A Letter To Lights On! Folks


Dear Editor,

This is an open letter to Lights On! Instructors and Staff.

Monday, August 18, 2003 has passed but great memories linger. Thank you so much for attending our "Desserts Galore", sharing your moments and articles from your classes, and then, giving us feed-back on programs, systems and ideas for our future.

Larry Stinn guided us through the evening making us all feel welcome and comfortable. JoAnn Stevens and Georgia Stalnaker gave us a feast of decorated tables and outstandingly delicious desserts.

Know also that this would not have happened without Mike Offutt and staff providing clean/ sparkling space, Jean Simers designing and mailing 97 invitations, Donnie Price seeing that tables and sound equipment were in place, Tony Russell coming early to open doors and welcome all, Calhoun FRN providing colorful pens that write, and in those late hours, Harry and Trina Beall staying to lock up.

Again, thanks to all for a wonderful evening. Let's party again!

As ever,

Peig Schmitz