Hello From Iraq And Kuwait


Dear Bob,

I am writing to you from Camp Arifjan, Kuwait. I would like to thank you for your support of all the troops stationed in and around this region.

I had no e-mail access for almost five months and until recently I didnt think that I would at all. As you can see, we finally did get it and as a result I decided to check out your web site. News from beautiful Calhoun County is always welcome. I love your site and i was surprised to see my name listed along with the other soldiers, sailors, airmen and marines from the area.

I am from Clarksburg, but my grandparent'shave a farm on Owens Road . It will always be my real home. I noticed that the information you have about me is somewhat outdated so I thought that I would bring you up to speed about my situation.

I am no longer a specialist. I was promoted to sergeant on 19 September, 2003. I am serving with the 363 MP Co. currently at Camp Arifjan, Kuwait . I spent nearly two months in Baghdad. My company is scheduled to leave Kuwait on 14 Oct. at which time we will travel to Camp Anaconda about two hours north of Baghdad where will we remain until March or April.

Thank you for your support and keep up the good work.


Sgt. Kyle H. Totten III Editor's Note: We have visited the Tottens I, II and III along the banks of the Little Kanawha, and what a great family they are.