OF PRINCIPALITIES AND POWERS - "Those Missing Inspectors"


By Tony Russell

It's worth asking why George W. Bush gets a free ride from the mass media, isn't it? When he explained recently, to a group of dumbfounded listeners, that we had to go into Iraq because Saddam Hussein wouldn't let the weapons inspectors in, and it left us no other choice… . Well, that makes it embarrassingly clear we haven't had anyone filling the seat in the White House since the last election.

Here is the leader who dragged a reluctant nation into a war in which soldiers and civilians continue to die daily, our national treasury is draining like Buffalo Creek after the dam gave way, and Iraq slides into ungovernable chaos. And he can't even remember what excuse, what trumped-up lie someone wrote for him as a pretext for the invasion! It's incredible! He actually can't remember! That isn't too much to expect, five months after the event, is it?

Note for Mr. Bush: Iraq allowed the weapons inspectors to enter Iraq and access all requested sites. Granted, it may be a memory you would prefer to block out, since the inspectors couldn't find any of those "weapons of mass destruction" you said were there-tons and tons of chemical and biological weapons, along with a nuclear program on the verge of having a bomb, you claimed. The U.N. weapons inspectors were in Iraq. They had to leave, not because of Iraqi demands, but because the U.S. was ready to launch its attack. In fact, there was a major debate, both within this country as well as within the United Nations, on why we should give the inspectors more time to do their job. You pulled the plug on the inspections. Is any of that coming back to you?

That's scary part #1; the man doesn't have a clue. Scary part #2 is that the media don't bother to cover the story. Scary part #3 is that Mr. Bush still enjoys the confidence of over 50% of the voters. Of course, #3 is a logical outgrowth of #2.

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