Dear Editor,

I watched recently as the media came down hard on Pat Robertson of the 700 Club. I found it extremely upsetting that there was not one of the other so-called Christian leaders in our country who could find it in their heart to say that they agreed with him.

As a born-again believer I believe it is necessary for me to pray for all of government's decisions. The Supreme Court was never intended to take away the rights of the people. Our Founding Fathers who framed the Constitution were good, hard-working men who wanted to give birth to a nation that promoted freedom of religion, not freedom from religion.

Approximately eighty-five percent of citizens in this great country express belief in what they stood for. We are fast becoming a nation that says anything goes. I for one am going to continue to pray that the highest court in our land will be filled with people who believe what I do. God gave us the Bible and no one on this earth has heard from Him concerning the fact that he has changed His mind about anything , especially the Ten Commandments.

It is high time for the Christians in this country to stop being a silent majority. Please join me in praying for change in the Court.

I may not agree with all of Mr. Robertson's theology but he deserves for us to at least join him in prayer.

Patty Eisley
Five Forks