Support New 911 Director


Dear Editor,

This evening on my tour of the Hur Herald pages I saw that a 19 year Old has been selected to head up the 911 System.

I do not know Mr. Joe Tanner at all, but I am very proud to even think that a man of that age is so willing to take control of the system.

I applaud his willingness to strive for bigger and better things. He is excited to get started and I think Calhoun County should be proud of his wanting to try.

Very few men his age even want to try to help his Community and his fellow human beings.

I seriously hope that the citizens of Calhoun County get behind Mr. Tanner and assist him along with his job.

I also hope and pray that as he settles into his new position that no one gets in his way. He has the knowledge of Fire and Rescue and also so much other training to go along with it.

Most 19 year olds are wanting to leave Calhoun County for other employment but Mr. Tanner has chosen to remain. That is to be commended in itself.

Calhoun County you have made a wise choice in choosing Mr. Tanner for the position. So stand by your decision and support Joe 100%. He will do his best to please everyone as best he can. Mr Tanner I am praying that you do a good job. When times get rough and they will, no job is 100% smooth as you know. Just stop and ask the good Lord to help you he is only a prayer away.

Respectfully Yours

James A. McCracken