Dear Bob,

Greeting from "Hoosierdom"!

I noted the article concerning Pfc. Jessica Lynch, and pleased at her continued progress toward health. Unfortunately, I have also read, in other newspapers, what seems to be an attempt by some to portray her rescue as some sort of "Hollywood stunt"!

America was hungry for a "war heroine", we've had our share of heroes. Her anointment by the press came as a result of being the stereotypical American girl. Her statement, "I am an American soldier, too", hit the hearts of her countrymen with more power than a bomb; thus, driving the sympathy her story generates, the media's frenzy, and consequent polarization of opinion.

She is the POW we remember; the first, the most hurt, the most sympathetic. She became America's soldier, its' child, its' darling.

In the middle of all this is Jessica, more noble in spirit than the stories convey.

What must be remembered is the hurting, damaged young woman who's dream was not to be "Americas' Darling", but to teach. Nothing can be gained by us if her dream is derailed.

Jessica the teacher will be the greater story, though it remains untold. And the true benefactors will be the children she will influence; as a veteran, role model, and friend.

Jonathan Russell

Kokomo, Indiana