
2005-02-11Grantsville IOOF Lodge
2005-02-10Mintor Jackson Stump
2005-02-09Riverboat "Kathryn"
2005-02-08Joe Haught
2005-02-07Alton H. Bell
2005-02-06Frank Maziarczyk, Jr
2005-02-05Local Boys' Sunday School Class
2005-02-04Marcella Roach Church
2005-02-03Norman Yoak
2005-02-02Hope Well Accident Site
2005-02-01Jerrine Stump Brinninstool
2005-01-31Harley and Ruth Stump Collins
2005-01-30Clara Ethel Stemple McDonald with daughter, Veda Marie
2005-01-29Gene Williams
2005-01-28Walter Alan and Bertie "Betty" Ryan Knotts
2005-01-27Calhoun Residents
2005-01-26William "Bub" Slider of Hur
2005-01-25Velma Fay Oles Hardman and Eva Blendalena Dye Hathaway
2005-01-24Molasses Making at Grover Starcher's at Hur
2005-01-23Robert H. Burrows
2005-01-22Bill Smith
2005-01-21Ruins of Buildings at Richardson
2005-01-20Clay Sturm
2005-01-19Orvan "Iss" Buck
2005-01-18Norman and Vernilla Williams
2005-01-17Minter Jackson and Mary Rutherford Stump Family
2005-01-16“G.L. Cabot”
2005-01-15Eudore Richards
2005-01-14Smith Marks
2005-01-13William Basnett
2005-01-12Perkins and Smith Family Members
2005-01-11President Truman Awards Medal of Honor to Bernard Pius Bell
2005-01-10Evadeen Yoak
2005-01-09Hope Well Accident Site
2005-01-08Victor Homer Stump
2005-01-07Arastus and Cora Barr Stump
2005-01-06Isaac Sturm and Second Wife, Sallie Williams (Widow)
2005-01-05Paul Williams
2005-01-04Arnoldsburg School
2005-01-03Ellen D. Paden Core Hamer Berry
2005-01-02Harriet Slider Sturms with son, Harold on Rowels Run
2005-01-01"The Boyz"
2004-12-31Molasses Making at Grover Starcher's at Hur
2004-12-30Walnut Church
2004-12-29Ivan Welch
2004-12-28William and Lillie Browning Tucker
2004-12-27Georgia Ward Stump and Pearl Connolly Shaffer
2004-12-26Florence Murphy Radabaugh
2004-12-25Aftermath of Grantsville Fire
2004-12-24Bertha Stump
2004-12-23Riverboat "Industry"
2004-12-22Denver N. Hays
2004-12-21Jacob Blaine Marks
2004-12-20Joseph Hale Basnett
2004-12-19Homer Sidwell of Booger Hole
2004-12-18Bernard Pius Bell
2004-12-17Woodrow Richards
2004-12-16Female Graduates Calhoun High School
2004-12-15Victor Homer and Ina Fowler Stump with daughter, Janet Stump
2004-12-14Arastus and Cora Barr Stump
2004-12-13Isaac Sturm
2004-12-12Joseph Cain
2004-12-11Minnora School
2004-12-10Andrew L. Core
2004-12-09Boyd H. Duskey
2004-12-08Perry Sturm Family
2004-12-07Day of Infamy - December 7, 1941
2004-12-06Charlotte Jane "Jennie" Slagle Smith
2004-12-05Charley and Lottie Kirby Starcher Country Store at Hur
2004-12-04William Carl Osborne
2004-12-03Jenny Bennett Schartiger
2004-12-02Left to right: Etta Burrows, Pearl Connolly Shaffer, Roxie Connolly Propst
2004-12-01Van and Webb Mace
2004-11-30Building of the Arthur Miller Home on Main Street in Grantsville
2004-11-29Levi Homer Stump
2004-11-28Riverboat "Reliance"
2004-11-27John Wesley and Ruhammah Stallman Kerby
2004-11-26Delbert Stevens
2004-11-25Albert P. Hays
2004-11-24Marshall Limer, Jr.
2004-11-23James Basnett
2004-11-22Rymer "Doc" Law
2004-11-21Margaret Angeline "Maggie" Cline Myers
2004-11-20Grantsville Softball Team
2004-11-19Elk and Little Kanawha Railroad Line Between Gassaway and Shock
2004-11-18Elton "Buck" and Glenna Gainer Burroughs
2004-11-17Eli Stump
2004-11-16Ruth and Una Jarvis
2004-11-15Rachel Rush Goff Hardman
2004-11-14John Everly Husk and Malissa Onida Husk Slider
2004-11-13Glover and Ellen Slider Craddock
2004-11-12Lula Starcher Stevens
2004-11-11Grantsville in two sections
2004-11-10Grantsville Graded School
2004-11-09Kissah E. "Aunt Sis" Starcher Slider
2004-11-08Tuttle Hill School on Husk Ridge
2004-11-07Eudore T. "Mike" Kight
2004-11-06Thomas Jefferson and Francis Virginia Parsons Newell
2004-11-05Jesse and Mabel Connolly Parsons
2004-11-04Starkey School on Daniels Run
2004-11-03Quinby and Katherine Marshall Hosey Family Home on Big Root
2004-11-02Benjamin "Bee" Stump
2004-11-01"Nellie Geer"
2004-10-31Austin W. Pugh
2004-10-30David Henry Lamp
2004-10-29Willie Barnes
2004-10-28Noah A. Criss with Unknown Child
2004-10-27Thomas Albert McClellen "Mack" Myers
2004-10-26Clarence D. Hickman
2004-10-25Building Railroad Up the Right Fork of Tanner
2004-10-24Calhoun County High School Home Economics Class
2004-10-23Melissa Mace
2004-10-22James Madison "Pete" and Laura Ellen Brown Catlett Hicks Family
2004-10-21Howard Waldo
2004-10-20Oly Husk, Absalom Husk, John Everly Husk
2004-10-19Glover and Ellen Slider Craddock
2004-10-18Denzil Hughes
2004-10-17Myrtle Duskey Ritchea
2004-10-16Lulu Adams Slider and daughter Harriet Slider Sturm
2004-10-15Starcher Log Home on Head of Rowels Run
2004-10-14Oles Garage
2004-10-13William George Schartiger
2004-10-12Calhoun County High School Homecoming Parade
2004-10-11William Franklin Radabaugh
2004-10-10Group in Front of Fogle House
2004-10-09Roy William Linger
2004-10-08Riverboats "Kanawha" and "Glenville"
2004-10-07Rome Collins
2004-10-06Wilbert Knight
2004-10-05William Barnes
2004-10-04Jesse Carpenter and Catherine Stalnaker Gainer
2004-10-03Morgan and Dena Schupps Tingler Family
2004-10-02Log Cabin Service Station and Tavern
2004-10-01Timbering Bear Fork
2004-07-11Calhoun County High School Business Lab
2004-07-10Lillie Maud Mace
2004-07-09Delma Marshall Smith
2004-07-08Arnoldsburg Elementary School
2004-07-07William Washington "Lonnie" and Dora Gorby Husk
2004-07-06Harold Craddock
2004-07-05Festus Stevens
2004-07-04Old Mace Home
2004-07-03Robert and Perry Sturm of Little Creek
2004-07-02Hur United Methodist (Mt. Olive) Church
2004-06-30John McFarland and Missouri Brown Yoak Ball Family
2004-06-29Grantsville Flood
2004-06-28Bryan Ward, Sr.
