Homecoming Parade Problems


Dear Editor,

I personally would like to bring to the attention of the community the matter of the homecoming parade. Students at Calhoun High School are currently passing around a petition to have the homecoming parade during school hours.

This change would be made in order to allow ALL STUDENTS to participate/watch the parade. As a student at Calhoun County High School, I feel that all students should be able to celebrate in the spirit of Homecoming. Some organizations have proposed to hold the parade on October 10 at 5 p.m., but this goes against the main reason we have decided against having a parade after school.

We feel that if we have the support of the community we would be able to celebrate in our schools homecoming with the alumni, community, and our student body as one.

Homecoming is about bringing the current students together with the past students, developing a sense of unity, and supporting the schools football team. However, if the anonymous group gets their wishes it would go against what our student body is trying to accomplish. The student body has been asked numerous times for input on the matter, and the vast majority have decided against having an after school Homecoming Parade.

Thus, expressing their desires of having the ENTIRE student body present at the parade is in support of the school, the team, and the Homecoming Court.

We are trying to renew the spirit, fun, and traditions of our parents and those who have graduated before us. By attending the after school parade you would be defeating the entire purpose for which our Student Body has been campaigning.


Kelly Badgett