Editors note: For those wondering why the Herald's Frog Pond columnist, Suzanne Mazer Stewart hasn't submitted columns of late, here's why. We are printing this communication from Suzanne, with her permission. We hope there are better days ahead at the Pond.

"I won't bore you with the details, but...since Labor Day, I wrecked the new car Brian had just gotten me in August for our anniversary and was laid up for three weeks. Sam the dog has proceeded to eat my love-seat. The kids have been passing a virus around to each other for the last three weeks or so.

Half of Main Street Fairview burnt down (including our library, which we rely on heavily for our homeschooling resources). I had viral bronchitis. Brian got hurt on duty fighting some bad guy and was off for almost a week, then the first day back on duty his cruiser was hit by another bad guy trying to get away.

The brakes went out on Brian's van and had to be replaced (taking most of our Christmas fund to do so). The computer went down for two weeks because a spider somehow got inside and shorted out the mother board with her nest. And, right now I have a raging case of conjunctivitis in BOTH eyes. It's been the longest Fall I can remember. I'm hoping that this means we can get through the holidays relatively crisis free!

Now, the good news is that Brian was awarded by the governor's Highway Safety Commission for being one of last year's top DUI enforcement officers, our oldest daughter's cross-country track team made it to the county finals and finished 5th out of 12, the computer is not only fixed but better than ever, and the doctor says I should be able to see clearly out of both eyes in a week or so...

I've gotten most of it out of my system just by writing, which ended up producing several potential columns, and got me back on track with myself. The good Lord will have to take care of the rest. He always seems to pull us up just when we think we're going under for sure. Thanks for your concern and support. It's always nice to know people care!

Digging out from under in Frogpond,

"If you can't laugh, why live?"

Hur Herald from Sunny Cal
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