2004-06-27Fogle House Hotel and Boarding House in Grantsville
2004-06-26Commodore Stevens
2004-06-25Riverboat "Acme"
2004-06-24Ivy Von Yoak
2004-06-23Junior Knight
2004-06-22Thomas Dawson Barker
2004-06-21Everett Gainer, Jr.
2004-06-20Sons of Ira and Mary Belle Price Reip
2004-06-19Log Cabin Service Station
2004-06-18Teamsters Hauling Barrel Staves to the Elk and Little Kanawha Railroad
2004-06-17Calhoun County High School National Award Winning Band
2004-06-16Virginia “Jenny” Mace
2004-06-15Reeta Fowler
2004-06-14Mabel Rampp Cutshaw Miller and Minnie Rampp Fetty Kemmner
2004-06-13William Washington "Lonnie" and Dora Gorby Husk Family
2004-06-12James S. and Joanna Shaffer Duskey Family
2004-06-11Lydia Shaffer Greathouse
2004-06-10Groundhog Ridge School near Creston
2004-06-09Ray Slider
2004-06-08Kail Robinson, Cleo Robinson, Kenneth Robinson
2004-06-07Oles Garage on Court Street
2004-06-06Fred Ball
2004-06-05Grantsville Flood
2004-06-04Andy and Josie Stutler Craddock
2004-06-03Early Rig Builders
2004-06-02Catherine Sturm Gunn
2004-06-01Riverboat "Return"
2004-05-31The Ultimate Sacrifice
2004-05-30Harold R. Yoak
2004-05-29Edward Knight
2004-05-28Helen Ball
2004-05-27Left to right: Eva Yoak, Cintilla Boggs Stump.
2004-05-26Daughters of Alonzo and Elizabeth Hall Stump
2004-05-25Dragging the Little Kanawha River
2004-05-24Victor Hamilton
2004-05-23Mary "Polly" Arnold Knotts
2004-05-22Stella Robinson
2004-05-21William T. and Theodocia Barr Marshall Family
2004-05-20Walter Haas at the Hassig Store above Richardson when it was used as a house.
2004-05-19Glenn C. Poling
2004-05-18Robert Burrows
2004-05-17Ivan Shaffer
2004-05-16John and Sam Lawson
2004-05-15Garnet and Fannie Minney Hersman
2004-05-14Velma Beall Reaser
2004-05-13Oles Garage on Court Street
2004-05-12Dorsey Richards
2004-05-11Children's Music Class
2004-05-10Construction of New Russett Bridge Across Sycamore
2004-05-09Cutting Railroad Ties
2004-05-08Calhoun County High School Football
2004-05-07Millstone Church of Christ
2004-05-06Catherine Sturm Gunn
2004-05-05Riverboat "Acme"
2004-05-04Ira Paul Yoak
2004-05-03William King
2004-05-02Donald Ball
2004-05-01Daughters of Okey and Esther Gainer at Hog Knob
2004-04-30Dalton and Vada Parsons Reip
2004-04-29Grantsville Fire
2004-04-28Sanford and Ethel Collins Brown
2004-04-27Train Load of Barrel Staves Transported by Elk and Little Kanawha Railroad
2004-04-26Miss Nettie Stump
2004-04-25James Madison "Pete" and Laura Ellen Brown Catlett Hicks Family
2004-04-24Hattie Bergen Stewart, Lucy Bergen Rampp, Minnie Rampp Fetty Kemmner
2004-04-23William A. and Stella Alice Hamer Stockwell
2004-04-22Henry Cottrell
2004-04-21William Greathouse
2004-04-20Paulser B. Parsons with unidentified child
2004-04-19Grover and Rosa Adams Starcher Family
2004-04-18Riverboat at Glenville
2004-04-17Oles Garage on Court Street
2004-04-16Elizabeth Robinson Ball
2004-04-15A. G. Burns and Charter Shaffer with the "Defense Duck"
2004-04-14Lower Rush Run School on Steer Creek
2004-04-13Calhoun County High School
2004-04-12John N. Sturm
2004-04-11Riverboat "Louise"
2004-04-10Morris C Yoak
2004-04-09William John Kight
2004-04-08Wheeler Bailey
2004-04-07Bower Grocery Store, located at Booger Hole (Henrietta) on Route 5 east of Grantsville
2004-04-06George Warren Knotts with Granddaughter, Anna Lee Knotts
2004-04-05Grantsville Fire
2004-04-04Atha Collins
2004-04-03Mill Workers During Timbering Operation in Bear Fork
2004-04-02William Draper and Elizabeth Stump Gates Family
2004-04-01Mary Matilda Stump
2004-03-31Ralph Leonard McDonald
2004-03-30John and Hattie Bergen Stewart on a Sunday outing near Richardson
2004-03-29Asher Stockwell
2004-03-28Unspecified Event on Old Red Brick Courthouse Lawn
2004-03-27Well Site near Richardson
2004-03-26Homer Robinson
2004-03-25Alva W. and Maud Z. Bell and Daughter, Pauline Bell
2004-03-24Riverboat Traffic at Glenville
2004-03-23Oles Garage on Court Street
2004-03-22Big Root or Kenna School
2004-03-21Emily and Charles Toepher
2004-03-20Lower Rush Run School
2004-03-19Charlie "Spav" Stump with Beauty
2004-03-18Main Street in Grantsville
2004-03-17Edith H" on the Little Kanawha River
2004-03-16Agnew Yoak
2004-03-15Henry A. Kight
2004-03-14Ronzel Bailey
2004-03-13James Hampton "Sidder"Bower and his Prize Hog
2004-03-12John R. and Delma Hall Knotts Family
2004-03-11Ollie Vance Starcher
2004-03-10Grantsville Fire
2004-03-09Harley Benton and Ruth Stump Collins Home on Mikes Run
2004-03-08Bear Fork Mill
2004-03-07Earl E. Gates
2004-03-06Frank and Vista Burroughs Gainer
2004-03-05Hazel Marshall Frey
2004-03-04Richardson/Hassig Residents
2004-03-03Wayne School on Beech Fork
2004-03-02Lucy Rohrbaugh Garton
2004-03-01John Garton
2004-02-29Arnoldsburg Baptist Church
2004-02-28Zanie Richards Yost
2004-02-27Ova Hinzman Hardman and Daughters
2004-02-26Russell and Pearl Goff Slider
2004-02-25Riverboat "Ruby"
2004-02-24Harry Smith
2004-02-23Big Root School Function
2004-02-22Eugene Shaffer, "Spav" Stump, and Bob Umstead
2004-02-21Mill Run School
2004-02-20Grandfather and Grandson
2004-02-19Annamoriah Ferry
2004-02-17Carl Richards
2004-02-16Glendon B. Kight
2004-02-15Peter Audy
2004-02-14Herman Witte Store at Apple Farm
2004-02-13Starcher and Mace Family
2004-02-12Grantsville Fire
2004-02-11Harley Benton Collins
2004-02-10Operating a Tram Car in Bear Fork
2004-02-09Ruby Gates Pugh Johnson
2004-02-08Zella Stump
2004-02-07William Thomas Lockridge Marshall
2004-02-06Alfred Kemmner, Richardson Resident
2004-02-05Robert Melville Marshall
2004-02-04Yoak Family
2004-02-03Three Generations - Maze Family
2004-02-02Children of Franklin D. Weaver's First Marriage
2004-02-01Harriett Slider Husk
2004-01-31Mildred Marshall Jackson
2004-01-30Mont Smith
2004-01-29Benjamin and Clara Belle Richards Holbert
2004-01-28Charter Shaffer
2004-01-27Knight School on Sycamore Creek
