By Mike Callahan, State Chairperson Democratic Party

History is an amazing tool and teacher. We use what we've learned from our history as we try to chart our future course. It has been said that history often repeats itself. This could not be truer than in the case of President Bush 41 and 43.

This month, the Department of Labor announced findings that confirm that the Bush economy is bad for America. The unemployment rate in June soared to 6.4 percent. The rate of unemployed Americans hasn't been at this level since the first President Bush was running the economy.

In just three years, President George W. Bush has strangled our once-healthy economy, forcing more than 3.4 million Americans out of work, increasing the unemployment rate 56 percent and taking a federal budget from record surpluses to a devastating deficit of $455 billion. Even the White House Office of Management and Budget showed the deficit rising to $475 billion in the 2004 fiscal year, which begins Oct. 1. This will take years perhaps generations to recover. Quite simply, President Bush is bad for Americans and more specifically, bad for West Virginia. In fact, Bush is very clearly failing West Virginians. Thousands of jobs have left West Virginia, permanently.

As was tradition with the original President Bush, the new Bush economic plans are built on deception claiming to benefit the masses while, in reality, only benefiting the wealthy.

These economic plots are detrimental to working families. For example, the Republicans have chosen to turn their backs on West Virginians and refuse to expand the child tax credit for American's working families.

Under the Republican agenda deceit, families earning between $10,500 and $26,625 won't be eligible for the increase of the child tax credit. Extending this tax credit to lower-income working families would have helped ease the payroll tax burden carried by these families, but Republicans don't care. House Republicans have refused to pass this extension unless it is coupled with massive tax breaks for the wealthy.

So, that leads us to ask the important questions, like what has President Bush done for West Virginia? Other than a little "face time" and significant campaign stumps though out our state, President Bush has failed West Virginia and failed America with his lack of domestic policy and his preference to deceive the voters.

George W. Bush may be able to mislead the country with his foreign policy. However, the numbers don't lie with it comes to the deficit and his irresponsible handling of the economy. Isn't it time that President Bush realizes that, like his father, a deficit built on deceit translates into a one-term presidency?

Hur Herald from Sunny Cal
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