Norman Family Recalls Calhoun


Dear Editor,

My father was raised along with his 12 brothers and sisters in Calhoun County on Beech. My father was Winnie Norman , son of Edward Esmond and Nannie Mae(Suttles) Norman. He was 95 when he passed away in 1997 Akron, Ohio.

I am one of his eight children. All of my brothers and sisters have very good memories of WV. My mother was Delsie Leona Salisbury Norman from Clay. They married in Clay in 1929 and moved to Akron, Ohio. My father came back to Calhoun after working in Akron for a short time to attend to his father's estate when he passed away in 1929. (Met my mother and got married also). We spent every summer in Calhoun/Clay.

This summer three of my brothers and I went to Arnoldsburg and Spencer to met two cousins (had never met except by e-mail) and they showed us were my father had grown up (house no longer there and family no longer owns farm). We went to see my grandfather and grandmother Norman's grave.

It was way back in the mountains and up on top of a small one. Hard to climb up. It was a wonderful site. On top of that lonely mountain was a weed field cemetery with a large (over five feet tall and at least five feet wide) marker with my Grandparent's name. I never met.

Also threre was an infant Aunt Lulu who died when she was 14 (?) months old. When I was about nine years old I went to my Aunt Jennie Norman Salisbury's funeral. She was buried there also. ( I can hardly remember the funeral and do so only because it was a Holloween. That was a wonderful feeling seeing the graves of my Grandparents.

Then we had dinner at the crossroad diner somewhere toward Clay and then went on up to Clay to see my Uncle and Aunt Bradford and Hattie Salisbury. What a wonderful day.

I am so glad that I found this website. Good job.


Nancy Norman Sidwell