By Drew Moody/September 5, 2003 So where is the "brilliance?"

Not with our military forces - as controlled by the Bush administration - that's for certain.

A brief study, or contemplation, of history is necessary to understand the brilliance of the strategy of those now conducting guerilla warfare against U.S. troops in Iraq.

At the foundation of this issue - a visit with the "Art of War" by Sun Tzu (Thomas Cleary translation) would be most useful, obviously a book not taken to heart or understood by our esteemed officials content to preside over chaos both here and abroad.

A remembrance of the Vietnam War would be useful.

And what you come up with is the "freedom fighters" on their side are set on making occupation too costly for the long term. Destroying water treatment and oil production facilities, suicide bombers and assassinating famous Muslim clerics creates continuing instability and fear. This is a perfect formula for what we have in Iraq - chaos.

Ultimately the likelihood is such actions will undermine the "Will" of the American people to support the effort, and may directly lead to civil war in Iraq - the terror of which will be far, far greater than our "petty war."

For, should there be a civil war in Iraq other neighboring countries will surely, to some degree, get caught in the maelstrom. And "there goes the neighborhood."

And for what? What is the REAL COST? Billions of wasted dollars, and the continuation of a suffering of a people hurt, as a whole, more by our 'sanctions' than Saddham Hussain himself. The monetary cost of the Bush's tax cut and the war is staggering. It's an issue few in the media are seriously discussing. The 'heart' of such a discussion should be, "What could we have done if we hadn't....?"

I'd make a few 'wild' guesses and suggest the ultimate cost of our misdeeds (unknown) will cost the equivalent of: 1) Providing a free and quality education to everyone in the U.S., from kindergarten up for 30 years; 2) Guaranteeing Social Security for 100 years; or 3) Funding free health care for 50 years.

At this juncture, and well into an unknown future, most of the U.S. actions have supported and encouraged terrorism more than Saddham Hussain had the ability to contemplate. However, he did have the fortitude to "ground" a fleet of jet fighters, put up a ruse of a fight, and give America a black eye in the 'World Court.'

Who really won the war? Ossama bin Laden, of course. U.S. policy played right in his hands. In all his praying to Allah, he couldn't have asked for more. Dumb "westerners!"

I made the statement privately prior to the war beginning, the only way the United States could remake the Middle East would be to "turn it into glass." (meaning Nuke it) And yet...Bush and his policy- makers fail to "get it." There is no interest in that part of the world for all the Christian / Capitalistic treasures we have to offer. And it isn't everyone doesn't want to eat; the price of taking such nurishment for us is just 'too high.'

Though it would have been a mistake then, Bush and Blair's lame efforts to have defacto world rule is about 59 years too late. Except for China, the two world powers would have "had a shot at it" at the end of World War II. In that, or any event, China would have been unmoved at the time.

And although America's arrogance, ignorance and denial permits overlooking the 6,000 plus year continuous history of China, we have made in-roads into their ultimate demise.

For, OUR CULTURE has nearly poisoned the world.

Yet, most here, continue feeding the delusion that Ameria is the greatest country the world has ever known, invincible, and worse - that God is on "Our Side."

-- Drew Moody -- Friday, September 5, 2003

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