2004-01-26Loyal Order of Redmen and Pocahontases
2004-01-25Creston Ferry
2004-01-24Riverboat "J. G. Oles"
2004-01-23Oral E. Bower
2004-01-22Freddie C. Kight
2004-01-21Hershel Anderson
2004-01-20Rubert Stump
2004-01-19French Starcher Comes Home From the Army
2004-01-18Tracy Allen
2004-01-17Emily Louvernia McIntyre
2004-01-16Engine and Flatcar Wreck While Timbering in Bear Fork
2004-01-15John W. Pugh
2004-01-14Leon L. and Lucille Deweese Stump
2004-01-13Velma Riggs Huffman
2004-01-12George Rampp
2004-01-11William M. and Sarah Debitha Brown Yoak
2004-01-10Joshua Smith
2004-01-09Jauniata Richards Stiffler
2004-01-08Four Generations
2004-01-07Joseph and Elizabeth E. Kerby Slider
2004-01-06Grantsville Young People
2004-01-05Lynn Oles, Sr. Home
2004-01-04Elizabeth Jane Danley Hardman
2004-01-03David Crockett and Caroline Murray Grimm at Home on Slab Run Road
2004-01-02A. G. "Cue" Burns and Charter Shaffer with the "Defense Duck"
2004-01-01Lester School on Henrys Fork
2003-12-31Charlie "Spav" Stump and Charles Albert Stump
2003-12-30Hanning Poling
2003-12-29Little Kanawha River Traffic
2003-12-27Rubert Stump
2003-12-26Starcher and Mace Family Members
2003-12-25Daughters of Fielden and Almira Bailey Allen
2003-12-24Henry Benton Collins
2003-12-23One of Many Deep Cuts for the Railroad into Bear Fork
2003-12-22Korean War Veterans
2003-12-21Hallie Stump Stump
2003-12-20Delma Marshall Smith and Reeta Fowler
2003-12-19Glen V. Fowler
2003-12-18Hickman Boiler House located across from the "Mose Hole" above Richardson
2003-12-17Kester Bostic
2003-12-16E. B. Maze, Sam Maze, Andrew C. Maze
2003-12-15Children of Franklin D. Weaver's First Marriage
2003-12-14Woodrow Whytsell
2003-12-13Robert Melville Marshall
2003-12-12Leavy O. VanHorn
2003-12-11Rufus Schoolcraft
2003-12-10Grantsville Flood - November 1985
2003-12-09Ivan Umstead
2003-12-08Mt. Zion School in Calhoun County - 1885-1924
2003-12-07Survivor Rescue Near Burning U.S.S. West Virginia as she sits on the Bottom of Pearl Harbor
2003-12-06Loyal Order of Redmen and Pocahontases
2003-12-05Calhoun County's Old Red Brick Courthouse
2003-12-04Ruth Stump Collins and Step-brother, Roy Davis
2003-12-03Riverboat "J. G. Oles"
2003-12-02Robert Carl Chenoweth
2003-12-01Jack and Ocie Price Starcher
2003-11-30Grantsville Attorneys
2003-11-29Track Workers
2003-11-28Wattie Yoak
2003-11-27Judson and Naoma Stump Riddle Family
2003-11-26Rev. Whitt Stump
2003-11-25Charlie Fetty and Alfred Kemmner
2003-11-24Kenneth "Mike" Harris
2003-11-23Alpha and Madeline Roberts Riddle
2003-11-22Fred Basnett
2003-11-21Woodrow and Randall Whytsell
2003-11-20Donald Lee Edgell
2003-11-19Myrtle M. Simers Marshall
2003-11-18Henry C. Wilson
2003-11-17Joe Parsons
2003-11-16Old Country Store on Sycamore in Calhoun County
2003-11-15Catch for the Day
2003-11-14Hog Knob School
2003-11-13Hamilton Connolly Family
2003-11-12First Baptist Church of Grantsville
2003-11-11Junk Boat
2003-11-10Riverboat "Return"
2003-11-09Garland Buck
2003-11-08Eva Starcher Cain
2003-11-07John M. Hamilton
2003-11-06Ethel Collins Brown
2003-11-05Mary Core and Mattie Core Rowand
2003-11-04Marshall and Barr Family Members
2003-11-03Scott Duffield, Mary Jerusha Mollohan Duffield, Curt Duffield
2003-11-02Theodore Richards
2003-11-01Carter Oil Company barn at Hassig Yard
2003-10-31John Logan Reip
2003-10-30Hubert Kerby and Holly Sampson of Barnes Run
2003-10-29Louis Flenner
2003-10-28Victor Whytsell
2003-10-27Stinson Church of Christ
2003-10-26Amanda Barnes Wigner
2003-10-25Fred O. Barnes
2003-10-24Jennings Hathaway Family
2003-10-23Old Five Forks Post Office in Calhoun County
2003-10-22Grantsville Viewed from Pine Creek Hill
2003-10-21First Sheriff to Occupy the New Sheriff's Residence and Jail Building
2003-10-20Barnes Run School
2003-10-19Pulley and Belt Configuration on the "Reliance"
2003-10-18Clifford Kinley Smith
2003-10-17Knotts Memorial Methodist Church
2003-10-16Riverboat "Return"
2003-10-15Holbert Clan
2003-10-14Stump and Starcher Families on the Lower West Fork
2003-10-13Grace Hamilton Long
2003-10-12Walter and Virginia Boten Collins Family
2003-10-11Chester Cunningham
2003-10-10Earl T. Sullivan
2003-10-09Charles Clinton Knotts
2003-10-08Willa Stump Raybuck
2003-10-07Carter Oil Company House at Hassig Yard, built in 1907
2003-10-06Walter C. Farrar
2003-10-05Everett and Ellsworth Kerby
2003-10-04Homer Maze
2003-10-03Dallas Stump
2003-10-02Ward School 1920s
2003-10-01William "Bub" and Samilda Proudfoot Stump with son, Arastus
2003-09-30Harold J. Marshall
2003-09-29Jennings and Emma Sturms Hathaway Home on Pine Creek
2003-09-28Calhoun County High School Red Devil Marching Band
2003-09-27Levi Morris
2003-09-26Deep Valley School
2003-09-25Broomstick Community Church
2003-09-24Harley Benton and Ruth Stump Collins
2003-09-23Children of Levi Homer and Bertha Stump Stump
2003-09-22Mr. & Mrs. Frank Geer and children, Nora, Nellie, and Frank Jr.
2003-09-21Lorrin Lee Hosey
2003-09-20Stump and Starcher Families on the Lower West Fork
2003-09-19Lorentz Carr, Sr. and Nelle Dodson Hamilton
2003-09-18Wedding "Sernade" of Paul and Erma Smith Hays
2003-09-17Bruce and Eva Nutter Riggs
2003-09-16Dorothy Eileen Tolley Sullivan
2003-09-15Isaiah Knotts
2003-09-14James Henry Hamilton Marshall
2003-09-13Ruth Pell
2003-09-12Cecil Wolverton
2003-09-11Sylvester Kerby Home on Kerby Ridge near Hur
2003-09-10Charlie Bassnett
2003-09-09Dallas Stump
2003-09-08Jim Yoak, Johnnie Yoak, Florence Yoak
2003-09-07Catherine Gainer Wigner
2003-09-06David Frank Marshall
2003-09-05Cecil Harold Morehead
2003-09-04Tamie O. Jenkins Yoak
2003-09-03Cabot Station Following Explosion
2003-09-02Grantsville Graded School
2003-09-01Levi Morris
2003-08-31Pokeberry School near Broomstick
2003-08-30Hagan Barr in New Orleans
2003-08-29Grantsville Flood
2003-08-28Levi Homer and Bertha Stump Stump
2003-08-27Mr. & Mrs. Frank Geer and children, Nora, Nellie, and Frank Jr.
