Class Of '99 Reunion


Dear Editor,

I am looking for members of the CCHS Graduating class of 1999. Several members of the class have expressed a desire to have a 5-year class reunion next summer and we are going to try and start planning it.

I have recently found out that any class funds that are left over at the time of graduation are used to pay for the class picture and framing of the picture that hangs in the school...then they wait a year to be sure there is no outstanding obligations, at this time it is transferred to general account - class supplies, etc.

A school employee gave this information to me. So that means that unlike in the past where classes got to keep the money they had left, we have no money to help fund the reunion. SO we would like to get started now.

Can you help me find the kids from my class? They can contact me at if they are interested in attending with their permanent address and phone number. They may also contact me with any ideas that they might have about the reunion or if they are interested in helping with the planning.

Thank You,
Tiffini Tingler