TIME CAPSULE - 2053 Reminder!


Dear Friends,

A record of life in Calhoun County has been buried in the park until 2053, thanks to all of you - publicity from the Chronicle, the Hur Herald and WVRC; people who thought about the times and the future, and were willing to offer donations of all kinds; the committee who worked week after week planning, creating and securing items; all of you who gathered for The Time Capsule Burial, including James Bell, his welcoming shelter, coffee and, of course, Horseradish Pickles and finally, the Smithsonian Institution, the WV Humanities Council, the Calhoun County Historical Society and "Lights On!", without whom this would not have taken place. A copy of the program with a listing of contents can be found at the County Clerk's office, the library and with the Historical Society.

Pass the word to your children, 2053!

Shalom and Joy,

Rev. Peig Schmitz