2003-08-26Roberts Kids
2003-08-25Virginia Hathaway Kirby
2003-08-24John M. and Minnie Cook Hamilton
2003-08-23Ellouise Smith Pritchett
2003-08-22Bruce Riggs
2003-08-21Walter Marshall
2003-08-20Ella Pim Knotts
2003-08-19Nancy Proudfoot Weaver
2003-08-18Okey E. Greathouse
2003-08-17Lennis Hathaway
2003-08-16Simon "Million Mile Walker" Greathouse
2003-08-15Roy Elliott and Ernest Elliott
2003-08-14Roy Miller
2003-08-13Emanuel and Azeline Sturm Hersman
2003-08-12Woodrow and Eleanor Wilson Taylor
2003-08-11WW II Veterans
2003-08-10Herbert C. Smith
2003-08-09Roy Brooks and Dolly Gray Jarvis with baby Steve
2003-08-08James E. Morford
2003-08-07Grantsville Grade School
2003-08-06Catharine "Aunt Kate" Morris Garretson
2003-08-05Klipstine School
2003-08-04Roy Stump and Son, Hatzel, in a boat built by Roy
2003-08-03Main Street in Grantsville
2003-08-02Unidentified Boat
2003-08-01Charles Propst
2003-07-31Grantsville Odd Fellows and Rebekahs
2003-07-30James Earl Knotts
2003-07-29Atha Collins Smith Sayer
2003-07-28McClelland and Sarah Jane Sharps Barr
2003-07-27Bill Brannon
2003-07-26Sara Jane Knotts Knotts
2003-07-25Oleta Marshall Weaver and Delma Marshall Smith
2003-07-24Harvey G. Burrows
2003-07-23Leonard Hathaway
2003-07-22G. W. Hardman, Jr. and Allen Hardman Home on Barnes Run
2003-07-21James Anderson Burns
2003-07-20Children of Henry and Eliabeth Mittendorf Wallbrown
2003-07-19Arnold and Mary Ethel Yoak Snider
2003-07-18 Riverboat "Flora B." and Little Kanawha Riverboat Traffic
2003-07-17James Riddel
2003-07-16Elias Yoak
2003-07-15Will Yoak
2003-07-14Virgil Hickman
2003-07-13Rose Fowler Stump
2003-07-12Ruth Stump Collins with grandson, Thomas Mark Knotts
2003-07-11Memorial Day Service
2003-07-10World War I Soldiers
2003-07-09James Howard Barr
2003-07-08Job's Temple on Rt. 5 between Grantsville and Glenville
2003-07-07Baxter Stump
2003-07-06Isabelle Whipkey Burrows
2003-07-05Cabot Station
2003-07-04Edwin E. Stump
2003-07-02Goodnight Family
2003-07-01Arzie Freed
2003-05-10Gail Hosey
2003-05-09Flood Damage - Fill Washed Out at Mouth of Leafbank
2003-05-08Calhoun High School Football Team - 1939
2003-05-07Ocie G. Bennett
2003-05-06Rev. J. Smith Dye
2003-05-05Joy Riding
2003-05-04John Nelson and Alcinda Laverna Minnear Bell
2003-05-03Court Street in Grantsville
2003-05-02Old Calhoun County High School
2003-05-01Mt. Zion School
2003-04-30Sheriff Robert J. Knotts, Sr.
2003-04-29Frank Gainer
2003-04-28Turkeys on Main Street in Grantsville
2003-04-27Charles Lewis Collins
2003-04-26Carr B. Shaffer
2003-04-25Left to right: Robert Hamilton, Julius Pell and Arthur Miller.
2003-04-24James and Matilda Stump Barr
2003-04-23Ella Pettit Shaffer
2003-04-22Grantsville Fishermen
2003-04-21First Baptist Church of Grantsville - J.W. Pell Class Band
2003-04-20Russett School - Upper Room
2003-04-19Winfield Scott Hosey
2003-04-18Cabot Station Construction
2003-04-17Russett School - Lower Room
2003-04-16Quimby and Catherine Marshall Hosey
2003-04-15Cabot Station Construction
2003-04-14Jake Bennett
2003-04-13John Snider
2003-04-12Cisco Jackson and Effa Amanda Hufford Collins
2003-04-11Calhoun Residents
2003-04-10Bee Hopkins Farm at Minnora
2003-04-09First Baptist Church of Grantsville
2003-04-08Mrs. Jake Huffman
2003-04-07Rev. Nelson H. Bartlett
2003-04-06Chapel Baptist Church at Nobe
2003-04-05Grantsville Public School
2003-04-04Melvin Dennis Arnold, Sr.
2003-04-03Wiant & Barr Store
2003-04-02Children of Harold "Budge" and Lenna Wigner Marshall
2003-04-01Stella Alice Hamer Stockwell
2002-11-14Robert. J. Knotts, Jr. Garage
2002-11-13William Barnes and Joe Amos
2002-11-12Rev. Nelson H. and Daisy Garten Bartlett Family
2002-11-11J. D. Wolverton
2002-11-10Grantsville Flood
2002-11-09Grantsville Residents
2002-11-08Tom Wolverton
2002-11-07Grantsville - Fourth of July Parade
2002-11-06Harry Smith and Harold "Budge" Marshall
2002-11-05Grantsville Grade School - Grade 3
2002-11-04Grantsville - Fourth of July Parade
2002-11-03John Thomas Marshall
2002-11-02Grantsville Grade School - Grade 1
2002-11-01Grantsville - Fourth of July Parade
2002-10-31Joy Riding
2002-10-30Grantsville Grade School
2002-10-29Drilling Operation
2002-10-28Walter Marshall
2002-10-27Harold Bennett
2002-10-26Macedonia "Mack" and Mary Elizabeth Morris Fowler
2002-10-25Front: Hattie Dilworth Thomas; Back: Mattie Thomas Mathews, May Thomas Marshall.
2002-10-24Bernard H. Ayers
2002-10-23Grantsville - Main Street - November 11, 1918
2002-10-22Running in Ice on the Little Kanawha River
2002-10-21Sue Ferrell Ayers
2002-10-20Riverboat "Grantsville"
2002-10-19Robert Melville Marshall
2002-10-18Godfrey Lowell Cabot as a Young Man
2002-10-17Steamboat "Sun"
2002-10-16Yoak Family
2002-10-15Godfrey L. Cabot Carbon Black Factory
2002-10-14Junction of Hughes and Little Kanawha Rivers
2002-10-13Everett and Annie Morris Burns Children
2002-10-12Calhoun County Institute
2002-10-11Samuel and Rachel Weaver Barr Log Home
2002-10-10Obert Fowler
2002-10-09Little Kanawha River - Lock No. 2 - Leachtown
2002-10-08Samuel and Rachel Weaver Barr Log Home
2002-10-07Yoak Children
2002-10-06Arnoldsburg Community Church
2002-10-05Calhoun High School Freshmen
2002-10-04Bitha Brown Yoak
2002-10-03Godfrey L. Cabot Carbon Black Factory
2002-10-02Carl R. Morris
2002-10-01Uriah and Dorcas Collins Brown
2002-09-30Godfrey L. Cabot Carbon Black Factory
2002-09-29The War is Over!
