Dear Editor,

Having coached baseball for more years than I would like to think about and having a son that has played for 10+ years in the Calhoun Co. system, it disturbs me to be asked " What is wrong with the field at the NEW SCHOOL?" I really would like to LIE and say it was all somebodys fault. but I truthfully can't.

The truth really is that the poor folks of Calhoun County are spoiled rotten. We moved to the new facility and have experienced some problems as was expected for a new place and have a baseball field that is effected by the sun. We will next have a problem with the rain and snow hitting the ground. We will have one of the best facilities in the state to play baseball or any other sport that can be offered, if we will just give it time.

If we had our dugouts built, the grass was green and the mud was dried up, athletes that wanted to win and parents that would quit looking for excuses,we would forget the sun being in the "'wrong '" place. I am proud to work in our new facilities and thank the voters in Calhoun County for the recent levy allowing me to do so. If somebody wants to cast stones, they won't have any trouble throwing them from the playing surfaces of the field. So lets all cast stones that will help and quit complaining about the sun in Sunny Cal. PLAY BALL!

Russ Ferrell