Americans Feared, Not Adored


Dear Editor,

Roger Propst's piece on the supposed lies of our president is a strong example of why we Americans are feared rather than adored around the world. Granted, people like our strong popular culture and entertainment industry, but the heavy-handed and openly greedy manner in which our government walks in this world is strongly disapproved of by a majority of the citizens of this world.

In fact lots of people who were in favor of military aggression have now become opposed due to the obvious manipulation tactics of our government. Yes, George W. Bush lied. It's not the first time. People like George Bush make money off of lies and poverty.

He doesn't care one lick about the wonderful people of Calhoun County. He has not proposed one piece of legislation that would help WV move forward out of wrenching poverty. George Bush is all about money. the war in Iraq is all about money. He and his cronies are gobbling up contracts for the "rebuilding" of Iraq while almost 200 american soldiers have died. I will continue to speak out on this matter regardless of the slandering which will inevitably follow.

Ben Mita