2002-09-28Waitman Ball
2002-09-27Walter O. "Shoad" Ward
2002-09-26Calhoun County Courthouse Employees
2002-09-25Devil's Tea Table
2002-09-24Olen Ward, Jahugh Ward, Oren Ward
2002-09-22Children of James Propst
2002-09-21Dennis Ash
2002-09-20Bill Durst
2002-09-19Ellhanon "Ellie" Propst
2002-09-18Bank of Grantsville Building
2002-09-17John Harris
2002-09-16Cabot Station Flood
2002-09-15John Connolly
2002-09-14Bill Kelley
2002-09-13Cabot Station Flood
2002-09-12Hazel Mollohan and Isabelle Jarvis Santy
2002-09-112002 Floral Flag
2002-09-10Earl Ferrell
2002-09-09Cabot Station Flood
2002-09-08Grantsville Smokers
2002-09-07McCune and Sampson Families
2002-09-06Isaac C. Hersman
2002-09-05Cabot Station Flood
2002-09-04St. Paul Church
2002-09-03James Burdell "Popeye" Harris
2002-09-02Canzada Proudfoot Hersman
2002-09-01Cabot Station Flood
2002-08-31Orville Kight
2002-08-30Pier and Stonemasons for Bridge Across Yellow Creek at Brooksville
2002-08-29Cabot Station Flood
2002-08-28Elias Yoak
2002-08-27Stacie McCune Ferebee Allen
2002-08-26World War I Soldiers on Lawn of Old Red Brick Courthouse
2002-08-25Walter and Mary Givens Burrows
2002-08-24Lee Gainer
2002-08-23John Alva Kelley
2002-08-22World War I Soldiers on Lawn of Old Red Brick Courthouse
2002-08-21Bull River School
2002-08-20John and Caroline Collins Snider
2002-08-19James K. "Ken" Kendall
2002-08-18Bull River School
2002-08-17Nancy Collins
2002-08-16Wedding of Foster and Nora Blackshire Vannoy
2002-08-15Bull River School
2002-08-14Ursala Duffield
2002-08-13Grantsville Graded School
2002-08-12Prosperity School
2002-08-11Dona and Darl Helmick
2002-08-10Calhoun County High School
2002-08-09Harley Harris
2002-08-08Creed Hicks and Bina Duffield
2002-08-07Virginia Stutler Arthur
2002-08-06Leamon Church and AI Ward
2002-08-05Scott Duffield
2002-08-04Silas Belt Home at Industry
2002-08-03Hale Riddle
2002-08-02Bina Duffield
2002-08-01M. A. C. Board
2002-07-31James L. Burrows
2002-07-30West Fork Citizens
2002-07-29Sheriff M. A. C. Board
2002-07-28Hathaway Brothers Lumber on Phillips Run
2002-07-27Noah A. Criss with Unknown Child
2002-07-26Morgan and Bertha Booher Marks with Unidentified Child
2002-07-25Doris P. Kight
2002-07-24Everett, Jr. and Mattie Gainer
2002-07-23Ivy and Maude Booher Gainer
2002-07-22Irvin S. McClain
2002-07-21Children of L.T. "Doud" and Dora Gainer Stump
2002-07-20The Marks Children
2002-07-19Lelia M. Hathaway
2002-07-18Cintilla J. Boggs Stump
2002-07-16Robert E. Shaffer
2002-07-15Jesse Carpenter and Catherine Stalnaker Gainer
2002-07-14James M. Cain
2002-07-13Clark Schoolcraft
2002-07-12Members of Grantsville Newly Organized Boy Scout Troop
2002-07-11Dallas Kight
2002-07-10Robert Lester Lish
2002-07-09Frederick S. Hathaway
2002-07-08Grantsville Grade School
2002-07-07Mary Jane Hefner
2002-07-06W.T.W. Dye With Two Early High School Teachers
2002-07-05Tamie O. Jenkins Yoak
2002-07-04Denzil Bailey
2002-07-03W.T.W. Dye Family
2002-07-02Jarvis Brothers
2002-07-01Russell G. Hunt
2002-06-30WW I Victory Parade in Grantsville
2002-06-29Roy Brooks Jarvis
2002-06-28J. Willis Divers
2002-06-27Cintilla J. Boggs Stump
2002-06-26Forrest Conley, Jennings Jarvis, Glen Conley (baby), Roy Brooks Jarvis
2002-06-25Jesse "Grump" Stump
2002-06-24Miss Nettie Stump, Cintilla J. Boggs Stump
2002-06-23Wilber Whipkey
2002-06-22Johnny Dye
2002-06-21Cintilla J. Boggs Stump and Betty Dobbins Hopkins
2002-06-20Nizzie Grimm Blakely
2002-06-19Hatzel Stump
2002-06-18Calhoun Fox Chasers Association
2002-06-17Joe Bennett
2002-06-16Dolan Sears
2002-06-15Lester School
2002-06-14John Kelly
2002-06-13Denver Kight
2002-06-12Fred Hathaway and Daughter, Virginia Hathaway
2002-06-11Barr Curry
2002-06-10Woodrow Goodnight
2002-06-09Wiant and Barr Store
2002-06-08The Curry Kids
2002-06-07Stuck in the Mud
2002-06-06Bernard Curry
2002-06-05Dr. James A. and Cora Griggs Dye Family
2002-06-04Albert J. Ball, Sadie Scott Ball, Thelma McCoy Roach
2002-06-03Guy Bowers and his Horses
2002-06-02Grantsville Graded School
2002-06-01Kenneth C. "Buck" Ball
2002-05-31Grantsville Graded School
2002-05-30Calhoun Cottage
2002-05-29Albert and Gertrude Francis Kight Family
2002-05-28John and Rilla Francis Harris Family
2002-05-27George and Clara Stump Cain
2002-05-26Middle Run Baptist Church
2002-05-25Elizabeth Hall Stump with Son, Charles B. Stump
2002-05-24Drilling Operation in Calhoun County
2002-05-23Issac LaFever Simers
2002-05-22Old Building at Orma in Washington District
2002-05-21Albert C. and Sophia Jane Greathouse Cunningham Family
2002-05-20Old Building at Orma in Washington District
2002-05-19Robert Garretson
2002-05-18Barnes Run Church - Also Known as Walnut Grove Church
2002-05-17Mabel Dawson Garretson
2002-05-16George White
2002-05-15Drilling in Calhoun County
2002-05-14William A. and Mary Jerusha Mollohan Duffield Family
2002-05-13Raymon and Ena Barr Boggs
2002-05-12First Car on the West Fork
2002-05-11Grantsville Flood
2002-05-10Mary Jerusha Mollohan Duffield and her mother, Mary Boggs Mollohan
2002-05-09Gene Hope Ayers Kight
2002-05-08Mary Jerusha Mollohan Duffield
2002-05-07Virgil Kelley
2002-05-06Earl Crawford
2002-05-05Priscilla Grimm, Caroline Murray Grimm, Minnie Grimm
2002-05-04Courtney Cooper of Walnut
2002-05-03Marian and Mary Elizabeth Phillips Radabaugh
2002-05-02Elsie Duffield Criss
2002-05-01Pauline Westfall
2002-04-30Noah A. Criss
2002-04-29Brooksville School
2002-04-28Left to right: Addie Duffield, Tommy Hicks, Creed Lamb.
