AN AMERICAN'S PERSPECTIVE - "Lectures from the Liberal Left"


By Roger Propst

Is anyone besides me tired of hearing the shrill voices of the Liberal Left lecture us about what they perceive to be America's unilateralist foreign policy? These people are still living in a pre-9/11 world. Remember 9/11; 3,000 of our fellow Americans slaughtered by fanatical terrorists flying planes into the Twin Towers, the Pentagon, and failing in an attempt to fly one into either the White House, or Congressional buildings. Oh, I know if any of those people are reading this, they will already have started their rants that Iraq had nothing to do with 9/11, that 14 of the 19 hijackers were from Saudi Arabia, and Saddam Hussein had no contacts with Al Queada. Sound familiar? Well guess what, I challenge any of them to produce a verifiable quote from the President or any of his administration who ever claimed Iraq had a direct connection to 9/11. What they have said is, Iraq had ties to Al Queada, which has been verified since the overthrow of Saddam. Where has civil debate of the issues gone in America? These folks do not just find fault with the policies of the Bush Administration, they attack him and his staff personally and viciously. These intellectuals think they have a far more evolved view of the world than the rest of us who fly our flags and place trust in the leaders we have elected. The editor of the Charleston Gazette has written that he hopes we wake up and realize we have a cocky, shallow, strutting, President who believes his Christianity is the only way to Heaven. My translation - We have a self-assured Christian leader who stepped up to the plate when we needed him, and I frankly don't care how he walks. The writer of Principalities and Powers in his opinion columns in the Hur Herald over the past few months has called President Bush and all of his administrative staff liars, and claimed they have deliberately misled the people. He has portrayed President Bush as a sideshow carnival act wearing a cowboy outfit and pistols on his belt. He has portrayed him as stupid, using the phrase, "He doesn't have a clue". He has disparaged the patriotic views of those of us differing with him by saying we have only a limited understanding of what it means to be a functioning citizen in a democratic society. The most recent articles are a rehashing of all the above, we just don't get it. I have yet to see any alternative plans for what this country should be doing, only sniping at what is being done. Appeasement does not work. We have done nothing to these terrorists, and we can do nothing to appease them. Their goal is to eliminate us; we must fight the battles elsewhere or we will fight them here.

Currently in Iraq, 90% of the country is secure and progressing well in the reconstruction effort, 56,000 Iraqi police officers have been trained and are on the job, that number will swell to 70,000 in the next two weeks. The Coalition is training an Iraqi army at a rapid pace, all hospitals are operating at higher levels that prior to the war, schools are open and operating for the children, upwards of 80% of the businesses and stores in Baghdad have reopened. I think this is excellent progress considering major combat ended only four months ago. Just remember, we still have troops in Kosovo eight years after that conflict began. It was three years after World War II ended before the Marshal Plan even began to reconstruct Europe. The U.S. contributed $350 billion in today's dollars the first year of that reconstruction effort. That is four times the request being made in Iraq. In two recent polls, 2/3 of the Iraqis believe they are better off with Saddam gone, and when asked about the U. S. staying they say we need to stay until a democratic government can be formed. There are 32 countries providing financial assistance to the reconstruction effort, and 19 who have sent troops. I know that will be attacked as miniscule, but proportionately it is good. Just because France didn't give us permission to liberate Iraq, doesn't mean there is no coalition. Yes, there are security problems in and around Baghdad and in the Sunni triangle where Saddam is probably hiding, but that will come under control. There is far more good going on in Iraq than bad, but these attacks on our troops are much more newsworthy. Make no mistake, every life lost is a tragedy, but Americans have always stood in the gap for people oppressed, and we are doing it again.

For those of us who do not agree with the views of the Liberal Left, I offer these thoughts. America is a great nation, the last great hope of this world. We are not imperialist, we are not greedy, and we are not evil. We are not perfect, we can make mistakes, but we mean well, and we do well. We are slow to anger, but ferocious when attacked. We are the good guys.

We are not France. We are not China. This is not Russia. We are a free people. We are a fiercely independent country. We will do whatever it takes to defend America and its citizens wherever they are in the world, and we will not take orders from anyone. We do not need France's "permission" to protect the lives of Americans.

The United Nations and the hypocrisy of France will be another column.

Hur Herald from Sunny Cal
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