Invasion Of Privacy In Ford Explorer?


Invasion Of Privacy In Ford Explorer? Dear Editor,

On April 15, 2003 I purchased a new Ford Explorer Sport. A couple of days later I was looking over the owner's manual when I noted a section that stated that there was a data recorder installed in the vehicle.

This contraption apparently records the seat belt use of the driver and passengers, the operating speed of the vehicle and the manner in which it is driven. This may be all well and good, however the possible dissemination of the information gathered is what bothers me.

According to the manual, the data can be used by Ford Motor Company, service technicians, and can be provided to law enforcement or government agencies. This would appear to me as a clear invasion of privacy. I have contacted Ford on two separate occasions and have more or less been told that this is not their problem.

I have also written a letter to the editor of the Parkersburg News and the powers that be at that paper changed the wording from Ford Explorer Sport to "SUV" and Ford Motor Company to "Manufacturer". I guess they lack the intestinal fortitude to speak the truth.

I find it a bit un-nerving that people I talk with about this problem don't seem the bit disturbed about the fact that a major corporation can literally spy on them at their whim and suffer no recourse. I certainly don't have the funds to fight them in court and I doubt that many purchasers of those vehicles have that kind of money.

I would advise anyone thinking about purchasing a Ford vehicle of any model to be sure of what they are doing. Big Brother will ride as a passenger. I certainly have purchased my last Ford.

Sincerely, Gerald L. Ball