2002-04-27Grantsville Graded School
2002-04-26West Fork Timber Workers
2002-04-25Grantsville Graded School
2002-04-24Addie Duffield - WW I - Died of Disease - Buried in France
2002-04-23Grantsville Graded School
2002-04-22Grave of Addie Duffield in France - WW I Casualty
2002-04-21Scott Duffield
2002-04-20Grantsville Grade School
2002-04-19Grantsville Graded School
2002-04-18Ray Goodnight
2002-04-17Opal Bennett Bland Gainer
2002-04-16Robert Lee Jackson and Hannah Huffman Marshall Family
2002-04-15Hope Natural Gas Company Pipeline Gang
2002-04-14Alfonso and Opal Bennett Gainer
2002-04-13White Pine School
2002-04-12Robert and Jane Ellison Wilson with Unknown Child
2002-04-11Edith Marshall Morris
2002-04-10Mary Huffman Johnson
2002-04-09John H. Johnson
2002-04-08Levi Morris
2002-04-07Anna Milliken Morris
2002-04-06Ida Murphy, Lester Murphy and George Murphy
2002-04-05Otis McEndree
2002-04-04Lottie Elliott Gainer McEndree
2002-04-03Francis Kelley
2002-04-02Mary Della Grimm Kelley
2002-04-01Francis Kelley
2002-03-31Doy V. Arnold
2002-03-30Paul and Georgia Riddle Stump
2002-03-29Opal Hardman Proudfoot
2002-03-28Gona Hardman and Arden McCoy
2002-03-27Cleo and Phelma Hathaway Gainer
2002-03-26Phelma Hathaway Gainer
2002-03-25Randall E. and Blanche Parrill Whytsell
2002-03-24Cleo and Cora Gainer Keiser
2002-03-23Fred Johnson
2002-03-22Bert Craddock
2002-03-21Grantsville Flood
2002-03-20Uncle Sam's Boys of Calhoun
2002-03-19Calhoun Soldier Boys
2002-03-18Poling School on Sycamore
2002-03-17Rush Run Community IOOF Lodge
2002-03-16Rush Run Community IOOF Lodge
2002-03-15Bell School at Freed
2002-03-14Hall V. Francis
2002-03-13Glen Francis, Born 1908 and Clay Francis, Born 1909
2002-03-12Lillie Maud Mace Knotts
2002-03-11Clara Burrows Francis and Joseph Lee Francis
2002-03-10Eddie and Elma Barr Barnes
2002-03-09Pleasant Hill Bible School
2002-03-08Harold B. "Casey" and Opal Hardman Proudfoot
2002-03-06Road Crew Workers - Steer Creek Area
2002-03-02Court Street in Grantsville
2002-02-28Gene Hope Ayers Kight
2002-02-27Arthur Stevens
2002-02-26Emil Kelly Burrows
2002-02-25Howard Ball
2002-02-24Lillie Kight
2002-02-23Frank Van Horn
2002-02-22Grantsville - Main Street
2002-02-21Osceola Duffield Jarvis
2002-02-20David Crockett and Caroline Murray Grimm Family
2002-02-19Alfred "Ted" and Caroline "Lina" Kelley Barr
2002-02-18W. M. Merrill
2002-02-17Thanksgiving Snow - November 29, 1950
2002-02-16Old Wiant and Barr Store Building on Market Street
2002-02-15Grantsville Flood - November 1985
2002-02-14Grantsville Flood - November 1985
2002-02-13Grantsville Flood - November 1985
2002-02-12Grantsville Flood - November 1985
2002-02-11Grantsville Flood - November 1985
2002-02-10Grantsville Flood - November 1985
2002-02-09Grantsville Flood - November 1985
2002-02-08Grantsville Flood - November 1985
2002-02-07Grantsville Flood - November 1985
2002-02-06Cherry Fork United Methodist Church
2002-02-05Citizens aboard the riverboat, Grantsville, under the old Grantsville bridge
2002-02-04Andrew C. Maze, Jr. with his favorite horse, "Bess"
2002-02-03Mattie Maze Davis
2002-02-02Grace Maze and Frankie Maze
2002-02-01Ellie Blackshire
2002-01-31Bull River School
2002-01-30Marion and Mary E. Phillips Radabaugh Farm
2002-01-29Estelle Wease
2002-01-28Dennis and Ruth Bennett Wease
2002-01-27Burned Out Shell - Calhoun County High School
2002-01-26Junior and Margaret Hawkins Family
2002-01-25Rebuilt Cabot Station Following Explosion of November 22, 1945
2002-01-24Cabot Station Following Explosion
2002-01-23Cabot Station Following Explosion
2002-01-22Cabot Station Following Explosion
2002-01-21Grantsville Flood - March 1918
2002-01-20Stevens School
2002-01-19William Henry "Wig" Bickel
2002-01-18W.H. Bickel Well
2002-01-17The Bank of Grantsville
2002-01-16Children of Noah A. and Elsie Duffield Criss
2002-01-15Carr B. and Ella Pettit Shaffer Family
2002-01-14Calhoun County High School Girls' Basketball Team
2002-01-13Flood Damage
2002-01-12George Whipkey
2002-01-11Spencer White and Laura Grimm
2002-01-10Mary Elizabeth Linger Kelly
2001-12-26John and Mary Elizabeth Linger Kelly Family
2001-12-25Caroline Kelley Barr
2001-12-24Isaac Richards
2001-12-23Claudius Andrew Jarvis
2001-12-22The Cough Drop Boys
(Smith Brothers)
2001-12-21 John and Mary Elizabeth "Polly" Ferrell Kelley Family Home on Laurel Creek.
