Wood Fest Entertainment Committee Unreachable


We would like to take this opportunity to thank the entertainment committee of the Wood Festival for a "job well done". We would just call and say thanks, but the "committee" remains unreachable by phone.

Our band, Prophets Thumb, was interested in playing at the festival this year, one of our drummers contacted someone from the "committee" a month and a half ago, who told him that we could play sometime Saturday evening, but the schedule was not done, so we needed to make contact again to find out what time we were to play. They took our name and phone number.

Since that time, we told many people we would be playing, everyone wanted to know what time, but we had nothing to tell them. We all took turns trying to contact someone to find out. These people were called MANY times, and numerous messages were left. But no one ever returned our calls. Meanwhile, much time was spent working out a set list, and practicing for the event. Everything else was put on the back burner for this weekend. Otherwise we could quite possibly have had a paying job somewhere. Updating our website was put on hold, as was printing up fliers that we send out once a month to let fans know where we will be playing.

As time for the festival grew near, we stepped up our attempts to contact the "entertainment committee", but with no luck. We finally determined that one member of the "committee" had been out of town or busy with a new job, and had no information, so could be of no help. The other individual on the so-called committee apparently was far too busy to ever bother to contact us, and their answering machine was not behaving properly.

A few days ago some fairly frantic last minute messages were left in a last ditch attempt to find out what we were supposed to do. And then the schedule came out. We were not on it. No explanation, nothing. And still no way to contact anyone to find out what happened. This fiasco ended up costing us time and money, and I'm sure people showed up to hear us and wondered where were.

So we would like to say thanks again, Thanks for nothing. However, if people would like to hear us locally, we will be having a "BARN JAM" on the 20th of June at the Ranch on Jesses Run, starting around 8:30 or so. It's homegrown original alternative rock and roll with a message. As for the Wood Festival, better luck next time, eh?

Thanks, Patsy, Steve, Doug, Melanie, & Lynn