WEST FORK RIDING CLUB - Annual Youth Show 2003 Results


Submitted by Kala Cox

The West Fork Riding Club held its annual Youth Show, Sunday October 5th. The results were.

Leadline: James Ballangee/ Jim Oak's Jake, Brandy McNemer/ Gemini, Brandy Dobbins/ Smokie, Cassie Dobbins/ Ginger, Samantha Lamb/ Tigger, Tyler McNemar/ Yogi, Shelby Ward/ Sassy, Allison Harper/ Brandy, Colton Cutshall/ Grizly, Brooke Mann/ Buttercup

Open Halter: 1-Brandy Parrish/ Mike, 2-Miranda Shafer/ Dixie, 3-Lacon Shafer/ Bess, 4-Jodie Parsons/ Gemini, 5-Abby McCumbers/ Buttercup, 6-Jerron Sampson/ Stoney's Lonesome Jake

Trail Class: 1-David Mullins/ Waving Gloria, 2- Josh Harper/ Joker, 3. Jodi Parsons' Gemini, 4- Ashley Mullins/ Little Girl, 5- Josh Ryan/ Brandy

Costume Class: 1-Brooke Turner/ Treasure, 2- Brandy Dobbins/ Smokie, 3-Samantha Lamb/ Tigger, 4- Cassie Dobbins/ Ginger, 5- Felicia Patton/ Joker, 6- Miranda Shafer/ Dixie

Dizzy Bat Race (on foot): Angle Samples, Samantha Conrad, Kenny Chriswell, Myriah Baird, Jodi Parsons, Abby McCumbers

Dizzy Bat Race (on horse): David Mulllins/ Waving Gloria, Jessie Schreckengost/ Chase, Jodi Parsons/ Gemini

Apple Bob: 1-Jodi Parsons/ Gemini, 2- Punkin Flinn/ Thunder, 3- Angle Samples/ Rose, 4- Myriah Baird/ Taylored To Go

Slow Pace: 1-Jessie Hartley/Danny Boy, 2- Jessie Schreckengost/ Chase, 3- Mary Dickey/ Babie, 4. David Mullins/ Waving Gloria, 5- Brooke Turner/ Treasure, 6- Felicia Patton/ Shadow

Slow Rack: Mary Dickey/ Prides Bear Cat, Jaron Sampson/ Jim Oak's Jake

Pony Express: Kristi Steele & Jodi Parsons/ Yogi, Punkin Flinn & Matt Alfsted/ Thunder

Western Pleasure: Josh Harper/ Joker, Kristi Steele/ Yogi, Jodi Parsons/ Gemini, Brandy Parrish/ Mike, Myriah Baird/ Talyored To Go, Josh Ryan/ Brandy

Pet Pony: Jessica Hartley/ Danny Boy

Pop Drink: Josh Harper & Felicia Patton/ Joker, Jennifer Minnie & Amy Shamblin/ Smoke, Brandy & Miranda Shafer/ Mike, Jodi Parsons & Kristie Steele/ Yogi, Jessie Schreckengost & Alisha/ Chase, Jaron Sampson & Brooke Mann/ Jake

Relay Race: Punkin Flinn/ Thunder & Jennifer Minnie/ Smoke, Kristie Steele/ Yogi & Jody Parsons/ Gemini

Egg & Spoon: Jessie Schreckengost/ Chase, Kristie Steele/ Yogi, Jodi Parsons/ Gemini, Abby McCumbers/ Buttercup, Myriah Baird/ Taylored To Go, Brandi Parrish/ Mike

Boys Pleasure: Jaron Sampson/ Jim Oak's Jake, David Mullins/ Waving Gloria, Lacon Shafer/ Dixie, Ken Chriswell/ True Blue Lady

Girls Pleasure: Mary Dickey/ Prides Bear Cat, Brandy Parrish/ Mike, Brooke Turner/ Treasure, Miranda Shafer/ Chase, Jessica Hartley/ Danny Boy, Myriah Baird/ Tailored To Go

Stick Horse: Punkin Flinn/ Rattle Snake, James Ballangee/ Silly, Brandy Dobbins/ Smokie

Rest of Stick Horse: Cassie Dobbins/ Ginger, Samantha Lamb/ Tigger, Josh Ryan/ Sticky, Felicia Patton/ Maxy, Allison Harper/ PJ, Josh Harper/ Trixie, Preston Neely/ Black Beauty, Kurt Neely/ Spirit, Myriah Baird/ Lizzy, Samantha Conrad/ Taylor, Brooke Mann/ Jake

Catalog Race: 1-Jennifer Minnie/ Smoke, 2-David Mullins/ Waving Gloria, 3-Jodi Parsons/ Gemini, 4-Jessie Schreckengost/ Chase, 5-Brooke Turner/ Treasure, 6- Brandy Parrish/ Mike

Open Walk Trot: 1-Josh Harper/ Joker, 2-Myriah Baird/ Tailored To Go, 3-Brandy Parish/ Mike, 4- Jessie Schreckengost/ Dixie, 5- Jodi Parsons/ Gemini, 6-Alicia McCumbers/ Buttercup

Straight Barrels: 1-Jennifer Minnie/ Smoke, 2- Jodi Parsons/ Gemini, 3-Josh Harper/ Joker, 4- Myriah Baird/ Tailored To Go

Pee Wee Barrels: 1-Jodi Parsons/ Yogi, 2-Jodi Parsons/ Gemini, 3-Punkin Flinn/ Thunder

Open Barrels: 1-Kristi Steele/ Yogi, 2-Jennifer Minnie/ Smoke

Pee Wee Walk Trot: 1-Jodi Parsons/ Gemini

Pee Wee Gaited Pleasure: Jessica Hartley/ Danny Boy, Jordan Mace/ Jim Oak's Jake

Boot Race: Punkin Flinn, Kenny Chriswell, Alison McCumbers

Marshmallow Race: 1-David Mullins/ Waving Gloria, 2-Jennifer Minnie/ Smoke, 3- Jodi Parsons/ Gemini, 4-Jessie Schreckengost/ Chase, 5- Kristi Steele/ Yogi, 6- Abby McCumbers/ Buttercup

Three Legged Race: Josh Ryan & Felicia Patton, Jennifer Minnie & Amy Shamblin, Myriah Baird & Samantha Conrad, Allison & Abby Harper, Kenny Chriswell & Angle Samples, Nichol & Allison McCumbers

Open Pole Bending: Kristi Steele/ Yogi, Jennifer Minnie/ Smoke, Mariah Baird/ Tailored To Go

Pee Wee Pole Bending: Jodi Parsons/ Yogi, Jodi Parsons/ Gemini, Punkin Flinn/ Thunder

Times Pace/ Rack: Jessie Schreckengost/ Chase

Sack Race: Megan Chriswell, Abby McCumbers, Alison McCumbers, Kenny Chriswell, Angel Samples, Kody Schultz

Pee Wee Potato Drop: Jodi Parsons/ Gemini, Punkin Flinn/ Thunder

Open Potato Drop: Jennifer Minnie/ Smoke, David Mullins/ Waving Gloria, Jodi Parsons/ Gemini, Brandy Parish/ Mike, Jessie Schreckengsot/ Dixie, Abby McCumbers/ Buttercup

Stock Race: Jennifer Minnie/ Smoke, David Mullins/ Waving Gloria, Punkin Flinn/ Thunder

Punkin Flinn was awarded this years Most Improved Youth Rider!

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