2001-12-20William A. and Mary Jerusha Mollohan Duffield Home on West Fork
2001-12-19Harvey and Elizabeth Blackshire Maze Family
2001-12-18Sam Maze and Mattie Maze Davis
2001-12-17Marion and Mary Elizabeth Phillips Radabaugh Farm
2001-12-16Upper West Fork Residents
2001-12-15Homer & Louisa Godfrey Riddle
2001-12-14Hettie Stump Reed
2001-12-13Scene from the Riverboat Era
2001-12-12Jessie G. Johnson Westfall
2001-12-11Lee J. Westfall
2001-12-10Karl C. Johnson
2001-12-09Bickel Drilling Rig in Calhoun County
2001-12-08Blanche Maze Richards with her banjo
2001-12-07America's First Day of Infamy
2001-12-06Rev. George Cunningham
2001-12-05Wesley Propst
2001-12-04James and Rosie Slider Craddock
2001-12-03Thomas Henry and Betty Wade Kirby
2001-12-02John J. and Sarah Starcher Booher
2001-12-01Mt. Zion School
2001-11-30Miss Nettie Stump
2001-11-29Richardson Mill
2001-11-28Charter Shaffer
2001-11-27Dora Ward. Maude Ward, and Doad Ward
2001-11-26Grant Beckner
2001-11-25Spraying Fruit Trees
2001-11-24Aaron Smith
2001-11-23L.T. and Dora Gainer Stump
2001-11-22Charlotte Jane "Jennie" Slagle Smith
2001-11-21Levi Barr Family
2001-11-20Joseph and Mary E. Yoak Holbert
2001-11-19Sam Lawson
2001-11-18Sylvester Kerby
2001-11-17F.F. "Freddie" McCoy
2001-11-16William and Lilly Browning Tucker
2001-11-15N.B. and Catherine Morris Garretson Home
2001-11-14Arvil J. "Grandpa" Kight
2001-11-13Caroline Barnhouse Starcher
2001-11-12William Draper Gates
2001-11-11Stalnaker No. 1 Well at Grantsville
2001-11-10Richard Perrine, Mollie Mae Coger Perrine (wife of Richard), Noah Perrine
2001-11-09Thomas Coger
2001-11-08Florence Elliott Sturm
2001-11-07Orma School
2001-11-06Elizabeth Mittendorf Wallbrown
2001-11-05John Jackson Hardman
2001-11-04George W. and Susannah Evans Roach Family
2001-11-03William Craddock
2001-11-02Ida Jeffries Shrader
2001-11-01Vashti Potter Ayers
2001-10-31Verdis R. White
2001-10-30Propst and Smith Family Members
2001-10-29Claude and Mollie Sturm Kiddy and son, Paul
2001-10-28Thomas Albert McClellen and Margaret Angeline Cline Myers Family
2001-10-27Main Street in Grantsville
2001-10-26David Crockett and Caroline Murray Grimm
2001-10-25Hamilton and Sarah Beckner Connolly Family
2001-10-24Minter Jackson and Mary Rutherford Stump
2001-10-23Louisa Chapel Methodist Church at Arnoldsburg
2001-10-22Hope Compressor Station at Cabot Station
2001-10-21W. H. Bickel Oxen Under the Old Grantsville Bridge
2001-10-20Blacksmith John and Elizabeth "Betsy" Huffman Stump Family
2001-10-19Riverboat "Calhoun"
2001-10-18Leafbank School
2001-10-17Arnoldsburg Elementary School
2001-10-16Larry Woodford
2001-10-15Hamilton and Sarah Beckner Connolly Home at Mt. Zion
2001-10-14Calhoun County's Old Red Brick Courthouse
2001-10-13Lock No. 1 on the LK River
2001-10-12Hotel Meadows in Arnoldsburg
2001-10-11Cornerstone Laying for Calhoun High School
2001-10-10Cabot Station School
2001-10-09Ardelia Blankenship Garretson
2001-10-08Charter Shaffer
2001-10-07Dr. James A. and Cora Griggs Dye Family
2001-10-06White Pine Farm Women's Club
2001-10-05Upper Trace School
2001-10-04Emma Sturm Hathaway
2001-10-03Ruby Gates Pugh Johnson
2001-10-02Grantsville Graded School
2001-10-01Wilson and Virginia Stutler Arthur's Store
2001-09-30Andrew L. Edgell
2001-09-29Steamboat "Chase"
2001-09-28James Faris and Gerutia Riep McDonald Family Home on Sycamore
2001-09-27Aristotle Smith
2001-09-26Morgan and Dena Schupps Tingler Family
2001-09-25John and Mary Ann McGary Petitt Family
2001-09-24Levi and Bertha Stump Stump Family
2001-09-23Riverboat "Return" on the Little Kanawha
2001-09-22Effie Stevens Ward
2001-09-21First Baptist Church of Grantsville
2001-09-20Alvin Vannoy
2001-09-19Rosanna Stevens Elliott
2001-09-18"Pride of Pittsburgh"
2001-09-17Robert J. Knotts, Sr.
2001-09-16Eli and Sarah Jane Little Roberts
2001-09-15Mt. Zion Church
2001-09-14Hicks Family Members
2001-09-13Sycamore Baptist Church Dedication
2001-09-12Grace Davis Weaver
2001-09-11Sinnet Webster "Webb" Mace
2001-09-10Steer Creek Residents
2001-09-09James M. Shanks
2001-09-08 Isaac and Elizabeth Jane Zimmerman Simers Family
2001-09-07Sheriff Ivan Umstead and Charter Shaffer with the "Defense Duck"
2001-09-06Isaac Husk
2001-09-05Simon A. Knotts
2001-09-04Roena Petty Dye
2001-09-03Alva Bell Making Molasses on Rowels Run
2001-09-02Creston Prior to 1917 Fire
2001-09-01Outing at Devil's Tea Table on Laurel Creek
2001-08-31Pleasant Hill Church
2001-08-29Jennie B. Riffe
2001-08-28William and Samilda Proudfoot Stump Family and Home
2001-08-27Probably taken on Crummies Creek
2001-08-26John H. and Luvernia Fogle Barr with Daughter
2001-08-25Eugenous and Elizabeth Ellyson Weaver Family
2001-08-24Harley Eagle
2001-08-23Back of Richardson Mill
2001-08-22Sturm Family
2001-08-21Tommy Albert and Emma Hall Francis Family
2001-08-20Ulysses Grant and Harriet Slider Adams
2001-08-19Oil Field Workers and Equipment
2001-08-18Benjamin and Clara Belle Richards Holbert
2001-08-17Grantsville Coon Hunters
2001-08-16Leonard and Ora Allen Booher
2001-08-15Bill and Nellie Linger
2001-08-14Creston Waterfront
2001-08-13Annamoriah Ferry
2001-08-12Jesse Roach of Rocksdale
2001-08-11Mt. Zion Church
2001-08-10Bazel Lee Knotts
2001-08-09Jimmie Roberts Home and Store
2001-08-08Riverboat "Clipper"
2001-08-07John and Caroline Collins Snider Family
2001-08-06Grantsville Bridge Construction
2001-08-05Grantsville Bridge Construction
2001-08-04Grantsville Bridge Construction
2001-08-03Grantsville Bridge Construction
2001-08-02Grantsville Bridge Construction
2001-08-01Grantsville Bridge Construction
2001-07-31Grantsville Bridge Construction
2001-07-30Grantsville Bridge Construction
2001-07-29Bear Fork Hunting Club
2001-07-28Bazel Lee Knotts
2001-07-27Oil Well With Wooden Derrick
2001-07-26WW I Veterans
2001-07-25Fred and Nettie Hathaway Pell
2001-07-24William and Sarah Grandon Crawford Family
2001-07-23James Absalom Knotts, Sr.
2001-07-22"Clarence" and "Edith H"
2001-07-21Bernard Pius Bell
2001-07-20"Property on Big Root"
2001-07-19William and Sarah Grandon Crawford
2001-07-18Sycamore Band
2001-07-171939 LK Flood at Grantsville
2001-07-16Ruby Smith
2001-07-15Track Workers
2001-07-14Rev. Jacob Martin Snider
2001-07-13Absalom and Maggie Boxberger Stump Home
2001-07-12Miss Minnie Hamilton
2001-07-11Core and Rowand Family Members
2001-07-10Bruce and Eva Nutter Riggs
2001-07-09Victor Brannon
2001-07-08Clark and Olive Freshour Wilson Family
2001-07-07Robert Joseph Knotts, Sr.
