Remembering Wayne Underwood


Dear Bob,

Just wantedto send you my thanks for publishing the story about Coach Wayne Underwood on 11/06/03. I am a 1954 graduate of CHS and played for Coach Underwood for four years, not very good I'm afraid.

Back then I was very small, only weighed about 125 lbs. but Coach Underwood gave everyone the same chance to make the team regardless of size, allowing for ability.

I was very fortunate to make the "kick off team" my Jr. and Sr. years.

I can truthfully say that because of Coach Underwood, it probably was the sole reason for my staying in school and graduating and later going to college.

Having left Calhoun shortly after graduating I did not know most of the information you had in your article. I spent several years in the Navy, then worked for and retired from a large copper producer in Arizona where I still reside.

I don't get back to W.Va. near as much as I would like to. I am making plans to attend next years CHS alumni get togeather. as that will be my 50th year reunion.

Again, thanks for the story about Coach Underwood. I'm sure other former players and teammates feel the same as I do.

Howard Wilson,

Class of '54