In response of an independent audit of the town's finances, we are audited each and every year by an independent auditor for three years and then by the W.Va. State auditor's office. This is due to state codes and regulations.

The auditor's office notify all municipalities, counties, and others who deal with public and government monies when they are staring the process od assigning audits for the ending fiscal year. With this letter, they include a Schedule of Federal Awards and the instructions for completion, and an Auditor Preference Request Form for us to fill out. Then, the Auditor's office will send forms so we can let out bids to independent auditors. Once an auditor is selected, the Auditor's office is informed and then we are audited. The results of the audit are sent to the town, State Auditor's office, State Attorney's office and U.S. Dept. of Agriculture. This past year, the State Auditor audited the Town of Grantsville for the fiscal year of July 2001 through June 2002 because it has been three years since they audited the town.

The town has no problems with the audits, and all audits show the town is doing what is right and legal with the town's finances. If you wish to see any and all audits, you may stop at the town office.

Thank you,
Phelma J. Wease