Ellison Farm On Beech


Mr. Weaver,

First I want to say how much I've enjoyed the Hur Herald. I grew up in Calhoun Co., the upper West Fork, at Minnora. Graduated from Calhoun Co. High in 1973, married a Roane Co. boy in 1974. We have always lived away from WVa, but our parents are still living there. We visit two to three times a year, which really is not often enough. The Hur Herald helps us to feel a little closer home, though.

As I was looking through the 6/23/2003 news, I saw the picture of my grandparent's home place, "Abandoned farm house on upper Beech." This is the John C. and Fanny Ellison farm, my grandparents, whom are both deceased.

The farm was heirship, and is divided between the living sons and grandchildren. I have many happy memories of spending time at my grandparents. They were very well-known and loved in the community. While they were alive and living in the farm house, it was always well-kept and such a beautiful place.

My grandmother, Fanny, died in 1988. She lived with my parents, her son, Jennings & Bonnie Ellison, the last five years of her life. Grandpa died five years before her, and lived with my parents about a year before he died.

A granddaughter, Naomi Ruth Jarvis and her husband, Bill, own the house and some land around the home. My Dad owns some of the land also. Naomi Ruth is my Dad's niece (his only sister's daughter), and Bill is my Mother's brother.

Thank you for allowing me to share this with you.

Pamela Ellison Jones