Minnora Center Not Closing


Dear Editor,

Lately there have been rumors that the Minnora Community Center will be closing down soon and the building will be auctioned off. The Minnora Community Center has been having its share of financial problems, but the Board of Directors has no intention of giving it up. There are a number of activities planned, and others being investigated.....

The board is interested in finding a physician to open an office in the former West Fork Primary Care space. The opening of a day care center is being considered. Anyone interested in day care services, please contact Donna Jordan as soon as possible. The board is also interested in obtaining grant funding for equipment to open a fitness center.

Don't count the Minnora Community Center out yet. The next board meeting will take place upstairs in the main building on September 8 at 7 p.m. An election of a new vice-president is planned.

Everyone's invited to attend, so come on out, share your ideas and show your support for the Minnora Community Center.

Donna Jordan (304-655-7149) Note: Activities for MCC can be found under OUT AND ABOUT.