2001-07-06Road Construction Near Grantsville
2001-07-05Rev. William and Florinda Stump Burns Family
2001-07-04Ollie Vance Starcher
2001-07-03Benton Mollohan
2001-07-02Snyder Chapel Church at Annamoriah
2001-07-01William T. and Theodocia Barr Marshall Family
2001-06-30The Lazy Men's Bench
2001-06-29Charles Roberts
2001-06-28Mary "Polly" Arnold Knotts
2001-06-27Changing a Tire
2001-06-26Isaac and Amanda Johnson Sturm Family
2001-06-25Bess Williams Mathews, Bill Mathews, Eva Dye Hathaway
2001-06-24Ora and Charlie Booher
2001-06-23Charles H. Jones
2001-06-22Cedar Grove School
2001-06-21Tracy and Cora Propst Ward Family
2001-06-20Ben Hicks and Ralph Leonard McDonald
2001-06-19Henry Starcher
2001-06-18Howard Knotts Home at Minnora
2001-06-17Scene from the Log Boom Days at Creston
2001-06-16Daisy Marshall
2001-06-15Believed to be Opha McDonald
2001-06-14Melissa Mace Glover
2001-06-13Joseph Lawrence "Duke" Jarvis
2001-06-12Frank Church
2001-06-11Jahugh and Sarah Weaver Ward Family
2001-06-10Grantsville Funeral with Masonic Rites
2001-06-09Harlan Stump
2001-06-08Elizabeth Jane Knotts Chenoweth
2001-06-07George A. Richards
2001-06-06Mabel Rothwell Weaver
2001-06-05Children of James Propst
2001-06-04Margaret "Mag" Mace Bartlett
2001-06-03Mary Boggs
2001-06-02Henry Norman and Sister Sarah Ann Norman Metz
2001-06-01Eugenuous Weaver
2001-05-31Elzina "Pet" Stump Robinson
2001-05-30Dr. W.T.W. Dye of Grantsville
2001-05-29Richardson Citizens
2001-05-28Edward Calvert Knotts
2001-05-27Sarah Ann Norman Metz
2001-05-26William Bryan and Eda Louise Stump Knotts
2001-05-25Russell, Lloyd and Lemuel Stemple
2001-05-24Fred and "Maggie" Shimer Stump with Daughter, Goldie Stump
2001-05-23Cary Ellsworth Mollohan
2001-05-22Changin' a Tire
2001-05-21Tom and Savilla Sponagle Conrad
2001-05-20Aftermath of Wiant and Barr Store Fire
2001-05-19The Hughes Boys Near Joker
2001-05-18Joseph Short
2001-05-17Steamboat "Oneida" at Creston
2001-05-16Sycamore Baptist Church Burning in 1905
2001-05-15Rev. J. Smith Dye
2001-05-14Raymond and Lucy Starcher Bollinger
2001-05-13William Martin Mollohan
2001-05-12John and Amanda Hayden Haddox Family
2001-05-11Lem and Eunice Wilt Roberts with son, Forest
2001-05-10Hallie Stump Stump
2001-05-09Carl and Harriett Slider Sturm
2001-05-08Dora Conley Knotts
2001-05-07James F. Richards
2001-05-06Whitt and Ina Bennett Stump
2001-05-05Children of James Propst
2001-05-04Homer and Ocie Gainer Hughes Family
2001-05-03Addie Duffield
2001-05-02George and Maude Greathouse Norman of Norman Ridge
2001-05-01Dewey and Oleta Marshall Weaver
2001-04-30Henry Propst
2001-04-29Plez and Erless Wilmoth Starcher Family
2001-04-28William and Sara Jane Knotts Knotts Home and Family
2001-04-27Fred and Daisy Marshall Yost with Son, Denver
2001-04-26Stella Robinson
2001-04-25James Madison "Pete" Hicks
2001-04-24Joseph A. and Jemima Bellington Chenoweth Corder
2001-04-23Joseph Knotts
2001-04-22Russell and Blanche Maze Richards
2001-04-21Fred Robinson
2001-04-20Scott and Winifred Ayers Duffield
2001-04-19Kenna and Icy Hall Wallbrown
2001-04-18Massalona Knotts Jones
2001-04-17Fred and Daisy Marshall Yost
2001-04-16Children of William "Bubb" and Samilda Proudfoot Stump
2001-04-15Ashby Neal Hicks
2001-04-14Frank and Elizabeth Starcher Wallbrown
2001-04-13William Duffield
2001-04-12Ox Team and Crew
2001-04-11Daughters of Levi and Martha Poling Gainer
2001-04-10Rev. Harold Huffman
2001-04-09Rebecca Goff McCartney
2001-04-08Husk Family in Husk Cemetery
2001-04-07Elliott Mollohan
2001-04-06Annamoriah Creek School
2001-04-05John and Mary Ann McGary Pettit Family
2001-04-04Cannon on lawn of the Old Red Brick Courthouse
2001-04-03Leonard and Virginia Booher
2001-04-02Scott Duffield
2001-04-01 Elzie M. and Virginia E. Richards Tingler
2001-03-31William "Bubb" Stump
2001-03-30Stevens School
2001-03-29Henry H. and Nancy Jane Riggs Starcher
2001-03-28Alice Knotts Farrar and Daughters
2001-03-27Joseph Cyrus and Phoeba Jane Davis Davis
2001-03-26Apple Farm Residents
2001-03-25Bill and Stella Hamer Stockwell Family
2001-03-24Amanda Johnson Sturm
2001-03-23Reip Sisters - Daughters of Alonzo Reip
2001-03-22Lewis E. and Thelma Hardman Smith
2001-03-21Joseph Enoch Allen
2001-03-20Calhoun County High School Football Linemen
2001-03-19Carl and Harriett Slider Sturm
2001-03-18Cortez Mollohan
2001-03-17Charley Modesett and Daughter, Elizabeth Jane Modesett Richards
2001-03-16Gona and Ova Hinzman Hardman
2001-03-15Jearl Burrows Sturm
2001-03-14Dan and Mary Kemmner Bergen
2001-03-13Ora and Cora Groggs
2001-03-12Thomas Henderson and Bertha Metz Richards
2001-03-11Bill Gainer
2001-03-10Julius W. and Florence Stump Pell Family
2001-03-09Frank and Elizabeth Starcher Wallbrown Family
2001-03-08Cella and Gerold Newell
2001-03-07Denver and Zanie Richards Yost
2001-03-06Paul Francis
2001-03-05South Grantsville
2001-03-04Martha "Sissie" Allen Bailey
2001-03-03Alice Knotts Farrar
2001-03-02Virginia Poling Weaver
2001-03-01John Leeson, Sr.
2001-02-28Maggie Gainer Bennett
2001-02-27James and Rebecca Starcher Riggs of Hur
2001-02-26Louisa Jacob Schartiger
2001-02-25Jessie and Flora Hawkins Brookover Family - 1909
2001-02-24Oak Huffman Home At Enon
2001-02-23Russell and Blanche Maze Richards Family
2001-02-22CHS Sophomores - 1951-1952
2001-02-21Roberta Leach
2001-02-20Nathaniel "Doc" Parsons
2001-02-19Eliza Jane Kerns
2001-02-18Union aka Snakeroot School in Sherman District
2001-02-17Homer and Lottie Mills Maze
2001-02-16Calhoun County High School
2001-02-15Forest Nutter
2001-02-14D.V. Arnold Restaurant and Gas Station at Orma
2001-02-13Wattie Yoak
2001-02-12Hettie Wolverton Riddel
2001-02-11Grantsville Grade School - Grade 5 - 1952-1953
2001-02-10Salathiel Buck
2001-02-09Gray Family
2001-02-08"Leona G."
2001-02-07Pugh Family
2001-02-06William Wood
2001-02-05Albert Jenkins "Pet" and Lizzie Sickles Knotts
2001-02-04Barr Sisters
2001-02-03Mary Ethel Yoak Snider
2001-02-02Tuttle Hill Church
2001-02-01Stutler and Shrader Families
2001-01-31Knotts Family Marker
2001-01-30Cedar Grove Church
2001-01-29Godfrey Fritz Homestead
2001-01-28Ahab Stemple Cabin
2001-01-27Grover Starcher Molasses Making
2001-01-20Owen Bennett
2000-12-27Salathiel C. Betts